Unlucky in Love matters

  • I believe I have found my soul mate but I struggle to keep the relationship together for the past 4 years (on and Off), constant emotional battles yet I cant let go. I try to be positive but my luck is bad.. How can I improve my matters for me cos I feel lonely and Im at a major crossroads unsure whats next... Do I have a future with this man? cos my inner voice is telling me 'he loves you' but my reality does not reflect this at present. Am i going crazy over this guy or is my instict right?

    My birthday 25/02/1969 born Nottingham UK 12:15am

    Soulmate birthdate14/03/1963 born in Birmingham unsure of time..

  • I found a website that would probably answer your questions. Type 'birth charts' in search engine and when you see 0800-horoscopes.com click on that one. You will need to enter your birthday and time of birth. Let me know what you think!

  • Thank you, iv got a general reading of planets at time of birth... so gonna read up

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