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  • This post is deleted!

  • Hello yourprecious one,

    Can you tell me anything about my life, and what is to come for me? My Birthdate is April 11, 1980.

    Thank you,


  • Dear Soapmaker,

    He is not involved in anything currently. I did my part by getting the physicals and everything he needed in time but he failed to get his teachers to sign off concerning his grades. He is outside playing basketball right now, that's his love.



  • Hello soapmaker,

    I was hoping you could give me some insight on my current situaton. It is rather complicated but I got involved with someone about a month ago and everything seemed beautiful, perfect, "meant to be", despite the underlying circumstances. Then on Oct. 15th it kinda blew up in my face, not by him, and I haven't heard from him since. It's kinda strange because I felt that we were both falling pretty hard, fairly fast. What I need to know is, will he come back to me, or is it worth me taking the time to pursue him? Is he ready? I feel empty and lost since he's been gone and I don't really know what to do. The cards say yes, but to be patient. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated in your busy schedule. Thank you in advance for your time.


  • Hi Soapmaker

    There was a lot of hurt to our relationship caused by his ex and his girls. Things he wasn't strong enough to deal with during that time. We were just becoming a negative to each other so decided it was best to part ways. Hope this helps

  • Good Evening! I need some insight as to weather or not my ex will be returning to me, loveing me and wanting to make our relationship work, his intials are C.H. birthday is Feb 24 1971. We have had an off and on relationship for 2 and half years, I love this man even though he has come and "RUN" many times. It has been a very difficult time but I love him enough to wait if he loves me and will return, I am not sure if I should give up hope or not?????

    I have been seeing someone else who's initials are T.S. birthday Nov 26 1969 and I like him very much but am unsure of his feelings for me, we have not been intimate but have an amazing time together, should I pursue him? will he come around wanting a deeper commitment together? Please help, I'm confused 😞

    my birthday is Jan 4 1973 THANK YOU!!!!!

  • thank you soapmaker but i' am bit confused which one was the answer the first comment or the second??? thank you so very much god bless.....

  • My question isnt to anyone in particular, I would just like to know what you all think of my situation and how I should handle it.

    I got involved with this guy who on the surface seems to be exactly what I need him to be. However, he just doesn't have the time for me. When we met, he was jobless but is in the reserves. His main focus was to obviously find employment but he was adament about starting a relationship with me. I finally gave in and decided to give it a chance but he's gone so often, that I constantly feel like I'm still single. Before he got the job he was stressed about getting one and used other excuses as to why we only see eachother maybe once a week. Now he has a job that keeps him out of town often and I still dont get to see him often. Which obviously means no intimate time either. I'm feeling like if he knew he really doesn't have the time to put forth to maintain a relationship then why was he so adament about having me in his life? I'm so confused and constantly trying to keep my thoughts under control. Family and friends have told me to just be patient because he really seems like a great guy. Unfortunately my intuition isn't any help at this point because one, I dont know him well enough and two, my mind is clouded by the insecurities that I have within myself just from past relationships. I fear that if I continue to go on like this I could potentionally lose a great partner OR end up being very resentful.

    Any advice or suggestions???? I'm just lost...

  • Soapmaker:

    Do you see anything between myself 7-2-82 and my Virgo? (9-2-64), we met and were instantly close and in spirit, we still are. I think he is the one for me, but is this true on my feelings? We live a great distance apart now and I rarely hear from him. I recently have become drawn to a Gemini man, who reminds me a lot of Virgo, do I wait for Virgo and when will I know he's really mine and vice versa or is there something of substance that may come out of knowing Gemini? Please advice.....


  • Soapmaker:

    I'm really new at this forum stuff but I would appreciate any insight you can give me


  • Anyone that is able to tap into me, I was born 04/27/1979. And this guy that has been smitten for me for about 8 months, born 07/22/1984. what do you see happening, will he come back to me? Is he scared? If nothing on that I would like to know if a promotion is in the near future for me at work?

    Thanks So Much!!

  • Hello Soapmaker,

    Can you tell me anything about my love life, and what is to come for me? And when I might meet someone new? My Birthdate is April 11, 1980.

    Thank you,


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  • Hello Soapmaker,

    Can you tell me anything about my love life, and what is to come for me? And when I might meet someone new that I will spend the rest of my life with? My Birthdate is April 11, 1980.

    Thank you,


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  • Gamby..I am much older than you but have a January 28th birthday, so let me know the time and place you were born (and your ex) and I will do your charts.

    Hi give great advice. Any chance you will let me do your chart ....I'm guessiing Neptune is pretty dominant in you. Peace and love.

  • Hello Highpriestess3

    That is so kind of you. I was borning in South Africa (Durban) on 28/01/75 at around 7:35pm (evening). I am not sure what time my ex was born, his D.O.B is 16/02/71.

    We have had a very strong connection and I am sure we were married in a past life but were not meant to be together in this one. I can count the number of times we were really happy.

    I have taken Soapmakers Advice and have let go. I have already told him that I do not want to go back again as we have tried a number of times and things just don't work out, he's very controlling and possessive.

    I have never really had any luck in the relationship department so maybe you can give me some advice.

    Love & Light


  • II'm on it. Back 2 u soon.

  • Dear Gamby

    ... You have an Aquarian Sun of course in thet 6th House, which makes you 'Virgoan' in that you work hard and long to get what you want and for those you love. Your Ascendant is late Leo, so it would be best to read VIRGO in newspapers , as your first house is largely filled by Virgo.. This influence makes you much more 'earthy' and practical than the erratic type of Aquarian.Your Moon is also late Leo and sitting conjunct your Ascendant, which makes you very emotional and prone to sudden otbursts. IThis conjunctiont also suggests that you were very close to your mother, but that her demands were paramount at home, and your needs were often forgotten - ot you were overlooked , not discussed and you were left to your own devices.

    You will soon meet someone new (you might already know them) as next year both Jupiter and Uranus will expand and light up your house of partnerships I believe your ex is charming, but a gambler in spirit, or at the very least rather reckless, who will also move on.

    Good luck and let me know how things go. Peace and love.

  • I would like any readings or advice if possible. I want to know if the plan I have in mind for my life is the plan I'm meant to follow. I feel it is, but there are lots of obstacles. I want to know if I've found my purpose in life or if I should keep searching. Thanks!

  • What do you see happining in the near future for me?


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