Could someone do a reading, Please?

  • I have been in a rocky relationship with my boyfriend and father of my 2 daughters for the past 9 years. Do you see this relationship working out? Do you see us splitting and if so when? My DOB is 10/31/84 his 3/22/83. Thank you!

  • MsScorp I got this off of a site that I will give to you. I am Aries, My Lover is Scorpio

    This is a noisy, passionate, ardent combination of two Mars-ruled lovers, guaranteeing a relationship filled with action. Neither of you do anything half-heartedly and you both have strong, powerful convictions. This is not a classic astrological love-match mainly because winning is so important to each of you. Still, if you were to give this relationship a try, I'd bet it would be lots of fun. It could last -- but you are going to have to put in the effort.

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