• I was born in Tromsø.

  • Dear 228...what page is tha post on please? Thanks

  • Dear Iloveharper....yes Sagittarians are in your 3rd House along with your Moon, so you are completely at ease with them. Your Scorpio was in your 2nd house of possessions. What about an your.5th House of love, or a your 8th House of passion? Good luck whoever you choose and let me know please. Peace and love.

  • Hi High priestess,

    I am struggling with a serious decision.

    My partner and I both live in Cape Town, South Africa, me being Aries 1980/04/05 and him being Gemini 1981/06/15.

    I have been hurt very badly by him recently but he insists he is true and sincere to me and wants to work at making it up as he says he realised i am his only love. I dont know whether i should give it another go but also dont want to end it of there is hope. Its just difficult to read Geminis as they can be very smooth with words. In other words i would like a kick in the right direction:-)

    My question is do you see happiness and loyalty in this relationship for the future? What do you suggest from the feelings you get?

    Thanks for offering the help, im sure you help many people.



  • Good day Highpriestess3,

    Hope you are doing well and having a good day. My thoughts & heart have been preoccupied with something in particular and I don't know if you can get a read without me expressing what it is, but if you can I would be much grateful with anything you may be able to tell me.

    dob 5-21-64 time of birth 6:05am birthplace Athens, Greece

    May you receive many blessings for all you have helped in seeking guidance on their life journey. Thank you

  • danr I have been waiting for you to show yourself. mail me will you? sherrieleec48 and you can use that at hot mail or ya hooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Dear Toto53...need time and place of birth please.Thanks

  • Dear are very welcome...time to write poetry again perhaps? Peace and love.

  • Dear Highpriestess3

    I see you have gotten some rest and lightness...Yippeee.

    And for some reason I am supposed to make contasct with you...not sure why and I'm not using head this week (LOL) so I trust...

    Thank you from this heart..awakening to it's great morning!

    Love and blessings to you.

  • Dear High Priestess,

    u offered to do my chart on my situation but needed my dob, time and place. It is 12/02/79, 3:30pm and phoenixville, pa. Thank u again for your time!

  • Dear Hangedwoman

    ...I was not going to mention your childhod, but must say that although it appears comfortable enough, it is for some reason, emotinally 'empty' . Did your parents want a boy perhaps?.Were you in a nursery too long; was your arrival unexpected, or were you ill?

    Sorry to pry....I am puzzled. ..Anyway you have a Sagittarian Ascendant and are intellectual, philosophical, interested in law, religion and cutural history. A Taurean Moon in the 5th house makese you fixed, steadfast, emotional and excitable and reluctant to alter course. You seem to had a love/hate relationship wth your mother in childhood, because you were unhappy, although this is probably resolved now. Your father is like you, a lecturer/ philosopheer (lawyer )perhaps and you are close to him now, but perhaps your birth was a shock to him at the time also Is someone in your family adopted, or absent?

    Your 8thhouse Sun is conjunct Saturn, suggesting that you have some long-term health condition possibly seletal, r dermatalogical,, but also suggeests an overly demanding or restrictive mother....which has made you feel responsible for the sins of the world...perhaps yu feel like a scapegoat for others' negativity?.

    TRANSITS: You have a plethora of 9th House planets in Libra , your 9th house of higher education and learning, ie, your North Node, Mars, Pluto and Venus are all in Libra and Saturn, the teacher overhead now, has placed you in the hands of fate and those who have the ability to teach you what you need to know, for the next 18 months - this is 'seed' time and ..the harvest will come later... You might have niggling health issues or fatigue as Saturn hit Mars over the next 6 months, so get extra rees and avoid spraining your wrists, or ankles.. Whatever you need to learn, now is the time; this Saturn transit will build the foundations of your future., as ethereal ideas are made concrete....., helped by Jupiter (planet of expansion) transiting your 3rd House of communication. Does this make sense? Peace and love.

  • Dear Andherson...great to hear from you again and great to know you and I can chat in cyberspace. Love and strength.

  • Highpriestess.

    I was an overprotected (isolated) child, and grew up without friends. Perhaps that is what you mean with empty childhood. I only had one friend whom I concidered a true friend, and she moved out from my town when I was eight years old. I was sick in my teens (sick in my mind), and did not expect to live long enough to turn 15, since I had strong fantacies of taking suicide. Although I didnt, since I hated myself, and thought if I truly hated myself the best punishment would be to continue living.

    You are right about the mother-relation. I am used to "getting the blame", so to give my life and wellbeing for others is not a new thing for me. I think it is okay to use that as a gift rather than see it as a curse. To loose my life is normal, since I never had a real life, so to give my whole life to that healing power would be only a blessing, I would be happy to let go of it. And to help other people would be a blessing for me and would help me in my inner healing. What I am doing is called altruism and sublimation (two different aspects of the same).

    It is true about that one person was absent when I was born. One person had died. My older sister died before I was born.

    You are saying little about my future. Although you do say that ideas will be made concrete and a stronger foundation will be made.

    I am not sure what health problems I might have. Although that is something I choose not to think about, since I dont believe in problems when my life is blessed.

    Thank you for your time. I am certain that I have a bright future in regard to my plans. I strongly believe I will succeed. I am very passionate about it. I only care about that healing and nothing else. Everything else is just a waste of time for me. In a way I feel that I have died and been taken back to life. So my motivation to live is to serve the light, since I lost my life. It is true that in order to find ones life one must let go of it. And since it was so bad (or rather empty) in the first place, there is no loss in losing it. And in order to find my true self I must let go of all the past identities I have had and surrender my self and my life to healing. I believe strongly I will succeed. I am not alone. I have angels and God with me. My reasons for doing this are a strong motivation. And my motivation is stronger than myself even. I dont care about anything else. I will succeed.

  • its the same either way in the uk , Sunday 2nd july 1961 12:00 midday

  • thank you so much blessings and love be with you x

  • Dear Hangedwoman.....please never, never think of letting go of is a blessing and must create new life and be preserved . Your future is bright. and everyone on these forums will support you in any way we can.. Please contact

    The Soapmaker and


    on other threads , as they have access to the healing processes that you require. Also please stay in contact with me and I will help you in every way I can. Have you seen a counsellor incidentally, to talk through your childhood experiences....? Peace, love and hugs x.

  • Highpriestess.

    I am quite happy now.

    I asked you about my future, and you told me what you could see about my past. So I elaborated on my past. I did not mean to frighten you. To let go is an inner process, not a suicide. It is important to let go in order to let in new energy, in order to let in change. I dont mean a physical death.

    No I have never gone to councelling. Instead I got in touch with an inner guidance, an inner healer that realms inside of me.

    I was just thinking perhaps you could see my future, and then you talked about my past. So I understand that the future is not set in stone and can not be foretold as I had hoped for. lol

    Incredible how much alone we are in this world. Noone can explain to anyone what will happen. There are no oracles who can save us or tell us what will happen and what we might or must do. I just have God to trust. And I will succeed. 😉

    Love and light to you, highpriestess. Thank you for your time.

  • Dear fact I have just been reading your dream interpretations on another thread, for which you have a truly inspired gift and so, yes, dream interpretation IS your future isnt it? Sorry about the 'past' emphasis in my chart-reading, but that is what comes over loud and clear always. I do believe however, that understanding our past is the key to our future! Peace and love!

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  • This post is deleted!

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