• Dear Kayaries

    So glad you are feeling look beautiful...have's hoping 2010 is much happier. Have a great Christms. Love and hugs. x

  • Dear Mathisha

    Sorry to keep you waiting,but my computer crashed. Here we are at last and of course you know that your SUN is in VIRGO in the 4th House, making family ties of paramount importance to you, even though family members may make you feel hemmed in and claustrophobic. Your ASCENDANT is late TAURUS , but it would be sensible to read your Ascendant as GEMINI, as most of your 1st House lies in Gemini, as does the energising planet, MARS.. Are you good at writing/ administration/ communication/working in the media? This 1st House Mars gives you more drive and 'ooomph' than the average Virgoan, but as it is squaring your Sun, you get easily frustrated by lifes usual do try to maintain your equilibrium under pressure.

    You also let your boyfiends call the shots, sometimes against your better judgement.

    Your MOON is in SAGITTARIUS in the 8th House, gives you even more 'fire' , as well as 'air' and 'earth' and you hate to feel constrained in any way, so this will definitely affect your relationships, perhaps buildng up feelings of resentment.

    Currently SATURN is transiting your natal PLUTO in LIBRA in the 5th House of love and children, making reconstrction in these areas inevitable. Getting hurt is part of life, but you are through the worst , it is time now to rebuild. your life and to take control of it. Have you been involved with a Scorpio lately I wonder?

    Peace and love my dear..

  • Hello Soapmaker!! I was wondering if you or anyone else has any insight on the questions I have. Its been a pretty rought year and Ive been going through a lot. My main concerns are my marriage, my mother and of course my career. ive been having a lot of problems in my marriage. It seems like the same situations keep on happening. Me and my wife argue about it and just when I think things are back to normal there it goes again. "It" refers to her thinking that every male wants to be her friend. I know that she knows thats not the only thing they are trying to be. To me it just gets out of hand. Weve had instances to where I thought she cheated on me and I still dont know to this day....As far as my mother she was diagnosed with Cancer a little over a year ago and it too has been real rough on me. She is doing better slowly but surely but I feel there is nothing more I can do or is it?? Career wise I want bertter for me and my family does anyone see ANY changes?? I am a really humble person and I guess im not understanding why all of these bad things happen to me. Any who reads this or answers this Peace and Love to you!!!

  • Dear mrwright

    Sorry things are rough...have you date/place/time of birth for yourself and your wife?Are you sure your fear about your mother's health are not affecting all your relationships? Peace and love to you.

  • Luvslife...

    Thank you so much for your kind thoughts...I trust you are enjoying the moments as they dot your there something going on with your hands/hands? My eyes keep going to my right hand as I write this to you...maybe you too should be writing if you are not already...or working on something...Let me know and I Hope all is well.

    Love and Light

  • Dear Highpriestess3

    Thanks for your good wishes...I guess the move you sense is a move to adifferent country huh! I have been delaying any such move primarily because of my son...and by the time I could FEEL what was taking shape with my Virgo friend...the sense of delay got stronger...Having taken the decision last week to homeschool my son eases some of my angst to leave...but I feel perhaps living in a different physical space if I do need to stay in this country, would create the ecological shift I need...

    Usually through travelling frequently my spirit gets the wanderlust it needs....touches the people and places it needs....please never hesitate to tel me what you "feel" as the angels know...the difference even one word makes...

    Thanks my SIster...

    A bien tot

  • Dear Soapmaker....

    I pray for your strength...easy breath flow...and open chakras...our 4th and 5th Chakras especially to be aligned so one flows to the next...I'm sensing pressure in your chest areas...if you're not able to get sunshine where you are...please juice some dark green leafy vegetables....lots of water...limit sugar intake....I am praying WITH you....


  • This post is deleted!

  • Dear Andherson

    You're absolutely right...feelings must 'out', or the universe will get skewed. I promise to blurt out everything I sense as soon as it comese to me. Much love to you and your son et al.

    Dear Soapmaker

    I feel privileged to have been working this thread with you and grateful for your insight and soul-strength. I do hope 2010 sees you (and all of us) prosperous, healthy and still communicating radiance from one sde of the world to the other.

    Love to you both.x

  • Hello highpriestess my birthday is 12-04-1981 and my wifes is 01-19-1985. My birth time was 2:45 pm and I have no idea when my wifes was. I know the issues with my mother is not the cause of whats going on in my marriage or any other problems im having. Thanks for your reply in advance!!

  • Oh yea and I was born in Chicago and my wife was born in Indiana :0)

  • Thank you high priestess! Love to all! Merry Christmas!

  • Mwah....x, happy everything to you, always. x

  • Dear MWright.

    Off to stay with relatives for a few days...will do your reading when I return....however, you have a Cancerian Ascendant, so always read CANCER in magazines and newspapers before Capricorn. Im fact with Mars and Venus in sensitive PISCES, you are ultra-sensitive to other people's emotions and not at all a 'typical' goat. More on my return. Happy Christmas!. Peace and love

  • Dear MWright

    Sorry above is your WIFE'S ..still working on yours...She has a lot of WATER in her chart. emotional, but 'guarded'. She also has SUN/JUPITER conjunct...a teacher, philosopher, or lawyer is/could/would be her vocation. She is experiencing a 'trip to the Underworld' at present, with PLUTO hitting her major planets. She is 'pupating' and undergoing a series of transformations ...only time will tell if you ill accompany her on this journey. Peace and love. Back soon.

  • Dear Highpriestess3

    Thank you very much for the insightful reading.

    It does make more sense that my ascendant should be taken more as Gemini than taurus.My communication skills are good.Family ties are strong, sometimes taking a lot out of me!

    As far as my love life is concerned,I really hope that the worst is over.

    I have never been involved with a scorpio.My ex husband was libra,recently I was involved with someone born under pisces.Anyway all that is water under the bridge.

    Enjoy a Very Merry Christmas & a prosperous new year.

    Thanks again.

    Love and light be with you always.

  • I thank you highpriestess and I look forward to the rest of your reading for me. I hope you enjoy your Christmas with your loved ones!!! Peace and Love to all reading!!!

  • Hello all, and thank you again for your warm advice in the past, I have had an aura cleansing and am feeling much better.

    I am writing to you today about my brother (12/18/73). He has gotten himself into a funk because he has come to rely financially upon our mother (1/20/41). He has convinced himself that she owes him due to her alcoholism during our childhoods, but he cannot see how he is crippling himself with this situation, and he grows angrier by the day. He is involved in spiritual practice, but it does not seem to be illuminating this aspect of life that is causing him such frustration, and at times he takes out his frustration on others. He reacts violently to any suggestion that he alter his perspective on this.

    Is there any way to talk to him that won't have him pounding the walls? I have spoken to another psychic who warned me he wasn't going to change his mind on his own and would need help, but I have no idea how to begin the task. Any suggestions are more than welcome, and blessings to everyone.

  • Can anyone help me? He flew into a rage at my mother today because she gave him a gift mug that said "Chutzpah" on it, and he threw the cup at her and the wrapping paper after it. I think he is using again. Can anyone please help me figure out what to do?

  • He needs to understand why he has the anger. I mean really go inside. Then he needs to understand why your mother drank. I come from a childhood abusive family. The way I got through the anger and pain was to go inside myself and ask why do I feel that way. What did my family member feel when they hurt me. What was in their life. What other choices did I have and them as well.

    Hope this helps.

    Love & peace to you

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