• Wow! Thanks laithano... I felt lighter and more at ease just reading your post! Those sound like good methods- I've been wanting to work with candles but haven't had a chance. I will try your suggestions until my financial situation improves. I do feel quite heavy at times, so I'm hoping this will get the weight off my shoulders, so to speak

    Again, thank you so much! 🙂 Much love to you!

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  • Dear Littlespark

    Thanks....back with you tomorrow.

    Dear Andherson

    No problem..Stay strong and well. Much love.x

  • I am a sagg, my ex is a cap. he is bringing me to court because he doesn't want to give me alimoney anymore because I have a bf ( he is a gemini). My ex feels I shouldn't be receiving anything from him anymore.

    My question is does anybody see what is in store for me with this case and or with my relationship.

    Thanks Baby76

  • thanks lathiano. is this a psychic reading based on birthdays? I am getting old, so wanted to know if he was serious at all about this relationship. I am.

    hugs for new year


  • Hi I'm new to this forum I was wondering if anyone could give me any insight on my new year. I was told that I would become a wealthy this year. Is this true? I also have a new man in my life and wanted to know if this could very well be my husband or am i wasting my time?

  • My DOB is 7/17/80 his is 8/20/64 his initials are DLG

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  • Dear highpriestess3,

    it's ok 🙂

  • Dear Highpriestess,

    I've been wanting to go abroad and study. will that happen next year, ie:2010. Will I find my soul mate?


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  • Dear Iaithano

    You are doing a great job for everyone on this thread.

    Love and hugs XXX.

  • Dear Littlespark

    Firstly, don't worry about gettting are still really young and destined events happen when they happen...they cannot be pushed along!

    As far as your Horoscope goes, you have a very late Aquarian late that it would be better to take PISCES as your ASCENDANT and you should read PISCES before LEO in magazines, to get a truer picture of your daily trends. This Piscean influence makes you self-sacrificing, romantic and dreamy, but be careful about your use of prescription drugs, or consumption of alcohol, because you really enjoy that euphoric feeling of "floating down the river" when you want to escape the more mundane elements of daily life.

    As you know, your SUN is in the 6th house in LEO , which makes you an obvious candidate for working as a nurse, or carer, although you like to be in charge of people wherever you work. It is quite rare, but your MOON is also in LEO in the 6th house, conjunct your SUN, suggesting that because of circumstances in your early life, you had to 'parent yourself'', your own mother being engaged in so many of her own personal dramas, that she didn't have enough time for your needs....which were overlooked. Now, this may make you excessively demanding of a partner, in the present day, as you crave their attentions with a hunger borne of the lack of attention you received as a child

    You are therefore a 'DOUBLE' LEO with a PISCEAN ASCENDANT, which will be blessed by a year-long visit from JUPITER, bestower of good fortune. You are about to receive a stroke of good lluck, or make a choice which expands your horizons beyond all recognition and leaves your old life behind.; will you recognise it when it appears? Let me know what happens. Peace and love.

  • Dear lathiano, am feeling incredibly sad that there is no one to share the bringing in of a new year with me. I am by myself sadly.

    But dont want to wake up tomorrow or the next year by myself feeling unhappy. Is there something to heal this sadness?


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  • Dear Laithano

    Thank you for your insights I really do appreciate your answer. I will keep you posted as to what happens.


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  • Dear highpriestess3,

    thanks so much 🙂 I know I'm still considered young but in my view at this age I should settle down. I feel ready for it.

    I don't completely have the personality of a typical Leo , so I could indeed fit as a Pisces. I am romantic and dreamy . This is true. I don't drink but I'll be careful .

    I am work as a carer but I do like to be in charge of people. You couldn't be more right about my mom.I won't say more but I had to "parent myself" and solve my emotional issues alone.

    If I have a partner one day , although I crave for attention , I will never come across as needy . I know no one will like that .

    I hope something happens to change things for me and I indeed l leave my old live behind.I will let you know when if happens 🙂

    Thanks & love,


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