• Hi all,

    Sure will High Priestess....

    Patricia, I think that he has grown away from you hon. Some relationships last long and others don't, and that is meant to be hon. Let him go back to his homeland to figure himself out. He is confused at this point and is not sure what he wants in his life. It is a growth for him.

    You are so sweet and blessed to know God is in your heart and soul. That is so true. We are never alone.

    Love & Light

  • Dear Highpriestess and Dear Soapmaker,

    Hi Ladies,you are both such Wonderful and Kind,Loving Women! Update: I'm doing alot better,well i should say we are doing alot better.a couple of days ago my boyfriend and i had a very long,tearful heart to heart talk,i felt our souls really connect that night and he did too.i exsplaned everything that was going on inside of me and how i was feeling and he really listened and then he opened up to me and talked and talked and cryed and i listened and every word went right to my heart.

    He does miss his homeland,but that was not so much of his problem after all,for as long as he can remember he has had some very painful memories and feelings of deep hurt inflicked by some of his family and he has never know how to deal with it.Well i just opened my mouth and some how the right words came flowing out and just the right time.he said that no one has ever taken the time to listen to how he feels and how bad he's been hurt in the past until i he's so much different,you can see and feel a peace within him.He said that if he has to wait forever for me to be able to one day visit his homeland than he will happily wait.and if that day never comes then he was not meant to ever go back he said and he is o.k. with that as long as he never loses me.

    And the thing that has been bothering him is 3 weeks ago one of my friends needed a place to stay and we talked about it and both said that she could stay with us for a little while but that she would have to help out with added bills.well it got back to us from a very good friend of my boyfriends that she when she was asked if she pays rent she said no and i do not plan on it.

    felipe has never really trusted her he said and now he feels like she is using us and befor she came to stay with us she already owed me $250.00 that i let her borrow in good faith.she just started getting unemployment checks,a pretty penny too.and the only 2 bills that she has is a $250.00 car payment,(2 more payments and it is paid off),and $48.00 for car inc. a month. so knowing this he has been very upset lately.he said not for him,because he knows that she is taken atvantege of my kindness,and that ticks him right off,so we talked about it and we both do not like to have to do it but we are going to tell her that after christmas she will have to get her own place,she will not struggle at all to do this.i can not let her living here come between me and felipe.she has post on here befor asking for readings and then even though they peg her to a t,she does not like the readings,so i have had words with her already about that.and now i can no longer ingore what i myself is sencing about her.

    I think felipe and i will be,and less stressed once she is gone.

    we just have to countinue to talk and share our feelings and work together.

    I thank-you both for being here for me and helping me so much,you both have truely touched my life...


    Love & Light

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Patricia it fills my soul with joy that you worked it out! I can feel the love and peace in your soul. How beautiful! You are ever so welcome. That is why we are all here. I am sorry you are going through this situation but it to shall pass. I am a victim of family abuse. I understand. Felipe needs to know that he was the victim and in no way asked for it. I believe letting the abuse go, was a part of what I wanted to learn when I came here for this life. Learning rejection, trust and patience. I have learned all three and have moved on. I pray with all my heart he does too. Life on this side of abuse is wonderful! I no longer feel the pain. I accept it as a learning curve for my own soul. I have forgiven those that have abused me. What I was told to do was to write a list of the names in my life and that situation. With each name, I felt inside whether I had a tug at the heart or peace. If it was a tug, then I would try to see the situation from that persons point of view so I could understand why. Then I forgave and let it go. Then I listened to chakra balancing to get the chakras back in order and peace and love and understanding flowed.

    I hope this can help him get through his pain. Not easy but very well worth it.

    Hugs & love my friend

  • Hi highpriestess3,

    Thats correct.My date of birth is 12th September 1975.Time of Durban,South africa.

    Many thanks.

    Love light & blessings

  • Just wondering. ❤

  • Dear Soapmaker,

    Thank-You for the wonderful advice,i will try that with him and pick-up something on Chakra Balancing too. I was having a bit of a tough time going deep enough with my meditation so i picked up a guided meditation C.D. by Kelly Howell,wow it is wonderful and just what i needed.

    I do have something else that i would like to bother you with, Friday night we were driving back home from getting dinner and i turned on a road that i normally never take for the way i was going,and also giving that it was night,alot of these side roads are very dark. so i do not know why i turned down it and as soon as i did we seen so many flashing lights from police cars,ambulce,firefighter that we were blinded and could not see what happened,but i still stared to drive right towards it,then i had this over powering sence of death,and my chest got this very heavy feeling like something was pressed very hard againest it and the left side of my rib cage too.every hair on my body was standing up and what i was sencing was so strong i said to felipe,no i have to turn around right now,i cant breath,i can not go any closer to that accident.he remand quiet,i pulled into a half circle driveway and drove away from it and down the next side street.well as i passed it on the other side of a hole street ,i thought i was going to pass out from what i was feeling,the feeling in my chest really hurt and then as i got right pass it all of a sudden it felt like hands around my throat.but i kept driving thinking i got to drive as far away from this as fast as i can.7 min.later i was at home.,i was trying so hard to fight what i was feeling,but remained like that for an hour and still did not feel right when i went to bed that night.oh and i got a headache in a split second,which never happens to me.we heard the chopper go over head,and with as many lights that we seen i know that it was a very bad accident but why did it affect me in this way,i have gone passed alot of accidents that deaths were involed and this never happened befor? and i check both sat.and sunday paper and there is no news of it so i do not know for sure if anyone passed.but why did i feel it?

    I know i did it again and gave you another mind boogling question,lol.

    Thanks again my dear friend.


    love & light

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Hi Highpriestess and Soapmaker,

    I haven’t been chatting much but have been reading along. We are still patiently awaiting the new addition to the family. I think she may come after the New Year. Not much has changed except I feel strongly that my fiancé is involved with drugs and to that I am feeling that I may be separating from him for the wellbeing of my family.

    I wanted to thank you for your support and to wish you the very happiest and a blessed holiday season.


  • Dear All

    Sorry I have been rather computer crashed, but has jst been fixed. Will be back witth you soon.x

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  • Dear Soapmaker,

    Hi. I have spent quite some time reading your posts and feel your special caring, love and intelligence. Bless you a hundredfold!!

    I was wondering whether you could peek a little into my future. I am a older female seven years close to retirement age, who has been having health issues, recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I have been unemployed for quite a while, I can't seem to find a job in the field I previously worked (for 22 years) since my skills have become outdated. I have been trying to eat away at a degree, but that is going slowly because of the cost of tuition. I have been married to the same man for twenty-four years and have two children. This illness seems to have taken over my life, and has affected everyone and everything. The specialist seems to be trying to control the pain, treat the symptoms not find the cause. I'm concerned about how this is going to unfold - will I be able to control the pain, will I/we ever find the cause, will I ever find a job, should I continue with college (is it worth it) or should I try a trade school, is this affecting my marriage, etc. (My marriage has been rocky for the past five years or so, and I am still wondering whether he has been unfaithful.) To add to the frustrations, I have a son who is living at home. After five years of college he finally found a job. His car engine blew, so he's using my car for work. My daughter is living on her own, working full time. She was recently in an accident, was injured, and her car is considered to be totaled. We're working through a lawyer to clear her of a erroneous ticket. My husband is working for a company that was bought out, and they are going through the usual trimming of employees, costs and restructuring. He's concerned about his job security. So there is a lot of stress, stress and more stress, and much worrying. Some days I feel like a prisoner, with pain and circumstances as my warden. I would appreciate any reflections or advice you could offer.

    Thank you.

  • I am a Scorpio,11/21... I ended close to a 2 year relationaship with someone in Costa Rica, he was fro the states living there. He had a persona which was completely opposite of who he really was age height weight everything...9 months into the relationahip he finally admitted the truths, when I insisted on the pictures I was waiting for ..for so long and learned the truth. I never flew to CR and eventually the relationship ended labor day when I accused him of having someine there on a on and off basis...he never answered..never defnded himself..he is a Cancer 6/24..I have sent emails..and tried to communicate but he has not responded.

    I recently met a Gemini and became close to him, he is in the states..met on a dating forum..he worked nights and seemed to be attentive he is very very Charming...I felt things are not what they should be..he says he is divorced and had his teenagers living with him and his wife is BiPolar and lives alone..can not deal with them or him. I felt he was involved with several women chatting and sexual conversations.....he would appear and disappear from the email and I am hurting ..confused as to how and why I am right back here again,,feeling as I do...was I wrong? is there something to this with the Gemini could someone help me with a readings or preminition..I need clarity Thank You

  • Hi soapmaker dearest! I hope all is well with you. I was hoping you could give me a lil advice about a previous answer you had given me....I had asked you about an ex lover and you felt that we are very connected as I do to. You had predicted maybe around x-mas and into the new year things would warm up between us. Well, he has called me a little bit here and there but I feel no closer to getting things back to "normal" than I did when I asked for advice. Then over the weekend I went to a party and some girl that we are mutual friends with started talking about him I guess that was her way of finding common ground with me. She told me he had been by her house a couple times recently. Okay I am not concerned about him liking her in that way or anything like that but I felt really hurt by this because he went out of his way to call me and tell me he had no time to see me until after x-mas because of his job and his kid and so on. So I just felt so hurt and dissapointed that he took the time to visit other people that live close to me ( he lives and hour away) but not me!!! I dont mean to sound whiny but I am very hurt about this and him blatenly lying to me about it when I never even asked. So guess who tries to call me today? I feel so confused I didnt answer the call or return it. Am I wrong for this or being too sensitive? I have been trying to just forget about this man and have a whatever will be will be attitude but this threw me for a loop. I just wonder if you can see what may be going on here. Also she made a comment that we are better off friends and it felt like a thousand knives stabbing me in the heart. It sounded like his words not hers. Let me also add that she is married and she isnt intrested in making me feel bad she was just trying to have conversation and is a matter of fact type of person. I am not upset with the messenger only the message. Do you think I should just suck up my losses and move on? I am starting to feel like there might not be any hope of us getting back together. Is this right? I am just having a very bad day in general so maybe I am taking this too hard. I dont know. Please help me, I am getting tired of this situation, hence the ignoring of this guy I felt so close too. I felt bad for ignoring him but I feel like talking to him is only making me feel worse at this point. What are your thoughts on this?

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  • Hi Lovin,

    Peace light and love to you my friend. Being an empath myself I understand where you are coming from. We are all overly sensitive.

    I do believe those words were from him. When you feel up to it, talk to him and find out what is going on in his head. Do it with a ...what will be, will be mind. Ignoring him is keeping the stress in your life hon. Deal with it with a positive and honest open heart. Your heart never lies. It is the seat of the soul. It may be that what is ahead is a very good friend.

    Hope this helps. I have broncitus and lose energy easy right now till the meds kick in.


  • This is a message for Soapmaker and HighPriestess3...

    Beloved - you are both in my heart of thoughts...with a profound sense of love and I'm just allowing it to flow...I have been expereiencing an amazing burst of energy and vibrancy in all areas of my life - since the last or rather first time coming to this forum. In work/career new opportunities keep springing up, I have not had a quiet day in three or more weeks...I finalized two major deals for my employers by just following the imprimatur of my Spirit in what were both "casual" circumstances... The VP I report to also called me in on Friday to show me a project budget from which he intends to supplement my income...thing is in these environments I never trust what people say to there are so many sides to their this something you see materializing? As I ask, I realize, I don't necessarily care if it does...LOL...

    Regarding my Virgo friend, things are suddenly coming into some form in the sense that...I have been having dreams which have actually manifested within days...last Saturday I had a series of dreams which took up 11 pages in my journal...within days the first scenario played out to a T and then by the end of the week (this past weekend) the Other...Long story short...suddenly the situation with his divorce has sped up as the wife has decided she cannot wait for the year and is removing all kids and herself... I"m praying for the Divine guidance as to how to be supportive without becoming a part of his process etc. That said, I am just "feeling" my way through this and not relying on logic or my overworked Virgo MIND...IF you are able to shine any light on this pilgrimage, I would welcome your Counsel as always...I know much of my process is to deepen my reliance on my own intuitive compass...and so - I am learning well to limit the questions and TRUST....

    i have a growing sense that things in all areas of my life have an element of surprise and the un-expected to them at this I have released any attachment to outcome and am being in the present challenged at times though as i have all my life been a planner and it takes some getting used to...please continue to hold me in your thoughts and the Perpetual Light of the Divine I do with you all...

    Question: Do you see me moving to a new home soon? Jobwise, should I stay in my present position or follow the independent contracts that come to me - so I am unrestrained to travel?

    In love and Light


  • Greetings and Love and Light to All

  • Hi Andherson,

    Your words flow so smoothly. A joy to read.

    Love and light to you,


  • what carrear path should i take to get to where i need to be financially. I would love to find something i can do at home and make lots of money I feel like i will be rich someday is this right?

  • Dear Andherson

    So glad things are working out for you. I have always felt that you would move

    but didn't really want to say, as how would this work out for your boyfriend and your son? Love to you. x

  • Dear Aryamary

    Would you like your chart done for a fuller picture? I would need date/time/place please. Peace and love.

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