• High priestess,

    I was hoping she would have his child as well BUT he is 50 and I think she can no longer have childern. Her 2 children live with her ex husband. (she gave them up) I have never felt he would get custody of my son which is why I couldn't understand the reason to sue me. I was hoping for a reason to his madness so I could intercept it and protect my son better..:) by the way my 6 yr old is very psychic.. he sees auras alot already and we talk alot. He says to me before bed.. "mommy lets go flying tonight ok?" Its the cutest thing. We fly alot together in our dreams.:)

    Blessings and thank you very much! 🙂

  • Also I was born at 2:05 A.M. in Manhattan, New York.

    Thank You

  • Dear High Priestess3

    Could you advise me on the prospects for a relationship...we just talk as friends now as he is ending a marriage and we have deliberately not gone beyond a friendship association. The person who introduced us however has informed me that he is interested in pursuing a relationship when his wife leaves. Could you give me any advice on this. Our dobs are:

    I am 30.08.1970 and he is 15.09.1970.

    Thank you

  • Dear HighPriestess3,

    Thank you for your insight. 🙂 Yes, My parents did argue alot and I believe his parents did also, mine are divorced and no longer speak, so they are over it...My mother has an amazing singing voice, and she can sew very well...she has always been someone I think very highly of...and his parents seem to be doing better now too, although they are still together...The only question I have is that his mother seems to be very caring, his father apparently was the one who was and is somewhat cold with my ex and his sister...My father-in-law had a rough childhood himself and is not as close with his children it seems...And yes, I feel my soon to be ex and I both have a problem being happy...almost like we seem to push happiness away...It's very confusing to me, because I want happiness, but I am not sure what to do with it once I have it..I think I am afraid it will go away...However I have always wanted much better for my own children and hope I am able to give that to them however I can. 🙂 I really hope you are right with the money flowing in as I have almost NONE as I am currently in school to finish my degree so I can eventually get my elementary teaching degree. Hmmm....Maybe I will go buy a lottery ticket. Hahaha. 🙂 I am really hoping all will call down soon. I also was offered a couple hours a week to do some office work (which I used to do) for our Pastor at church, so after this quarter of school ends in a few weeks, I think I will definitely take him up on that offer. Thank you so much for all your hard work and time... 🙂

    Thank you for everything! 🙂 God Bless! 🙂

  • Good Morning High Priestess & Soapmaker!!

    I requested some insight and much needed help and clarity back on the 5th of Nov. (page 9) not sure if I'm doing this right, new to this ;0) Anyhow can someone please help????? Do I need to give more info then I originally posted? That's not a problem I will if needed. Thank you soooo very much..... below is my original request:

    Good Evening! I need some insight as to weather or not my ex will be returning to me, loveing me and wanting to make our relationship work, his intials are C.H. birthday is Feb 24 1971. We have had an off and on relationship for 2 and half years, I love this man even though he has come and "RUN" many times. It has been a very difficult time but I love him enough to wait if he loves me and will return, I am not sure if I should give up hope or not?????

    I have been seeing someone else who's initials are T.S. birthday Nov 26 1969 and I like him very much but am unsure of his feelings for me, we have not been intimate but have an amazing time together, should I pursue him? will he come around wanting a deeper commitment together? Please help, I'm confused 😞

    my birthday is Jan 4 1973 THANK YOU!!!!!

    Have a Beautiful Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 Sherisse

  • Dear Virgojourney...So glad to have helped. I can feel that your strength has returned from over here in England. Best of luck...let me know what happens. Peace and love.

  • Dear Hobbies76 ...strange about your husband's mother....she has probably grown into her role as she gets older. I still think she 'metered' her affection out....someone with a rather sharp tongue. Anyway...good luck with finishing your'll soon be on your way. Let me know how things go. Take care. Peace and love.

  • Hi soapmaker, I am a Sagi woman in love with a Scorpio man. We were in a relationship for a year but suddenly he disappeared after proposing to me. Can you pleasee let me know if he will come back?

  • Hello High priestess, I think you are also a psychic. Am a Sagi woman born on Dec 5 1975 (time around 12.15am IST ) in love in scorpio man, and his B.O.D is Nov 1 1971. He had committed me for marriage but then he stopped contacting me .Can you let me know if he will come back to me?Am really depressed . Please help! Thanks.

  • Hi Soapmaker,

    I was wondering if you could give me some insight on a man i truly love his initials are M.A.C. BORN 6-16-78. We have known each other for 14 years. We have had an amazing connection ever since we met and nothing besides relationships with other people have kept us apart. We dated back when i was 14 i am now 28. I WAS BORN 6-5-1981. We have spent years apart but somehow we keep finding one another. When we reunite everything is the same its like there was no time spent apart. He is currently in a relationship with another woman who is very controlling. He calls me and sees me when he can. I just feel like there is something very special about us i just cant put my finger on it. It is sooo magical when we are together. Please give me some insight. Thank you so much

  • Soapmaker,

    Sorry i forgot to add my place of birth Dardanelle AR @7:15 A.M. And he was born in Memphis,TN im not sure what time Thanks for everything in advance............

  • Hi Highpriestess3

    My info is 26 feb 1972 at 1.52am in richmond, victoria, australia

    Thanks for sharing your gift 🙂

  • Dear Sagscorp...where were you born please?

  • Dear BttRflyl kiss...sorry for the delay, but it is impossible to do everyone's chart, although I try. Could you tell me where you were born please and I will get to you next. ?

  • I was born in Van Nuys California, 11:31 AM 😉 thank you! thank you! thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Highpriestess3,

    Could you please give me some insight into my question i asked on page 15 and also my birth city on page 16. I have been really down and out about this for a while now and i would love to get some insight. PPPLLLLEEEAAASSSEEE!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART;)

  • Dear Talisa

    Although you are a Sun Piscean, you have a Capricorn Ascendant and on your Ascendant sits your exe's Sun and short although you argue, you implicitly unerstand his thought processes and he ,in turn, makes you feel it is no wonder you are so 'in tune' with him. Now Pluto, Lord of the Underworld is about to transit your Ascendant and his Sun..Pluto dismantles, only to recomstruct and whatever was buried in the past will resurface...I think therefore, that you will both be compelled to have another go at working this out, but you will have to accept and only succeed if you accept that his children are an important part of his life and that one day they will be grown up and independent. Is he williing to have another go at your rellationship? Peace and love.

  • highpriestess3

    Hello, how are you doing?

    I was wondering, that is if you have the time and space, to do a love reading for me. Am i ever going to have a relationship with this aquarian i love? (the aquarian's initials are A.S.) OR will i find someone else in the near future? My innitials are A.E.S. My date of birth is 01/01/1991 at 12:00 pm. I was born in acayucan, mexico.

    Thank you so very much!

  • Dear ButtRflykiss

    Wow..did you have a bleak, cold childhood or am I misreading your chart. Emotionally you had to parent yourself, even if your parents were around..I don't think you were allowed ever to be a carefree child. An older man would be good for you...I think you will move next year and the Pisean is probably a better bet than the Scorpio,in some way, but they are both water signs and think a fire Aries or Leo would be an exciting alternative. If you must have a water sign, a Cancerian woud give you more security. Pluto has gone into Capricorn incidentally, so I think you will change your life in every way over the next couple of years...actually perhaps the Scorpio - whose ruler is Pluto - will bring about those changes?. Why not give that relationship a try? Have fun and let me now what happens.Peace and love.Cerrise.

  • Hello highpriestess3

    Could you also look into my career. Will i get a job any time? Will i enter college soon?

    Thank you very much 😄

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