• Hi! No she is busy this week hon. She will be back on the weekend

  • Hi, oh thank-you, i was worried,she has been missed.

    peace,blessings,light & love 🙂

  • Hi yourpreciousone,

    Please advise: Will I ever have a love life again? Will I marry?

    What can I do to improve my situation?Really I wonder why I only attract the wrong type of people into my life & why I always choose the person that hurts me above anyone else!

    Born 12/09/75,Durban,South Africa.

    Love & Light.

  • Dear Soapmaker

    Hi..thanks for taking over and explaining that I am having to do some other work ...which is nearly done.

    Dear Patricia,



    Sorry to keep you waiting -I'm nearly there - will post your replies in the next couple of days. Thanks for being patent.

    Peace and love

  • Dear Highpriestess,

    Hello my friend! I see you have been quite busy and I hope all is going well and you are remembering to take good care of yourself my dear. It's been a few weeks since we last communicated but I wanted to let you know that things have settled down a bit with my son, at least for the moment. Lol! But then he is a young teenager with changing hormones, discovering how and where he fits in this world and working through his feelings.

    It's a busy time with the holiday almost upon us but also a calm time, at least for the moment, (other then my sciatic giving me a bit of a problem) a time to enjoy the season. I would like to request and appreciate being added to your waiting list for a reading, of a relationship nature unless you see something else. No hurry my dear, times are busy with preparing for the holiday and the many who seek your assistance, just whenever you have time. Birth info: 5-21-64 Athens, Greece 6:05 am.

    Thank you for unselfishly giving of your precious time to help so many. May you enjoy the holiday season and all the beauty that surrounds us 😃

    Love & Hugs

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  • Hi, I have never asked here and really, my question is what do I most need to know for the coming year? Thanks for any reply.. Xanthe444

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  • laithano, dont worry hon, things will turn out okay for you. Stay focused on your education which I feel you will. This is something very important to you. Furthering your education will open the doors for you to be able to support yourself financially. Set your goals people thats how you will succeed! Come on 2010! We are ready.

  • Here Here Lovin! I agree! I am looking forward to Dec 21st to release 2009 and embrace the quiet of winter and welcome 2010 with all my heart & soul!

    I feel that 2010 will be a good year for all of us in financial destitute.

    Love & Light!

  • Dear Shroudedheart/

    Im back at last...sorry you had to wait for what is quite a short response, because I don't really have enough data to work out your menfolk....other than to say that tthe Virgo is probably better for you than you realise (he energised you, when yours was depleted) and made sure your frends were 'suitable.'

    The Gemini might be great, for your job prosects, but I would need more data on him to read anymore into him than that.


    YOU I can discuss thanks, as I have your data: As you say you have a Virgo Ascendant, so should read Virgo before Cancer in magazines. You are practical, sharp-tongued and quick-witted and your house might be a tip, but your person is very well dressed and, well. 'cared-for'. However, because you have an 11th House Sun in Cancer, you have a penchant for tattoos and piercings, wonderboys and weirdos; in short, the sort of people a Cancer-Virgo would usually run a mile from. Your main task is to sift the 'lovers' from the 'friends' and you should concentrate on those who promote worthy causes, or special interest groups, that you can become involved in. Your Moon is cuspal , so not that dominant, but Venus is in Gemini, so the atttraction to the new man is there, ...or promotion through him!

    The dominating planets for me are a Mars and Saturn conjunction in Libra (did your mother make a 2nd marriage where you felt pushed to the'outside?) Saturn is overhead these planets in 2010 and you may find yourself again feelins like an 'outsider', but perhaps in your own relationship?. What you definitely will feel, is drained of energy, as if smeone has sucked all the life out of you, or circumstances beyond your control will consire against you, so that you feel you're walking against a wind of hurriane- force. My advice is to stop walking and sit it out , until this next year has passed...amuse yourself having fun whilst doing it, ...but remember, it is seed time, not harvest.! Peace and love.

  • Dear Kayaries

    ...but you do deserve love and happiness...look at the way you have loved and embraced your own children, grandchildren and your boyfriend's children. You appear strong and so people think you are strong; you had to be; you had to love yourself as a child, but you have made sure you 'broke the mould' with your own children. The suicide of your sad, but you could not have prevented him from fulfilling a tragic curse. He has his own karma and will come up against the same set of circumstances in subsequent lifetimes, until he to 'breaks the mould'. You feel responsible somehow...but you are not; you have your owm karma, which is to put material values aside and recognise that all that matters is your children and their children. From that perspective, you will attract an ocean of love towards yourself. . You are loveable; you desrerve to be loved, just keep your faith, even if those who surround you lose theirs. life is precious, but it must be nurtured with love ! You are not to blame for other's negatvity. Kay..have a truly wonderful Christmas and a loving New Year. Hugs.x

  • Dear Patricia...I am sorry you're feeling low, but I don't know what I can add really, as if he is desperately homeseick he might deci to return home. Can you g too ? Is that an option?

    Love and hugs.x

    Dear Soapmaker

    Would you mind giving me your thoughts on Patricia's dilemma please ? I would really appreciate it.ove ad hugs x

  • Dear Mathisha

    Have you a time of birth please? Peace and love

  • Dear Danr

    Nice to hear from you glad things have lightened up a little...the sciatica will ease up when Saturn stops sitting on your Ascendant! Have you a specific fellow/Sun sign im mind regarding relationship issues? Peace and love..

  • Dear Butterflyvill...

    Thanks for your patience and here goes on your long-term LEO BOYFRIEND

    mmm....likes to control your finances; is overly worried about being poor; is good with money, but will be inclined to spend some of it on things/people you may not know about, because he likes to feel free; rather attracts power-struggles if he feels undervalued.

    OTHER CHAP: just a sketch as I don't have his Ascendant.

    Very attractive; money sticks to him because everyone wants to help him...... because he is so 'nice';he is a dreamer, but he gets by on looks and charm. Is he an artist/musician of some kind, ot just a man with 'habits?' he heteroexual, or not? I say this, because, like it or not, he attracts both genders.

    YOU; Hard-working also know the value of money and like security, increased by your earthy Taurean, gardens, animals piano-music, the arts, all of these you should enjoy and will acquire, but perhaps you tend to use money or possessions in relationships as a 'bagaining' tool. ; I certainly think you and the other man would fall out over money and have more in common here with your regular boyfriend.

    You have a late Virgo/LIBRAN Ascendant (so read LIBRA before Capricorn in magazines) ..and you are currently exeriencing a visit from that cosmic taskmaster, Saturn so you might not feel in a party mood right now. To add to the witches' brew, Pluto, Lord of the Underworld , meaning reconstruction (after demolition), has moved into your 4th house of home and family (parents might be involved here also)....mmmm.power-struggles and seismic shifts may take place now, but you can control what happens here more than you can with Saturn . Are you ready for a trip to the Underworld? Life will certainly never be boring in 2010!

    Peace and love..let me know what yu decide please.

  • Thepreciousone,

  • Dear Highpriestess,

    My time of birth is 10.35pm.

    Love & light.

  • Dear Mathisha

    I'm reading your date tthe English way, as 12th September not the American way 'in reverse'. Is that right please. ? Peace and love.

  • Highpriestess3,

    Thank you for you inspirational words of encouragement. I will focus on the blessings I have and accept the love that is given. My pledge to me.

    I also pledge to let go of the past, take the present one day at a time and embrace what the future holds. I only need money to survive, I am not concerned about things I really don't need.

    Food, warmth, water and a roof, is really all that I must have and that I must supply to those of whom I love.

    My heart has been broken, but it's up to me to allow it to mend and to allow love in again.

    My faith and strength lays in the hands of my creator.

    I shall survive as I was meant to, until this life here is through.

    Peace, Love and Blessings to all.

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