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  • This post is deleted!

  • Do you think she may ignore it and say she didn't read it? I hope your seeing clearer today after our conversation?

  • Dear Kay..Sorry to be obtuse...let me clarify. The mention about Cancer and Lbra could mean either gender in any role...basically to fill' empty' houses and make you feel more balanced. I should probably have added Capricorn and Aquarius too.

    By' fund' I meant you were probably the main breadwinner because .your fatigue was almost tangible to me, even though as a double Aries you have enormous vitality, ...but I felt that with so much stress on you , you might succumb (most unlikely of course) to a stress-induced

    . I also felt that everywhere your Gemini goes, people 'square up' to him...not his fault, but he is powerful and like the old-time gunslingers, someone is always ttrying to 'outgun' him, even though he craves a quiet life (and he'd be quite a philosopher given some peace and quiet);. like your fatigue, his frustration with his current situation was also palpable and what was coming acrss the airwaves at me.

    I do think you and your partner are through the worst, of times, but with Saturn currently in your 1st house for the next year, external events, rather that you and your partner, will be in conrtrol of you lives. However, this is not a bad thing if you remember that this is 'seed' time , rather than 'harvest' ...a fitting analogy for Thanksgiving I suppose.

    I hope I have answered your queries; have a great long weekend. Peace and love.

  • Soapmaker>>

    I just got done talking to my mom, And she had just said the same thing you did, She said that I should stay distances from him, And that were like little kids playing In the middle of the road, And I need to take steps back, He can either come towards me or keeping going backwards.

    I didn't understand at first, But when you said It, It hit me.

    I am just gonna be paitent and just keep distance until he grows up.


    Happy Thanksgiving[:



  • Dear Kay....sorry, the end of one of my paragraphs disappeared.....was going to say basically to have a rest, put your feet up and pamper yourself this coming weekend , when you get the chance. You can't do everything yourself .....let others help. Love and hugs.

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  • luvslife>>Hi Soapmaker,

    Sorry this is really off topic but I read that you make healing soaps. My daughter has very bad you have anything for that? Please post your website address. I tried to find it in the posting but I think I am overlooking it.

    Thanks so much.


    Sandran712>>Oh really!..That sounds interesting...I pictured you a bubble bath man...LOL

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  • Hello Again High priestess, I can provide the time of birth for myself i was born at appr. 7:15, P.M.I do not have the time of birth for him. I will give you the information again ::: I was born Feb. 5th, 1943, in Timmins Ontario, Canada, he was born May 6th, 1943, in Berlin Germany, and yes I am hopeful although I do see the flaws. Hope this information helps thank you ... leonida

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  • my life is a shambles full of negative events and horrific life shattering events including the death of my beloved 10 year old son the breakdown of marraige made homeless by thugs setting fire to our home and my health now suffers from an incurable disease. I feel under attack by negative forces dispite my best to overcome these continual bombardments on my emmotional/spiritual/pysical well being. I get so depressed sometimes i have to fight the urges not to end it all. Please can you help my d.o.b. is 02/07/1961

  • mommabluesville>>>Theres so much I want to say.....but words wont fixed it, will it......I'm sure you have heard the "no where to go but up" saying and I feel compeled to say it to you now. Your taking the right step by reaching out to others. You will find many caring people on this site. I'm glad you are here. I'm sure there are people in our life who love you very much, and need you as well. God, the universe, whatever/whoever you believe in has a plan for you. Also, you have something to offer others.... your experience...a rare view of survival. Your in survive mode too, right!? Please keep posting, we are all here to help each other. I promise you will find a loving, caring group of people here, someone is always on. I can imgine this all wieghts heavy on you. (I'm so sorry for your loss. Truely I am.) I'm guessing you are probably searching for a reason for all the badness right? It will be revealed to you, in the mean time, please trying to find something positive and tell me about it. Happy Thanksgiving to you!!! I'll be on again in the morning, I'm hoping I getting to hear from you!!

    Love and Light (may the light surround you and keep you safe)

  • Dear sorry to hear about your misfortunes, but we are all here for you. Have you got a time of birth please and Place and I will do your chart.. Peace and love.

  • Dear Leonida....Thank you for your data...could I just clarify when your partner's birthday is please, as you have supplied both 1946 and 1943; I need the right year before I can place both of your charts side-by-side. However , I'll start with yourself:

    YOU: have a very later Leo Ascendant, which means that you should read VIRGO in magazines and newspapers, rather than Leo. Having a Virgo Ascendant and 6th house Sun accentuates your Virgoan tendencies and your willingness to work hard at caring for may indeed have spent some time as a nurse, or in one of the caring professions.

    Having Virgo as your first house, means that you have just survived a tough 2 years as Saturn, the task-master has transited it. and also means that 'fate' will have had control over the major events of your life.

    Major activity is about to take place in your 5th house concerning love and family/children as Mars in Capricorn is soon to be visited by transiting Pluto, planet of reconstruction and change.

    Normally cautious, even a shade suspicious of other's motives, you will have to restructure your finances to accommodate these changes and may encounter opposition from relatives,so you will have to be sensitive to their feelings. These changes also involve Jupiter moving into your 7th house of partnerships, so a broadening of horizons is inevitable here involving your romantic and self-sacrificing Pisces Moon .

    Fate is about too alter your life one way or another and your Taurean friend sits on your Taurean Midheaven so you certainly have much in common, but more of his chart with yours when you confirm to me which year he was born. Peace and love.

  • thank you for your kind thoughts and wishes i am happy that i have found people who look at the internal being and not just the exterior that can often give false lasting negative impressions bless you x

  • Thank you my date of birth is 2nd july 1961 12.00 noon Sheffield South yorkshire Uk

  • mommabluesville>>help my d.o.b. is 02/07/1961

    Thank you my date of birth is 2nd july 1961 12.00 noon Sheffield South yorkshire Uk

    Sandran712>>Which one is it??LOL

  • Highpriestess, Thank you so much for what you have done so far, and yes I did make a mistake on the yr of birth for my friend , he was born May 6th, 1946 and I also made a mistake on the city it was Munich, Germany, we don,t have his time of birth at this time. I have often been a caregiver and family organizer for many yrs., and now I feel it is time for me as I have had a very difficult 5 to 6 yrs. A divorce unexpected, financial problems, a lot of depression ... but things are a lot better now, but there are still some issues I am dealing with in regards to my friend, We dated for 6yrs 35 yrs ago and we just met again 6 months ago. He never married and is a very troubled person. He says he loves me and always did there was a spark between us when we first met again,, and this has grown to quite a flame and because of some of his problems I really am not sure where this is going. I hope all of this info helps. Again thank you so much. leonida

  • Dear Momma...hang on....please...I'm on it and will post later tonight!. Peace and love.

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