• Dear Littlespark

    You are very welcome...have a great 2010. Love and hugs. x

  • Dear Highpriestess3,

    Hi, Happy New Year! I have a question, I was wondering once a person has a reading is that for a certian legth of time? and if so is it possible for the reading to change befor the loted time has passed? Thank-You and many Blessings for the Blue Moon to you 🙂

    Love & Light 🙂

  • Thx laithano

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  • Dear Laithano, HighPriestess3 and everyonr else on this thread:

    I wish you all a very happy NEW YEAR!!! May those who are seeking answers continue to find them, may those providing insight and answers continue to ply your gifts and raise your good karma, may those who interupt have their eyes and hearts opened and may 2010 reig many blessings upon each and everyone! Blessed be...


  • Dear laithano, I was wondering if you have the time, if you could give some insight on my current situation and any info on my future situations?

    My d.o.b. is April 11th, 1980 and I am wondering what will come of my divorce and with my husband's behavior?

    Any information you can give me would be so greatly appreciated. 🙂 Thank you in advance! 🙂

    Also, Scribe1 that is so kind of you to give such kind words to all! May you be blessed in the coming year as well! 🙂 Best of years to all! 🙂

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  • highpriestess 3:

    Thanks again, Pisces scare me, I've dated 3 and they were very heartbreaking, I don't know why, most of the guys who were Pisces were good friends, but seemed to bring out a darker side of me, perhaps maybe a Pisces whose a little lighter sided would be ok; how can I work on finding that or atleast recognizing it!!! :))

    Growth is good! I'm interested in growth at this point opportunities to explore interests I have that become able to persue, I have a mind to just go for it and full myself with my own personal growth and wealth! I believe it's time and I feel a lot "cleaner" if that makes sense in my spiritual sector and I meditate every night before I sleep, I listen to TIbetan buddhist bells, it's very soothing and I just focus on making myself heavy and relax, I visualize flowing water also, it helps me sleep better!


  • Dear Shroudedheart

    Yes Pisceans are not people you can lean on too much, but in some respects your monastic Buddhist bells and meditating sessions are totally 'Plscean'and 12th house. This will do your soul so much good...please keep me up to date and have a great 2010. Peace and love.

  • Dear Lathiano,

    Thank you so much for your kind words! 🙂 Yes, he cheated with another woman while I was pregnant with our older son, so I know of at least that woman and the woman he is with now that he has cheated with, plus one more that he possibly has a child with in another state. The problems of his cheating and alcohol use as well as his drug use was all hidden from me until our older son was about a month and a half old...It was hell to find out everything then...And no, we were not happy, because I thought he was working out of town for most of my pregnancy with our older son, while he was actually cheating on me and siphoning money and lying to everyone in his family...It has been a really hard few years. Thank you again for the reassurance that our divorce will work out...I have been very concerned about the trauma on our children. I am wondering if he will ever get clean and realize what he has done to our children and myself? Will he ever be truly sorry while clean? And will he ever get away from the woman he is with now as I feel she has a lot to do with his current behavior and lifestyle? His d.o.b is March 23rd, 1976 if that helps any...Thank you again for all your kindness! I greatly appreciate it. 🙂

    P.S. I am also wondering about my financial situation, do you happen to see anything changing for me in the future? Just curious. 🙂

  • Hi - can anyone pick up anything on my situation - I am in the middle of a divorce with my husband of almost 20 years - his bd 6/12/65 4:06 AM okaland CA. My BD 3/14/1958 4:19 AM lubbock Texas.

    I have a friend that I have very good feelings about. We have long talks at night on the phone but because of each of our own relationship issues being unresolved - he is divorced with an exwife who is still trying to attach herself onto what he owns and he has a girlfriend of sorts although I get the feeling that she is sort of a placeholder in his life. His BD is 11/16/1965.

    He has helped me out quite a bit and seems genuinely concerned about my well being. Maybe he is just a nice guy, but I think its a little more than that. THANKS

  • Hi All

    I am wondering if anyone can help me with some insight please..

    I am just a few months post-divorce from a 27year marriage that was a real energy drainer. I am strong and resilient, and now choose something different for my next 50years - for which I plan to stay happy, healthy and wise! To accomplish this and the many things I want to achieve personally, for my community, and in/for the wider world, I have declared this year as the start of my independent wealth building.

    Any hints/insights would be well recieved with many thanks....

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  • Happy New Year to all...And the peace that passes all understanding be yours each moment...

    I got away for the transition from 2009/2010...had a wonderful restful and fun time with my son...and also experienced the most active spiritual and dream life for a while on the 31st...If anyone is able to shed "light" on what happened for me on January 1 that had my spirit insisting I stay awake and watchful...I had lit 3 candles with my gratitude journal on a three different points as I fell off to sleep...I was awoken by first, the Airconditioner making loud banging noises...I woke up...I noticed one of the candles had burned all the way worries; Second time of falling asleep ... Candle number 2 has just started overflowing...about to burn the table...I rescue the spirit says out the 3rd candle...but I didn't take heed as I wanted the candle to complete its burning...well alas - I fell asleep again...only to be awoken my the screaming smoke alarm...the surface of the table had started afire...quickly I out it...and sat down to my learning...

    I take from this...I should follow the leading of my own spirit...not what I have been taught elsewhere (let the candle burn all the way down)...also wonder about the fire symbology....have had several dreams about fire in the past two weeks...

    After that was resolved...i had several dreams I can only remember bits of...1. being in a was being room by my current Professor at Work - he was sponge-painting one room purple...My sister was painting another room...the rest of the details are iffy.

    Another dream later was of who felt like my Spirit Guide giving me instructions in a list...the only item I can remember is "she" stating that when I start homeschooling my son in January...I should be careful about what FACTS I teach him...for example.."What is a Clock?", third dream I recall is that friend of mine who has recently moved to this country...was with me and I was giving her a lot of books on the field of work she is entering...which I used to practice and now teach...I was counting out the books and she said thanks then brought up money she had loaned me several years ago...and stated that I hadn't repaid her everything...I am not sure if these dreams are tied in anyway to what occured earlier with the candles....In the 4th dream I recall...a mutal friend of me and the above friend was getting married and I was a bridesmaid int he wedding...what I recall is the bride and groom had a very simple wedding and were happy just with few friends and dancing salsa to some Latin beats...Funny I had that picture as that is the kind of wedding I have insisted I would have...simple...and with a man who dances latin...especially the Tango...I went as deep as naming my husband Tango until he appears...LOL

    So after that long story...any guidance or insights would be welcome...Thank you for helping so many over these last several months...Namaste

  • Dear Andherson

    I would love to have a go at interpreting your dreams, but am at a loss..

    Laithano, The Soapmaker or Leoscorpion can help here I believe.

    However I have a few thoughts on 'fire' symbolism...are you fearful possibly that you wil be

    " burning your bridges behind you' if you make a move? Fire is also about Plutonic destruction and transformation. The phoenix rises anew from its former lfe; the soul is set free from the body; fire is purgation and finally , fire= life, from the blistering heat of the sun.

    Take care sister. Peace and love.

  • Happy healthy new year everyone!

    Last night I had a dream that I need to share, hopefully I can remember it clearly. In my dream I was watching a baby whom I really didn't see until it turned into an exotic fish that playfully bit me, I saw lots of water in different parts of the world and people enjoying themselves around it. I heard a person ( sort of like a tv anchorman) saying " what happens next was a surprise to everyone nothing anybody expected", I then saw the water swell and kind of engulf everything then everything was back to normal. I remember thinking thank god it didn't happen here. I woke up after that dream.

    Does anybody have an idea on what this could mean, I have an idea but am really unsure, maybe it has no meaning.

    Thanks Baby76

  • Hi Andherson,

    To me it seems like you did not listen to your guide hon. It was a wake up call to get more in tune with her. Without knowing more about you, I do not see what they mean. If you look inside, the puzzle pieces will fit together.

    It may mean that you are moving into another place of spirituality. Like High Priestess stated, fire ..the phoenix rises from the new. Maybe you need to go through your past and see what needs to be cleaned out and then arise agin more spiritual?

    Love and light hon

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