• Laithano, I have enjoyed reading each and every one of your posts,

    I need you hear on these forums... I cannot believe these lasts very rude posts by Sandran-

    Please stay here with us Laithano!!!!!

    Laithano:Many Blessings to you , and Love and Light always

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  • Well said hisbablove! A great book to read is called Jesus speaks. In it he says that we are not to judge, that is not our role here. Our role is love. That we are to remember...It's God's day to have off. I have that hanging on my fridge. When we live with love, we share kindness and compassion as well as acceptance and understanding.

    Light and Love to all!

  • Laithano, You Go Girl!!!!!!!

  • Laithano, you will do it hon! I see you working for a very nice spa that is into the alternatives and natural products. keep the faith and keep moving forward. We need more people with your calling in this world!

    Love & Light

  • Sandran,

    So.....more hiding behind your religion while you dish out more nasty comments. We are ALL children of God and if he wanted us to be all perfect spellers, he would have created us this way. What a shame you look down your nose at people like Laithano, she is a far better person than you could hope to be. She doesn't hide behind her religion while making judgments on others. You need to get you backside back into church and pray for forgiveness of your condescending attitude towards others. You do not belong on this site. Don't know that you even belong in church because you certainly haven't learnt love and tolerance to others, you're just mean spirited because you are so unhappy within yourself that the only way you can feel happy is to put others down. You are a BULLY. I know your type and every time I see you come back on here and make a derogitory comment towards someone else, I will be here to tell you that it is UNACCEPTABLE. The only evil here is your stinking attitude.

  • Laithano and Libra1970 and anyone else mocked by this nasty nasty woman Sandran,

    Pay her no attention, she is a BULLY and a very unhappy person. You are both great people, do not her spiteful mean nasty comments get you down. Obivously she is a VERY unevolved soul. I can see a few unhappy lifetimes coming up for her until she learns her lesson.

  • Dear Highpriestess3,

    Thank you very much, I see him as being needy too. I think I am hard on him because I don't want him to be a statistic. The men in my family have not lived up to that title. He has no positive role models except me and I feel an incredible burden of trying to teach him to be a man and I have no experience with that, lol!

    Again thank you!




    Everyones respones to this DARK LOST SOUL that we seem to have hanging onto this site,has been very wonderful responses to read.

    WENCHIE, your so very right,she is a BULLY! and once i said my peace i was reminded of something that i was taught as a child,i once asked my mom why are other children such bullies and so mean to me?is it because i do not have new cloths and shoes like they do?

    And she said, no honey,other kids and even big people are bullies and say mean,hurtful things to other people,(even if they do not know them),because they are not a happy person,they must have or had something go on in their lives that has made them that way.i asked,well will they be happy later? she said that only god can answer that one.i asked her,what do you mean by that? and she said that they have to WANT the help and then ask god to help them.then she went on to say that she has found that bullies feed off of hurting peoples feelings or hitting them and the best way to handle a bully is to say nothing at all to them. its like a fire,if you keep putting wood on it,well then it's going to keep burning,but if stop putting wood on it then it will after a little time go out.Because it has nothing more to feed off of.

    these words have always got me through some of what i thought was the worst bullies that i ever seen,they were not the worst,but this to shall come to pass because we all have great faith!

    maybe someday her dark soul with find the light, i will pray for her.

    Laithano,it's so nice to see you still in the thread sweetie,keep up the good work,your doing great!

    SoapMaker, it's nice to see you on again even if it's just poping in for a few,you have been missed.i needed to talk to you so when you have the time plz.let me know,don't worry i understand that you are very busy.

    Peace & Blessings

    Light & Love

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  • Hi Patricia and thank you. What do you need hon?

  • Dear Bestcushyone

    So glad to have helped and I hope you don't think I was being critical. My youngest was a complete brat at that age and I nearly threw in the towel; I bent so far backwards trying not to get into fights with her, that I was shaped like an 'n'. Finally she left home, grew up and got an amazing job and we are now as close as can be.. she's warm, loving and makes me laugh...but it was a long road at the time. I see the same road for and hugs..he'll turn out to be the light of your life.

  • Dear Laithano...the idea of a triba; tattoo with names, hearts and fllowers is just beautiful.Peace and love.

  • Dear Rooiam...thanks for those kind words. I enjoy doing what I do and find it therapeutic and exciting to be part of this cyber-space community without boundaries; I also love communicating with all you lovely ladies,mostly in the USA, some in Australia, Europe and me in the UK. I think it great, nay spiritual to toss our collective positive energy across the universe. Who knows, we might make a difference eventually. Update me and hugs.

  • SoapMaker,

    Hi,thank-you for taking the time for me,

    i'm making slow but steady progress in opening closed doors inside of me,

    i'm beginning to see more light,i cleansed myself,my boyfriend and my home today,and i feel great! so inlightened and peaceful.

    my problem is i've been trying so hard to see my spirt guide,why is this so hard for me?what am i doing wrong? is that her that warns me of danger,and other things that need my attenion that i hear?but will i ever see her?

    thank-you,you are a sweetheart!

    peace & blessings

    light & love

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Let us not be distracted or weary in doing the Divine work...

    We are all One...Light and Darkness...exist on ends of the same ONE as we seek to not be judged, let us not also judge...As Light obliterates darkness...darkness is always drawn to the Light...none is better than the other or more evolved...we are all evolving at different may the Peace that passes ALL understanding, rest remain and abide with us...all for ONE...ONE for ALL.

    God Bless us. Now let's release this into the light...

  • Good Evening Ladies (or whatever the time of day where you are). Hope you have all had a wonderful day and are doing well. I personally find it a blessing to be here, where there is so much wisdom, so much love, kindness, support & caring! No matter your astrological sign, the color of your skin, hair or eyes, your nationality, political views, religion or race, I love you all 😃

    I come to this thread tonight, not with a question, life story or advice, but just to tell you how much I appreciate all of you for the wonderful & very special individuals you each are! Thank you, thank you, thank you 😃

    Love & Blessings,


  • Sandran

    Grow up sweetie 🙂

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