• can someone give me a reading on my relationship?

  • Will my husband and I find a way to work out our marriage? we are a Brady bunch family but Im the only mother his daughter 12 know and he is the only dad my boys 12 and 13 knows. We share an 8 year old son and started our divorce in febuary. I thought it's what I wanted and moved out. But Im missing my family and see what's it doing to the kids. He is trying to hurry the divorce and is partying now has a girlfriend and does not want to try to work things out now. I do. I don't want a divorce I wanna save my family. I love him and my children. Do you see any insight to this matter. Im a Scorpio 11/03/1976 he is a libra 10/03/1976

    please help. Thank u


  • picadilly kim

    I have replied to your post on another thread

    will post your reading soon

    I was busy with work lst week so I couldn't get to it sooner

  • Ok thank you

  • Ok it's posted. hope you will find a good solution.

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