• Soapmaker-Thank you so much for your reply!! What is he scared of? Does he care about me? Are we going to be together again?

    I am very happy about hearing about the promotion, your timing is about the time that it could be taking place! I hope that you can tap a little more into my delimma with "P".

    Thank you and may God keep you!

  • Hi soapmaker. Can you give me some insight on my son Jeremy. He is so very depressed and down for two years now since his wife left him. She has moved on and has everything he ever wanted but she is not happy( i think that is karma). Can you see when and where he will meet someone new? I think if he met someone he would be fine. He is just lonely and has no confidence now. will he have a family soon? Thanks for your help.

  • Dear Soapmaker, Thank you for the reply!! Could you tell me what is he scared of? Does he care for me that you see? Will be get back together in time?

    I am very pleased to hear about the promotion, and the timing is about right that it could/should happen! Thank you!!

  • Dear Suncappygirl..with your chart and 'glamorous' aspects i am surprised you're not beating a string of suitors off with a big stick. I suspect you are shy and perhaps looking for something/someone wh doesn't exist except in your dreams...the world is full of fellas,,,next year you'll find one..perhaps even two..Have fun! Peace and love!

  • Dear Kimberly7343

    Sorry to have missed you. ...have you got the time you were born please and wherabouts in California please?

  • I think he is afraid of commitment, wicked. If you can get him more relaxed about it, you should be back together.


  • Dear Cathy,

    I think if your son gets out more, he will meet his love. It will be within a year.

    Blessings to you

  • Dear Luvslife...please hang on....the most important thing at the moment is to have a safe delivery of your 3rd child ( its due on my birthday...what a coincidence) and do not to let all this aggro make you and the baby ill. Men come and go, but your chilfdren are yours always. I do think he's got trouble , but whatever it is for the sake of your baby and other children, let it ride for a while. You are weak and defenceless at the moment... wait to regain your strength before you get int any more confrontations with him.. Mentally you are stronger now, but you have to walt for your body to catch up.. keep the baby and yourself calm until the Spring and enjoy being a mother again. What do you think? Peace and love.

  • Dear Highpriestess~

    Please let me know if i will have a close relatonship with a young man born 5/31/81 .I am born 8/23/55.time 9:50pm i have been fgoing in a zig zag pattern with this person for years but we never get close enough to be close friends .I think we would be good friends but who knows.would alsolike to get a job working with him again but last time there were many misunderstandings and i was asked to leave.Please help me with this, Blessings to you and thank you for all you have done ~ mermalade

  • Highpriestess3,

    Ah, yes what a coincidence! My mother’s birthday is also January 28th. I am trying to be patient with him. In the past, I have always felt guided in my relationships and when he was being deceitful I would “catch” him without him disclosing to me. Once confronted he usually comes clean. This time I have felt “blocked”. It is a very weird feeling. This is why I turned to outside sources for insight. It is very strange. He doesn’t come home stumbling drunk, he doesn’t clean up when he leaves the house, but he spends so much money. I don’t really take him as a gambler. I just can’t place my finger on it and when seems so nonchallant about it (like Oh Well). Patience is not one of my strong points. I have been looking forward to the birth of this child and strangely enough I think he is also. For the sake of myself, and my children I will just enjoy the blessings that I have. Maybe if I concentrate on myself he will fix his situation on his own. Do you think otherwise my situation will get better?

    Peace and love,


  • Dear Luvslife,

    I hope this is not the case, but your situation sounds so very familiar and similar to mine last year at this time...I was pregnant with my (and my husband's) second son and he was doing so much and spending so much money while disappearing all the time...I hate to say it, but have you possibly considered drugs??? I know it is hard to consider and one of my dear friends actually asked me the same question and I told her no, but Now looking back, I wish I would have thought about it a little longer...I hope all gets better soon. Blessings and congratulations on your new life soon! 🙂

    I hope all is better very soon!

  • Dear soapmaker,

    Please look into my career and lovelife too. DOB 9/22/83. Thanks much!

  • Hi Soapmaker. Thank you for your response, much appreciated... god bless.

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  • Soapmaker>>

    I talk to my mother about everything and anything, She had said the same thing, That he Is controling me, He has seen one before In the past, He told me that It didn't go well at all.

    And It had gotton worse; I just don't understand how though..

    I feel like I'm being used by him, & threated at the same time.

    But can I know one thing??

    If we were to brake up.. Would he actually do It?

    I mean, When you say your gonna kill yourself, Your not gonna do It. Right?

    You wouldn't just tell someone that.

    Also Is this like some kind of cry for help?

    Talk To You Soon[:



  • Wendykaye,

    I was just reading your response to Soapmaker. I am concerned for you. Probably your male friend is trying to control you but people who control like this can be dangerous. Often times if someone threatens suicide it is a cry for help. I would ask him to make an agreement with you that he will not harm himself and also tell him that because you care about him you would like him to speak with a professional ( family doctor, school counselor, etc) about his feelings of suicide. Also, if there someone in his family that you trust that you can tell about his threats, I would go to them as well. Please remember that if he were to harm himself, it is not your fault. He is not well. Please be safe. I am keeping you in my prayers.


  • Also Wendykaye,

    Ask him if he has a plan as to how he would kill himself. It is very important that you share this information with someone who can intervene in this situation.

  • I am in total agreement with luvs life Alyson. He needs help. But by a professional, not you.

    Brightest blessings to you

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  • This post is deleted!

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