• Oh I hope you get it hon!!!! I send light and love to you! I would love to travel to England, Ireland and Wales! Boy I would love a detailed look at the next week for me!!!! LOL!

    Hugs to you!

  • Dear HighPriestess3

    I was born in St. Ann Jamaica at 8:00pm - 30th Aug 1970

    He was born Kingston, Jamaica (time unknown) 15th Sep 1970.


  • Dear Soapmaker.. have to do tarot for that...back tomorrow. Hugs

  • Are you still out there Pilot007?

  • ty sweetheart!! Light and love to you!

  • Hi Highpriestess3,

    I am hoping that you will help me. I posted about this under another forum topic and have received lots of wonderful advice from fellow members but unfortunately most of them seem as dumbfounded by this situation as myself. My fiancé, initials CF date of birth 10/17/70 has been doing a little disappearing act several nights a month. He won’t disclose his whereabouts to me and it all comes rather unexpectedly. For example, he will tell me he is going to the store at 8 pm and not come home until 4:00 AM the next morning. Can you tell me if he is having an affair? Are the troubles in our relationship going to be resolved? My initials are MLC and dob is 06/01/71. This situation is making me crazy…

  • High Priestess3

    For me - Alexandria, St. Ann (Jamaica) - 8:00pm Sunday - 30-08-70

    For him - Kingston (Jamaica) (time not known) 15-09-70.

    Thanks for your help

  • Hi loveslife...can you supliy times and places of birth please, but this situation doesnt look good does it. ? Peace and love

  • Hi highpriestess3,

    The situation doesn’t feel good to me either. We have been together for 6 years and have children together.

    My DOB 06/01/71 Place: Buckhannon WV Time of Birth: 2:45 PM EST

    His DOB is 10/17/70 Place: Long Island, NY I have no idea what time he was born.


  • Dear Andherson...I don't know much about past lives, but you have an Aries Ascendant (you are some feisty woman with a Leo Moon to boot - not a demure Virgo at all) and your friend's Moon is sitting on your Ascendant;. perhaps he was a son, ot grandson in a previous life? I believe he gets an incredible amount of emotional support from an almost maternal way...but aren't all men little boys in some respects?. That isn't to say you cannot have a relationship of course, as all familial relationships are mixed up in the great soup of life that is the present day. Your problem is probably have Uranus on your often have you changed someone, or something because you were bored...and regretted it? Your friend has a powerful Sun/Pluto conjunction.. he's unshakeably loyal and will get what he wants because he never gives up. He may be an easy-going Virgo, but all the power of Pluto sits behind him...channelled he is unstoppable, but block him and he will become self-destructive. Hang on to him...this looks like destiny, but be patient.. Peace and love.

  • Dear Luvslife...Back tomorrow, got to go out now. Hang on. Hugs and love.

  • Hello!

    I appreciate you doing all these readings for free for all these people. Times are very challenging right now and relationships are proving to be very difficult due to Saturn moving into Libra. It will be retrograding back into Virgo in a few months to stay only a short while and then move back into Libra where it will stay for several years. It is time to WAKE UP look at our relationships and realize that the fairy tales of Princess and Princes are gone. This is a time to find within yourselves the love you seek and desire from others. OR as many people wish, to allow them to come and go as they please with no attachment. This is hard to do. Many wish to break commitments and not make them. Find understanding. Time at hand should be used to take care of yourselves. Once the focus is off the problems in your relationships you will find a relationship that is worthy of what you need and not what you continually see that you cannot have.

  • To bring you understanding, you can visit my website to learn more on the changing planetary astrology and vibrational energy.

  • Thank you Highpriestess3. I will be patiently awaiting your response. I have been reading the forum and wanted to thank you and Soapmaker for the free insights. I am comforted by reading about other people’s struggles and seeing your responses. Soapmaker, if you read this, how did you know that you were psychic? I am very curious about this subject. I’m not psychic but sometimes I have feelings or premonitions about people in my life or a little voice inside of me will guide me to the truth about something. Sometimes I am shocked by what I find when I listen.

    peace and love,


  • Hi 8housecancersun,

    I looked at your website. The information is very interesting and some of the information is relevant to the question that I asked Soapmaker (please see above). Thank you for sharing.


  • Hi Highpriestess3, I know what you're saying is correct but you can also feel that if we fall in love with someone its' really tough to forget that person. I had been devoted to him emotionally,mentally for last one year, just can't think of living without him. What you're saying is logical and practical and I do agree but my's broken and can't accept this fact. Can you please do a psychic reading and let me know what's going in his mind and heart.

    His D.O.B is November 1, 1971.

    Thanks again.

  • Dearest High Priestess3...Indeed I am "some kinda Virgo" ... not very Virgo in many ways...and having gone through some deliberate life shifts recently find that I am now becoming so much more of who I AM...Aries rising indeed...and the Leo fire to boot...This actually coincides with my birthing experience described to me as "you just came rushing one fell swoop"...haha!

    As to my Virgo"son"...

    AHA...I felt that he was my son...since the glimpse of him in the past life...Can I tell you a bit more about that past life expose, so WE see how on point you see...(not that you need it right!) - I consulted my hypnotherapist as I felt that my current blockages had to do with some other life issues which were unresolved and therefore needed to be put to rest so that I could move on to another level... Well, during the session I discovered that in a past life, my father was killed right in front of me...he was hanged and his blood was on my it was done right in front of me at 12 years old...At the time I clearly made a contract to avenge his murder....I was taken by the man who murdered him to live with him as his Child slave...when asked by the hypnotherapist...when was the next time in a lifetime I felt that angry as when my father was murdered...I had this vision of my Now Virgo friend sitting across me at a large dining table in a Greathouse (as in the slave plantation)...I felt the anger but it didn't feel directed at my that's when the faces switched and I saw again the face of the man who murdered my father.

    So I have surmised that my Virgo friend was the child of me and the "Master" who then took me...but what I never told my therapist is that I had killed (slowly) the "Master" and took over all his property, lands and the Greathouse in which me and my Virgo sat was now all mine...

    interestingly in this present Virgo friend comes from a family that owns a lot of past slave plantation lands...and I was quite curious about my connection to that. What confirms this for me is that I just sat with a colleague for about two hours having lunch and talking about giving birth to our children...and returned to my desk to see your message...Go figure.

    Thank you, Thank you so much...this convinces me of the Destiny and the wisdom of patience for the Universe unfolding as it must...I do feel a very maternal concern toward him...and used to always share with my ex-husband (who incidentally was the person in the past life who murdered my father) that all men need are wives who love them the way a Mother lovers her child...not to be mothered...but to have that assureance and certain space whre he can freely be exactly as he is and know he is accepted there...has home or a bosom at all I am so grateful for your insight...I could just do a real Aries rising Dance...

    Love and light

    Peace Profound!

  • Dear highpriestess3

    First i want to thank you so very much for your reading.

    I was wondering if you input my data right because not too long ago i did my chart online and it showed that my ascendant was Aries.

    Here's the data a got:

    SunCappyGirl Sex F

    Acayucan 106 Mexico 01/01/1991 12:00 - Julian day 2448258.25

    Adjust 6.00 ST 18.24 Lat 17.57 Long 94.55

    Sun Capricorn 10.49 Ascendant Aries 7.34

    Moon Cancer 24.28 II Taurus 11.44

    Mercury Sagittarius 24.01 R III Gemini 10.03

    Venus Capricorn 25.40 IV Cancer 5.29

    Mars Taurus 27.45 V Leo 1.32

    Jupiter Leo 11.54 R VI Virgo 1.37

    Saturn Capricorn 25.45 VII Libra 7.34

    Uranus Capricorn 9.47 VIII Scorpio 11.44

    Neptune Capricorn 14.10 IX Sagittarius 10.03

    Pluto Scorpio 19.38 Midheaven Capricorn 5.29

    Lilith Sagittarius 17.12 XI Aquarius 1.32

    Asc node Capricorn 28.11 XII Pisces 1.37

    If the software/webpage i used is wrong please forgive me.

  • I am just wondering if you feel I will ever talk to or see Chess again. MY DOB is Oct 18, 1972.


  • Oops sorry here my chart

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