• im A cancer

    My sun sign is Cancer

    My moon sign is Aries

    My rising sign is Aries

    what does it mean? Is it a good thing bad thing?

    i need some help understanding please

  • YourPreciousOne,

    Are you psychic? If so, I was wondering if you could give me insight into someone's feelings for me. This person's initials are MAA. Thank you 🙂


  • FLB, i just read your reply. I think there are mixed emotions on both ends. It feels that if somethng were to happen between yall it would be contridictary. As in hes an ex of someone close to you or hes still with someone else. A guess would be his name is matt or micheal. The only thing I can say what is more important to you? Friendship or more. Hope this helps a bit.

  • I need some advice about my 13 year old son. I 'caught' him smoking the other day. He is a twin and while his sister struggles with schoolwork at least she does it. He does not seem to try at all. He called me soft once, meaning I am not strict and he feels that he can get away with anything. I felt bad for them because my ex husband was the opposite when he felt like it and I also wanted to compensate for his father no longer being involved in his life. I feel that the time is now to take back my authority and I will do so. I just don't want it to be too late. I really feel like his father is more of a problem than a help right now and I don't think I should allow him to have any 'rights' in the disciplinary process. Is this wrong of me? I am at my wit's end regarding my son.

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  • Just met a Gemini, SP, (6-9-1973) but wondering about a Virgo TM 9-2-64 (we've been close, just wondering what'll occur since I moved away and I haven't heard from him although I do feel his presence around me a lot still ) I'm 7-2-82


  • i am so very lost and struggeling with emotional stress. I can not afford to pay a physic reading. for i dont have a credit card. But i am really in search of some answers on a love relationship. I never loved like i do with this person, his initials are n.d... We were sharing our lives together for two years, and just one day he left me and broke up, and next day he is with another woman. can someone help me with answers. Did he ever love me, does he still love me? will he come back to me. Or how could he just jump into another relationship? the pain is slowly killing me. I do nothing but cry. I am in a bad depression state of mind. Is there help for me?

  • Please help me. I am going through a bad time, I am very heart broken, I do nothing but cry. I was in a two year relationship. I was really in love with this man, and for one day he called it quits,and jumped to another woman. I can not handle the thoughts of him being with her. My question is will N.D and I be reunited. ? will there be a second chance?

  • i am 7 aug 1981 wondering about G 24 0ct 1975 - do you see any future there. will i at least ever see him again?

    if you see anything about my mother, birthday 12 jan 1961, i'd really appreciate the input. thanks and love x

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  • cindy isny a reader click on her pic & look at her other comments.

  • hi desperatelyneedinghelp!! i'm gutted for you. i know how it feels to lose the one you love. i'll keep you in my prairs. wish you strength, light and love xxxxx

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  • oops sorry soapmaker I meant to say yourpreciousone isnt a reader. You are a psychic? Would you be able to help me then? I have love issues over a certain male in my life that I cant seem to get a clear answer about. What info would you need to help me if you can?

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  • Hi Cindy, thats great I have known him for about 17 years. We were really close frineds when we were young. Now I am almost 30 and he is 30. We got involved last year romantically in a monogomous relationship. He was going through a custody battle and I was dealing with my son being sick with lukemia. It was too much pressure and the relationship fell apart. We have reamained in contact with each other and things have settled a great deal for both of us. He now has his son and my son is doing very well, so I am going back to work and getting my personal life together. I always feel like he is missing from my life. I dream about him frequently and its like he still want to be with me and so on. I want him back and I dont think he wants to be with me as of now? Do you see him comning back? How do I handle this in the meantime? I wonder if there is anything I can do to show him I am open to him being back in my life. Or do I need to just forget about him? I am really confused. Any insights you have would be awesome. Oh I am an aries with a gem moon, virgo rising. He is a cancer with a taurus moon, I am unsure of the rising sign but I suspect he has a lot of leo in there. Hope this helps, thank you.

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  • Oh thank you so much. I thought about inviting him over but wasnt sure and didnt want to face anymore rejection. I think he would when he isnt busy with his son and work. I am doing just that, being his friend as I feel that is all he wants right now, or all he can handle I should say. I have heard before that his focus is on his son mostly as it should be and I am very proud of him being a good father. I wont talk to him about being together because this will only scare him off I think. I will continue being there for him and I think we will both no if we want to take it further when the time is right. Thank you so much that was just the confirmation I needed. Next tiem we are in contact I will ask him to stop over, again. You rock soapmaker! Best of luck to you as well. ( :

  • I also wanted to add that part of the friendship deal is I am being as patient as one possibly can by not trying to push anything. Im just kinda hangin back and watching his moves with me. Hahaha. I am watching VERY closely. lol. Thanks again you kind woman hope you get the answers you are looking for also.

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