• Hello wenchie, You spoke strongly and very truthful, there are many who just don,t understand that JUST BECAUSE we are not sitting in a church does not mean we don't recognize What it is we are able to feel and see. There is a great deal of LOVE, KINDNESS, UNDERSTANDING , SPIRITUALITY , AWARENESS OF OUR FORTUNES AND MIS FORTUNES , YOU KNOW WHAT I AM SAYING AND SO DO ... 99% OF THE PEOPLE HERE , THERE'S ALWAYS THOSE FEW.


  • Laithano,

    sweetie that does sound like a it would be a beautiful tattoo,color even a little is always nice.

    i have two tat.'s,my first is on my upper right arm and is a dream catcher with kopapeli (fertility godess) in the middle and a orange sunset and mountains behind him and some leather looking ribbon&beads and feathers coming down on each side of took 2 1/2 hours from start to fin. And my second one is on the side of my lower left leg ,and is that of a cow skull with horns and feathers hanging down off of both of them and a cross in the middle of it's forhead.these are native american as both of my grandparents were full blooded cherekee indian.

    peace,blessings,light & love

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Danr,

    I smile every time I read one of your post,thank-you...

    peace,blessings,light & love

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  • DANR,

    You are always so sweet and thoughtful! It is pleasure to have you here and a joy to see you participate more. You are a very kind and gentle soul. I'm happy you're hear and look forward to getting to know you.

    Yes, there are some very extraordinary people here. YOU are definitely one of them!

    Love and Light

  • ~May Peace, Love and Light form a great strength around Us All~

    I am relatively new to these forums, one of the Assets I found so pleasing on this site, is the Fierce Flow of Love on these threads.

    I'd like to throw this out there ~ When there is someone that is hurting or in pain one of the ways it is projected is Anger & Hostility, I've found that it is Powerful to my own Spirit, to Reach out just a little More to those Angry & Hostile individuals, show even more Kindness, Love and Graciousness to those who seem initially undeserving, in the end Our kindness will be repaid ten fold if not by that person themselves, but in Our everday walk in life.

    (The colors of our own Aura's will brighten)

    Sandran I feel is in pain she may not be conscious of her hurt, there could be any number of issues going on in her life that requires someone to reach out to her with Special Tender Loving Care. I've read her posts and Everyone can see that she is lashing out, Because I feel that EVERYONE on these threads comes from a place of love and well wishes, giving advice to each other when We are going through trials and tribulations (what ever they may be), We come here for solice, to talk about it and feel the soothing comfort of Someone posting a little love our way, I believe Sandran feels that love to..Despite. Babies cut up and act out when they want attention and love, WE ARE ALL BABIES IN THE SIGHT OF OUR HIGHER POWER, some of us act out a little more than others,especially when their pain is so great, they cant or wont talk about their own issue, but mask it with Anger. I once heard somone suggest: The next time you run into someone that is very angry, show them love, you get cut off in traffic or someone just wants to give you a hard time, show them love. It is the one of the harder thing to do in life...But if you think about it.. It is almost tickeleshly (if that a word, LOL) selfish, Our own gain will be countless.

    I am the first to say that it is very difficult to hold my own tongue when someone is being rude and overbearing, (I am Extremely Protective of myself and those I care about) and most of us here seem to be protective of this site and ea other, but if allowed, the negativety will fester and grow and put a damper on your own spirit. I post this to ask that We All try to learn to look above and see beyond the surface, to look a little harder at the bigger picture, and grow together..


  • Hi Leonida,

    Thanks for your kind words. I must admit I find it hard to bite my tongue when I see an injustice happening and I will always stick up for other people that I see being mistreated.

    Healing Water,

    Yes I understand completely what you are saying and I agree, it's that I do tend to let my emotions take over at time. I agree that Sandran is a desperately unhappy and lonely woman. She continues to strike out and have her digs at people (at least continually on this particular thread). Obviously she is looking for attention, just going about it the wrong way (much like a naughty child acting out for attention). She needs to learn that there are other ways of getting attention without it being at the expense of insulting others. I just can't stand those people who belittle and degrade others and then tell you it's all in the name of God. That is not the sort of behaviour God would be promoting in any way, shape or form.

    Peace and blessings to all.


  • Your in Seminole territory in Florida Patricia. The Cherokee left the east coast a long time ago. Did your ancestors leave on the trail of tears?And there are many different tribes in the Cherokee nation. Like Osage for instance. I was always told my family was Cherokee but about 8 years ago I had to people tell me Osage. Well the second on was my daughter and she was having a vision at the time and I said Osage, Osage why are two people giving me that. And I did some researching and there is an Osage reservation in Oklahoma. My grandfather changed his name and I haven't been able to do any tracing of our family. I have checked census records and his social security records and death cert. and nothing. NO one in the family remembers hearing his real last name. But he left Arkansas and went to Oklahoma to study to be a minister. Oh what does this have to do with anything anyway? Well the Osage being mentioned was what I was getting at. Ok I am going to bed this time for sure. Peace

  • Dear Healingwater

    Beautiful sentiments in a kind soul; your wisdom is appreciated; we all hope Sandran will stop hurting and start healing...there are so many kind people on this site who are wiling to reach out and help her.. However, I still hold that mocking others is very cruel and is a 'no-no' in every religion we might care to name. Peace and love.

  • Hello! Love and tolerance is key. When angry, just let it be and it will pass. It will give you positive energy to work with. I am reading Osho and his words are so wise.

    Light & love to all!

  • Hi Soapmaker,

    I was talking to my StepMum earlier tonight and she was talking about anger and "letting in be" and the anger passing (not talking about anyone's anger in particular). Must be a message for me, twice in one night....synchronicity!!!!!!!!!!

    I hope the fairs went well and you received many orders. :-))

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hello Ladies,

    I realize you have many request. Please don't forget about me. My post is on page 54. Thanks.

  • Dear Butterflyville

    Sorry to keep you waiting, but I'm having to write a couple of things and have a deadline. Will get to you at the weekend. Remind me please of, where you were born with time and date. Thanks.

    Shrouded Heart/ Please I need where you were born as well as date and time.

    Peace and love everyone

  • highpriestess3:

    I was born in Hearne Texas, 1982 at 11:03 am....


  • highpriestess3,


    and I am sorry but I just now found that you had posted to me.

    I have always wanted to figure out why I am the way that I am. I tend to let others take advantage of me, in some form or fashion, because I truly believe that you treat people how you would like to be treated. Unfortunately I have found that being nice gets me into trouble in some way, because I hate being mean to others. I take a lot from those I care about, until I just have nothing left to give them. Then there is no changing my mind, I am just done!!! But it took me 13 years to say that with someone that I was married to.

    I don't think my friends were strange, mostly I hung with people who party-ed, but I wasn't into the drinking and the drugs, I seemed to go with them to make sure they all got home safely. It takes me a lot to get good and mad these days, I was more out-spoken and fiery when I was younger, but since about 1994, I have become less fiery and more a worrier, a searcher, someone who wants to make everyone around me happy and then I wonder why I am not happy? I know, I just answered my own question, but how do I balance it? I know it can't be a bad thing to make people I care about happy, but how do I assure me of being happy as well?

    There is more to my story and I am leery of posting it all here in an open forum.

    I did have trouble in school with my math, like algebra, fractions and stuff like that. I write poetry and I use to write short stories. I like crafts, and creating things, but I am no artist.

    My biological father was not around at all, my mother might as well had not been around because she was on drugs, my step-father was abusive. My mothers mother, my grandmother shot herself when I was 6, when I was 8 my grandfather tried to kill his-self the same way. Now my husband has done the same in August of 2008.

    I do not believe I am anything special or important. I have had moments of feeling worthy or accomplished, but it never lasts, because as someone stated to me 6 months after my husband died, actually asked me, "Why I am such a victim?"

    Someone else told me that I bring misery on myself.

    My husbands family blames me for him killing himself. What is wrong with me?

    I do not want to keep repeating the same mistakes, I am not sure of my choices. I am currently involved with someone I am crazy about and he says he loves me too, but I am unsure of myself and can't seem to believe I deserve to have someone really love me, just me.

    I have a lot of financial issues, so does he, I have a 20 year old son and 18 year old daughter and she has a 2 month old daughter. He has a 20 year old son and his son has a 1year old son, plus he has a 16 year old son and a 9 year old son. His kids live with their mothers, but he has them a lot. Both my kids and grand-daughter live with me currently.

    I just need to sort out me, so I can truly move on, I just can't seem to believe fully that there is a man out there that can really love me. I have made so many bad choices when it comes to men, I do not want to go through that again. However, I want to have someone to grow old with, to enjoy talking to and doing things with, to have love, not just lust.

    I know I sound silly.

  • Dear HighPriestess3,

    I hope all is well with you?, i'am again seeking your guideness,but for my boyfriend this time.his birthday is 2/5/72,born in mexico city,mexico,(sorry i do not have a time).

    I'am not sure what has been up withhim lately,and i don't think that he knows either?

    he says he loves me and has for 3 yrs.and i feel that he is my soul mate and is my bestfriend.

    but he has changed so much these past few months?i ask him what is wrong? and he say's nothing,then i don't know? i know he misses his home land badly,and i told him that i wanted him to go home and that i understand,and that i'm o.k. i'm not alone because i have god in my heart. when you did my reading for me a little over a week ago you said that i sould take my journey with him, i would love to but he feels so out of reach now,and i'm not sure if he will ever be his old self again? i know he wants a differant life,and i feel that i'm not a part of this differant life,and maybe he feels it too?

    thank-you so much for your help.


    light & love

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Dear Soapmaker,

    I was blessed enough to get a reading from HighPriestess3 a while back, and she was kind enough to share much insight with me about my husband (soon to be ex) and my own families. I was wondering if there is any more you can share with me? I am wondering if my ex will ever get over his addiction and if he will ever stop lying? If I will ever be able to trust anything he says and if I should perhaps consider taking his parental rights away, or if it would cause problems for our sons in the future? Any insight you can add would be greatly appreciated. 🙂 Thank you in advance for your consideration. 🙂

  • Dear Soapmaker,Highpriestess3 or whoever,

    I might have asked this question b4 but as of late I had a stalker who has told stories about my friend Chris which has me thinking if their true or not even though this girl had evil intentions the stories do have me worried.I finally blocked the girl.

    I've also heard he is over seas is it true??

    My birthdate is 15/05/1974 9.50am Liverpool Australia

    His birthdate is 25/01/1974.He lives in Leumeah Australia and I've heard he's working overseas.

  • Mysto, I was born Indigo and I have a very very old soul. But there are differences in everything. There may be indigo that are star children.

    Many of the indigo and a few crystals that I have met are also old souls. I believe all I have read so far on Indigo is confusing.

    I can remember when I was a small child, feeling that I had an old soul.

    Here's another thought. Because we are old souls, does that mean we remember being on another plane between past lifes? The wonderful and warm mystic Edgar Cayce thought that was the case.

    That is my thoughts hon.

    Light & Love

  • Dear SoapMaker,

    Hi,just wondering is everything o.k. with the Highriestess3 ? have not seen her on in a few days? i hope everything is o.k.

    peace,blessings,love & light 🙂

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