• Dear Andherson....sorry, as soon as I posted I realised it was your ex, not the Virgo, who was doing the Master's degree. Law is very useful, but rather dry...I think your change of direction is a great idea, but a big commitment which could upset your finances/personal life. Anyway fate will take you by the hand and lead you where you're meant to go.. Stay in and hugs.

    Dear Soapmaker...funnily enough I was thinking about a website...will look into it asap..stay in touch. Hugs.

  • Dear Kimberley...sorry to have overlooked is a full-time job to deal with all posts, but you're now a priority. Could you give DATE/TIME/PLACE of birth please. Peace and love

  • Dear Pilot ... Here's your reading at last...hope it is worth the wait!

    You have a 14 degrees Aquarian Ascendant, which is conjunct Jupiter (12th House) and Mars (1st House), and this adds Arian fire to your earthy Taurus Sun and freedom-loving Sagittarian Moon. Luckily your Sun is conjunct Venus, which gives you a love of nice food, nice clothes and luxurious surroundings....not easy to maintain during a credit crunch! You have been through the mill over thte last couple of years, but Jupiter is no transiting your ascendant and first house. A college course, new job with more money...anything is possible now, but you only have a year in which to do it . Peace and love.

  • Highpriestess3, do you see the bullying ending?

    thank you for referring me to pg 19, wouldve missed out, your time is greatly appreciated!!! Thanks for your valuable insight!

    10,000 Blessings to you!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Dear highpriestess3

    Please don't call yourself that way. I understand that you're pretty bussy and i just want to say that you're a beautiful person. Please do it whenever you have the time and space. Thank you so much. Here's my data again: January 01, 1991. 12:00PM. Acayucan, Mexico.

    My initials are A.E.S.

    Thank you so much again.

    Blessings 😄

  • Dear Soapmaker.. thanks for the good ideas. I haven't done your tarot yet (need an empty house), but notice that Mercury will be directy overhed your 7th house Sun this week, making you extremely popular; attracting some publicity /adverrtising space somewhere for you and enhancing relationships with your other half and everyone else. At the same time Venus will be transiting your 6th House Mercury, so health, work and money matters should all be prominent. Are you thinking about moving? After Christmas Mars will be activating your 4th House Puto conjunct your North Node? This may just mean that your home becomes more workshop than residence...extending your home perhaps?.. Does this make any sense? Good luck to you. Peace and love.

  • Thank You, Thank You!

    You have really shed light on my situation.

    Highpriestess does that mean starting today, until this time next year. I have this time window to start a college course, new job.... etc. ???

  • HighPriestess3

    you had prev. Briefly mentioned that I was bullied

    will there be end to this or is it ongoing as per planets etc


  • Dear Highpriestess3 ...No worries. I am grateful for the community and look forward to being of some useful purpose to others also...even as I transition from one career focus to another more service oriented life...Blessed!

  • Dear are sweet. Here is your January ( not June) reading and yes, you do have an Aries Ascendant (I make it 7 degrees), which heats up your plethora of 10th House Capricorn planets nicely. I believe you will succeed in whatever career-path you choose, because your 10th house is so packed; the only thing that will stand in your way will be your own impatience and impetuousity ...that Aries thing. Thereagain you have Mars in Taurus which will steady you up. I don't know what you want to study, but with yor Sun. Neptune and Venus conjunction , I saw you as an actress... but .with Uranus up there too , maybe science is your thing? You have the power to be anything you like, but be careful you don't 'daydream' your opportunities away...Neptune can be both a blessing and a curse.. What you have got in any cse is a 10 year Pluto' transformation ' phase rolling over all those Capricorn Planets. Does your father spply any kind of financia help???. You are about to embark on this journey, along with all other Capricorns, where family and you roots will be a source of strength...and finance. Does this make an sense? Peace and love.

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  • Dear Soapmaker...yes the garage as a 'factory' is a great idea...yes your business is taking off, but that means more work for you of course. Just been loking at your asttrooger friend's website. Very impressed....I'm no way near that professional...I'm an English/Music teacher, but when I retire (soon probbly) I hope to be a full-time astrologer. Peac and love.

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  • I need advice on love, income and where I am to live. I'd like to get an idea of what is to come in the next couple of months, maybe if its bad, I can get a plan together before the outcome is to much, or if its good, it may be able to give me some inspiration to relieve some of my stress and worries. I am an Aries born 03/28/1968 at 6.30p.m.

    I am dating a Gemini born on 06/11/1965.

    My children were born 09/21/1989 (Son), 01/03/1991 (Daughter and my granddaughter was born on 10/17/2009. I dont know if you need all of that or not.

  • Hello, Highpriestess and Soapmaker,

    Am still awaiting your reading regarding my love life. Would really appreciate if you throw light if I will win my love back.

    Thanks and Blessings to you two.

  • Hi sags,

    I am going out this morning and won't be back until late afternoon. I will post later hon.

  • Dear Sagscorp.

    I have to leave you in the hands of the Soapmaker I am afraid, as I cannot see more than I have already said; i.e. , that his family are the stumbling block here. Is there any way round them? Peace and love.

  • Dear Kay328

    Could I just do you and your chap please, but I need where you were born please. Peace and love.

  • Soapmaker>>> Hello there. I am 13 years young, And I'm on my mother's name thingy.

    And I have a serious problem.

    My Birthday Is January 23rd 1996.

    I have this boyfriend, His Birthday Is March 3rd 1994.

    I need help with him, I am In this great relationship, I wouldn't change It for the world.

    I feel like I'm truely In love with him..

    But, about 2 months ago, Out of no where he was like, If we were to brake up, I'd kill myslef, No joke. I didn't believe at first, But now that I know that everytime we get Into a little fight he cuts himself. If he can do that he would kill himslef right?

    I think It's a sick and twisted thing to do, No matter what I do, He'll hurt himself, And It kills me,

    Because It's a sick thing to do to me.

    I have a lot of pressure on me, And this shouldn't be happening right???

    I don't know what to do... Do I chose my words right?

    I don't want to brake up with him If he's going to shoot himslef,

    Will he actually do It?

    Or Is he just sick and twisted?

    I'm lost and scared, I have soooo many feelings for him that I never had before,

    But I have no Idea what to do now]:

    I just want everything to go back to normal.

    ( By the way, I'm new at this..)



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