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  • Hobbies 76,

    I have thought about drugs. I don’t have a lot of experience with this area. I have tried to look at his pupils to see if they are constricted or dilated but he seems normal. I actually wondered if he wasn’t taking some kind of pills or something. He usually will act very exhausted when he comes in and go right to bed. So if you don’t mind me asking how did you find out for sure what your husband was doing?


  • soapmaker. llindieloo here could you please read my story . " Have i lost my cancer b/f for good " I would like you honest opinion on him . His D.O.B 06/07/1979 and mine 31/01/53 . my main question is === Why has he not contacted me , and will he ?

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  • Dear Luvslife...I am pleased to have maybe cast some light on a tricky situation. In fact I was going to say that at the end of this Saturn cycle you would be 'kicking some a--se', but I thought that your other half was probably suffering enough. I do think you'll get some sort of resolution a lot sooner than the 2-year Saturn cycle, but I didn't want to jeopardise yours' or the baby's health. So Kick ar- --' and take control and let me know what happens as it happens please. Love and hugs.x.

  • Can you tell me if he will have children? I have been arguing with his ex for the last 2 days and think I have finally severed our relationship. Did I do the right thing? She was like my daughter but I just cannot get over the hurt she caused. thanks for your time and help.

  • Hi Soapmaker,

    Sorry this is really off topic but I read that you make healing soaps. My daughter has very bad you have anything for that? Please post your website address. I tried to find it in the posting but I think I am overlooking it.

    Thanks so much.


  • Dear romantic (hopefully), but is there any chance you could provide times of birth please?

    Peace and love

  • Sandran could you help me please?

    My D.O.B. 04-21-73

    My EXboyfriend 06-30-50

    What will make my exboyfriend finally sit down and talk to me. There has been so much going on with him lately.

    I feel that soon there will be a situation where he will be forced to contact me soon.

    Please give me some insight !

    Thanks In Advance,

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  • Dear Luvslife,

    Unfortunately I found out because his behavior became more and more extreme...His lies as well as our cell phone bill kept increasing, and while I was pregnant, those hormones were so strong, I felt like I HAD to know what was going on...I just kept looking at things, going through his phone, looking for anything I could to explain why he was acting the way he was...Finally when his work called and demanded that he send his keys in since he was no longer working there and his mistriss text messaged me thinking that I was his mother (a story he had told her), when her house was broken into...I knew there was a lot that I didn't know...I know it is hard to deal with, but I am still having to deal with a lot of it now...I am currently in the middle of our divorce and it is so hard to believe that after 9 years with a man that I didn't know him as well as I thought I did...the exhaustion may be the result of coming off of whatever he is on...that is how my soon to be ex was when he was coming off...He was on cocaine, meth and several others, so I can't really give specific symptoms for each, but beware of sudden mood swings, and make sure your children and your own safety comes before ALL else...Hopefully you have a supportive base that can help you through this time whatever the problem is...I hope all is better soon, and remember through it all YOU are a very important person! Never forget to make time for yourself...and although I know how difficult it is, try not to obsess about his issues too much, because your first priority is you and your wonderful blessed children! 🙂

    Best of Luck, and Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂

  • Dear Luvslife,

    Just thought of one more thing...Not sure if this will help or not, but it is a little strange, but if he has little burns on his hands...kind of look like blisters that have healed a little, just circles of skin on his hands...or if he needs fingernail clippers a lot...could be a sign he has been on meth, I am not sure why this came to me, but I feel like I need to include those...Also, usually It wasn't his pupils I noticed, it was a glassiness overall of his eyes...Hope this helps, and hope you have a blessed holiday week!

    Good luck!

  • Soapmaker>> I will keep you updated for sure[:

    And, He Isn't just this kind of person, Who Is all Sick and Twisted.

    He has a great heart, Trust me.

    He Is this nice, shy, And sweet guy, That anyone would love to have around.

    But then, Theirs this other side to him, He wants to die and all this negitive stuff.

    Is that just what a Pieces Is?

    2 Different sides?

    I just don't completely understand him, I thought I knew him.

    I really want him to get help, But he won't listen.

    I think, It's because of his mom, His mom really Isn't there for him, It feels like she only cares about her house more than her kids.

    She's just not that kind of person you can go to talk to.

    It's like everythings a joke to her, And she's a great person, But I believe she could spend a little more time with him and his brothers and sisters.

    That's why he comes over a lot now, Because my mom Wendy, Is always there for me and him.

    I can talk to her about everything and so can he.

    I just think that If he spends more time with my family, He'll lighten up and let go of that sucide..

    I hope It works..

    Anyways, Thank yooooooooou sooo much! Soapmaker, I know you probably hear this a lot, But you are the best[:



  • Sandran could you help me please?

    pilot007>>>My D.O.B. 04-21-73

    My EXboyfriend 06-30-50

    What will make my exboyfriend finally sit down and talk to me. There has been so much going on with him lately.

    I feel that soon there will be a situation where he will be forced to contact me soon.

    Please give me some insight !

    Sandran>>I don't have knowledge of this stuff.Try hanswolfgang

  • Thanks for the update Alyson! happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Gemini people usually have 2 sides. I am not sure about Pisces.

    Light & Blessings

  • soapmaker. i met my Indian cancer fella on line, then we met and it was love at first sight for both of us . We continued with text messages and phone calls every day for a whole year we met 5 times as we live 300 miles apart , me doing all the travelling Then this year in july he goes back to India on holiday and while there his parents arrange a marriage for him , which I understand , When he came bach home things were not as before Text messages became less also his phone calls . Then out of the blue in Oct he's off to India again , so i'm thinking is he getting married but he assured me he was not . that was over a monrth ago I have not heard from him since the second day he arrived in India . He is back home now and still not a word . I am totally gutted not the fact he may have got married but its the not knowing . While I was with him I paid for his Univeerssity fees , Visa which came to well over 4,000 pounds. I feel he has used me to get what he wanted . Will I hear from him ever again or is afraid of hurting me further . We had a terrible row before he went to India and i said some horrible thing to him and i know cancer's get hurt very easily . Do you think he needs time or has he just dunped me for good . i have text him and sent an off line message but no reply . Over the year we were together he constantly told me he loved me and always would till the day he died and would do anything for me . All I want is for him to tell me WHY I know cancers can go for weeks without a word and then suddenly pop up from nowhere as if it were yesterday . please help ! and thank you .


    I need help, I need advice, I need comfort!

    He's doing It again, Just because we can't hang out till next week.

    He promised me he'd stopped.

    Than he said If you can come over, I'll think about It.

    50-50! I'm crying, I'm shaking.

    I'm losing It!

    Help me please.

    What do I do?

    How do I go on?

    Will he stop?


    I cry to much, It just seems pathetic.


  • Dear highpriests3

    Answers to your reading:(from kay)

    His father is a major problem, his x-wife is another and money hasn't been to god, because he lost a job back in the early spring.

    My first thoughts were not that positive abot your Gemini, with a Mars/Pluto conjuction in Virgo, hence the wait, but I am feeling more postive about him now and indeed suspect that with Saturn transiting that conjunction over the past year, he has been on the end of a cosmic batttering, possibly having something to do with his parents amongst other factors.

    Answers: Do you mean by fund, that I am more involved then he is, in regards to this relationship?

    I also suspect that you 'fund' this relatiionship, but now should concentrate on yourself.
    Answer: My father was absent and still is, my mother was addicted to perscription med's and might as well have been absent nphysically, my step-father was very abusive. I do not turn to my mother, I haven't in nearly 4 years even attempted to try to any more. I dont trust her.

    YOU. You had poor parenting as a child ( Sun and Moon conjnct in Aries) )and emotionally were left to cope with crises on your own, despite their close proximity. Yet your mother is now the one you turn to for advice as your father was absent - at least emotionally - when you were growing up.

    Answer: I did start one back in the winter last year, but I had to stop, cause I needed to work full time.
    You have Saturn on your Ascendant presently...have you started a college course?

    Answer: That is already the case, we both work a lot of hours and at different times, so we don't get a whole lot of time together, but when we do, which is once or twice a week, we try to cram all we can into that time. If that makes sense.

    Now is the time as you have embarked on a 2-year learning curve, which means that love will have to be squeezed into any free time you may have.

    A late Aries/early Taurus would be good for you, Libra or Cancer.

    (Question) Do you mean as a love interest?

  • Hello, anyone please provide insight/advice.I've been soul searching and I've realized that nothing is wrong with me .I've figured out that I am a nice and attractive woman . I try not to hurt anyone's feelings . Yet love evades me .I have good self-esteem but not finding love at this age really bothers me. The only explanation why I'm so unlucky in love is because of my past karma.

    Is it time to give up hope? Thanks.

  • Forgive me for imposing myself on your thread. Love and light to you!

    This message is for everyone who has some love to spare.

    KAY, who posted above, needs our assistance, so please give her your love and wisdom now at the Wondering about the holidays


    Thank you!


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