• I was born in Corona Calif. at 10:37 p.m. thats not where we lived it was a navel hospital.we lived in W. Covina I was a breached baby.. and partly born on the way to the hospital. I hope that covers it. 🙂

    thank you


  • Soapmaker&luvslife>>>

    Thank you sooooo much! For that advice, This helps so much,

    His parents already know, They've done everything they could for him.

    I tried to ask him to stop countless times, But It turns Into an agrueement;

    And then he'll be like, " Brb, I need a knife "

    And I just fall Into tears.

    I hate this cry for help.

    I can't do anything, I tired and tired.

    His teacher even knows about this, His teacher Is making him go to chruch, But He always makes an excuse that he can't go.

    I don't want to give up on him, I just don't know how to control this sititution anymore.

    I've talked to my mom countless times about this, And she would say to do what your heart says to do; Uhm.. My heart doesn't say anything]:

    I just remembered that his mom had caught him with a gun In his room, And she took It away because she thought that he was going to shoot himself, And he told me that, That day he was going to.

    I just started to cry.

    And then he puts all this pressure on me, Saying If I broke up with him, He would shoot himself, And It'll be my fault, And his whole family would hate me for this.

    I was like " WOW! " And just started to cry even MORE]:

    I don't know what to do anymore.

    It's just like out of nowhere, He's this different guy, I never thought I would see this side of him EVER]:

    Thank you sooo much for praying and blessing me.

    I absoultly wouldn't know what do to If I couldn't talk to you, Words cannot discribe how I feel right now[:

    Thank You!!!


    P.S I'm making one of these and my screen name will be CuriousAqurious.

  • quencath>>yourpreciousone, where are you? You post and then never respond to one person ? What is up?

    Sandran>>She don't know anything about being psychic..

  • quenkath>>what did this guy mean when he has made many comments on my physical attributes and accidentally said "I love you too". He recovered immediately by saying "see you later". Am I reading too much into this?


  • Hi Alyson,

    You are so very welcome and in no way to blame for him hon. It is his choice not yours.

    I have you in my prayers sweetie and let me know how it goes.

    Light & Blessings

  • Dear Highpriestess3

    Thank you so much for your help on my question page 15, you were pretty right on about my childhood, but I've always done my best not to live in the past or allow it to make me who "I AM" 🙂 The only thing in your response that was a little confusing for me was that the second man I mention "Tomas" or T.S. is not a cancer, he is a Sagittarious..... not sure if this makes a difference or not, it could be that you are so busy taking care of all of us.... typo??? hahahahaa thanks again so very much, I'm hoping that he and I will form a deeper relationship... soon! 🙂 as I have decided not to hold out hope for Chris or C.H. to be returning wanting a better relationship together, he's caused so much damage and all though I love him tremendously, I don't think he will come back nor ever treat me the way I deserve, I wish him well. So my hope now lies with me and Tomas, hoping he will open up to me and want to form a deeper commitment together :))))

    Have a Blessed Holiday Season!!

    Love & Light


  • Hello Highpriestess, I was born feb 5 1943, in Timmins Ontario Canada, he was born May 6 1946,in Berlin Germany we dated for 6yrs 35yrs ago and we just met up again 6 months ago. As we are older now do you see the positives in this sitution or could it be more negatives .. thank you


  • Dear Highpriestess3

    I thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

    Thank you for your time. Yes i am a shy person lol. But i cant wait to see what happens in the future. For now ill just live the present. Thank you again!

  • Dear soapmaker

    May a please take a minute of your time.

    I have a problem with getting a job. I have been unemployed for almost 5 months. I was just recently offered to enter a business that seems weird to me. Would i be ok if i decided to enter the business and spend the money on it? I need to pay for the membership. Or do you see me getting a job in the near future? Am i going to start college next year or would i have to leave the country to study somewhere else?

    I thank you so very much!

    Blessings n Love! 🙂

  • This post is deleted!

  • soapmaker>>>All the cards show a positive beginning of the year for you.

    Sandran>>I won't touch Tarot Cards.They are evil.I won't touch the Ouija board either.My family did the Ouija board years ago and everything we asked it came true.So,nope! not here!

  • Dear Luvslife... What Hobbies76 said rings oh so true.....but let's hope for the best. This blockage' you have felt and not being in control is a typical manifestation of Saturn at work in your 'hidden' Virgoan 12th house where your Moon sits. Now Saturn has moved into your first house of Libra you are on a steep learning curve which has been brought into the light; but this will be so much steeper for yor partner, as his Sun and Mars are both in Libra. He is in a vice-like grip of some sort, not in control and has his own lessons to can only watch, wait and be a good mum as this transit will take two years; but by then everything will have changed and you and he will be in control of your lives once again. Peace and love.

  • Thank you for your reply Soapmaker, it has helped me alot!!

  • Dear soapmaker 😄

    Thank you so much for the advise. I will not join the business. I thought it sounded kinda fishy and it didnt make sense. Oh i cant wait til next year! It seems like my life will start real soon. Thank you so very much and God bless you with his eternal love.

    Blessings to the world!

  • Dear soapmaker,

    What do you think of my business partner? We just met last May because he wants to save his food cart business. I contributed my hard-earned savings to him as agreed in the partnership. Until now I never received any sales report nor share of the profits from him. But we meet once in a while to discuss things. The last time we talked, he said it was not doing well. In case we pull out, another alternative biz was offered to me, still a food business but in another location which I'm quite hesitant to join. I was advised to go out on my own instead but it's just that this is not the right time yet. That's why I thought of the online investment program where I can purchase blue-chip stocks here in my place by contributing monthly to them. I have already expressed my intent to withdraw the shares I contributed and have control of my money instead.

    Can you also look into my career as to where I am heading or any changes that's gonna happen soon? I wanted to try seeking other job opportunities.

    Also, please look into my relationship too. My bf just resigned from his job last month due to a disease which affected his vision and consequently affected his quality of work. The doctor told him that his vision might get better after 6 or more months. He's the breadwinner of his family and he feels down at times because he cannot share any financial help to his family. He just took an exam which could be his stepping stone for his dream job but got depressed because he felt he will not pass it. =(

    Looking forward to your reply soon. Thanks!

  • Dear Kimberley....sorry for the wait.. First off although you are a Libran, you have a Cancerian Acendant and so should read Cancer first in magazines. That said you are 'Moon-led' by your emotions in Gemini. This makes you changeable and sometimes fickle, but most of all because it is in your 12th house, you unconsciously look for someone to whom you can devote your life. Fine, except this can lead to a 'matyr'' syndrome, with you doing all the giving and your partner all the taking.

    This aspect is exacerbated by a natal Mars in Virgo that has taken a battering from Saturn for the last 8 months, when you felt cast adrift in a small rowing-boat in hurricane-force winds. This has now passsed, but Saturn will roll over your natal Sun late next year...meaning nothing more than you finishing your exams and starting a new career...but this entails a nose-to-the-grindstone effort which will deplete your energy reserves...but be worth it.

    Add to the mxi Uranus transiting your Midheaven next September and a move is inevatable. If nursng or the caringg professions are what you are studying, you are on the right track. and expansive Jupiter will transit your career-orientated Midheaven in late Pisces at the same time as Uranus.

    . Love might apear in the shape of a Scorpio, or Pisces...a Gemini means sacrifices...yours. Hope this reassures you that life wil look up in 2010.

    Peace and love.

  • Alyson,

    Please don’t blame yourself for his actions. People with mental illness usually aren’t thinking clearly and when they are in a state of severe depression often they aren’t well enough to care about the pain that they cause for those around them. I will keep you in my prayers. Remember sometimes even when everyone around a person wants them to live, they don’t want to go on with life. It sounds to me that your friend really needs help from a mental health professional maybe even hospitalization. Besides seeking others to help your friend, you do not have the skills or means to help him. Keep yourself safe and your spirits up.

    Peace and love,


  • This post is deleted!

  • Dear Kay328

    My first thoughts were not that positive abot your Gemini, with a Mars/Pluto conjuction in Virgo, hence the wait, but I am feeling more postive about him now and indeed suspect that with Saturn transiting that conjunction over the past year, he has been on the end of a cosmic batttering, possibly having something to do with his parents amongst other factors. I also suspect that you 'fund' this relatiionship, but now should concentrate on yourself.


    YOU. You had poor parenting as a child ( Sun and Moon conjnct in Aries) )and emotionally were left to cope with crises on your own, despite their close proximity. Yet your mother is now the one you turn to for advice as your father was absent - at least emotionally - when you were growing up.

    You have Saturn on your Ascendant presently...have you started a college course? Now is the time as you have embarked on a 2-year learning curve, which means that love will have to be squeezed into any free time you may have. A late Aries/early Taurus would be good for you, Libra or Cancer. Good luck on this learning-curve is what you should concentrate on at the moment.

    Peace and love..

  • Highpriestess3,

    I guess I will just have to be patient with this situation. I was hoping for a quicker resolution to this problem. Probably change in a couple years will be more likely anyway because 2 out 3 of my children will be in school. I appreciate your answers and I will keep you posted if he tells me anything. Also, I’ll let you know if my baby is born on January 28th.


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