Sandran>>I have one...What is behavior of a Capricorn Male.

  • Hello Ladies...Hope all is well today. It's a beautiful day here...and I trust it's smiling on you too...I have been thinking of moving to another convinced my son would be happier in a more expansive environment...does anyone have any guidance as to when would be a good time to move...or even if I should? Somehow, I am conflicted about this move...because I sense some of my frustration is my impatience...Also, if you have any counsel for the coming week as it relates to my job, my Virgo friend and attracting higher incomes...I would welcome your insight on the steps I need to be taking at this time...

    Thanks mucho

  • Sure, Highpriestes1, I was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. Do you need anything else

  • Yourpreciouspne & Soapmaker... First, thank you for your generosity in giving your time and good advice to all who have posted here on this forum. It is much appreciated.

    I am new to this. I have always had an interest in NEW AGE and all things spiritual ever since my teen and believe that I do have a gift. I have never pursued this gift fully although I have shared it with closest friends and family. Also I have feared it some times, knowing about what will happen. In a way it's good because I cannot predict for myself and bad because sometimes it would like to know. I've also tampered in witchcraft (for good purpose only) and I seem to have a natural knack/ability for it... all these I am pursuing as a hobby.

    Why I came here is for a specific purpose. I have met someone who I believe and know to be my soul mate or my twin flame. I have never had this feeling before and my angel cards are guiding me, telling me I am on the right path and to open my heart to this love and change of direction. He is a Cancer man, born 30 June 1979 and I am Virgo born 8 Sept 1977.

    We have felt the connection with each other and he feels the same as me. We've had talks of marriage and he has mentioned proposing to me. We have a semi long distance relationship. He works on a cruise ship and that's how we met. He's been nothing but consistent and I don't doubt him one bit. My whole being knows it is him I have been waiting for all of my life...

    What I am itching to know is if he would have enough courage to propose to on New Years Eve (which is what he implied) and if he truly has a genuine/pure heart to do so. He's trying to arrange for me to be on the ship and is adamant about it trying everything to get me on board. I'm not doubting it will all happen as planned as I can still be skeptical, but I am also not expecting it to happen. A natural human trait to protect myself from disappointment. I would love to hear your feelings and thoughts on this situation.

    Thank you in advance for taking time to answer me... peace and bless you both. May your good deed be returned to you many times fold and your guidance and light prove to be the beacon for us all.

  • I am sorry his birthday is June 30 1978 (not 79)...

  • Hi, I am still hoping for a reply. I was born on 04-27-1979. at 12:47 a.m. I was wondering what things are coming my way as I have had a very eventful year so far. Good and bad things. I have been on and off with a man born 07-22-1983. I am wondering if anything is going to come of this and if so, when? what does he feel or think of me? I am also hoping to find out if I am going to be promoted and is it soon? Anything else that may come through, please let me know. I appreciate this very much!!

  • Dear highpriestess3

    Thank you so very much!

    I never thought about being an actress because i am a very shy person but now that i think about it i am pretty good at it. I actually love more performing with a band or color guard. Yeah i think science is more my thing that's why i might go for studing computers. I would like to study database administration or anything related. Yeah i sometimes tend to be impatient and impulsive but i also know how to control myself 🙂

    Oh sorry to bother you so much but do you see me finding someone special in the near future?

    Thank you so very much for your help

    God bless everybody!

  • hello Highpriestess, and Soapmaker,

    I'm sorry I did not get back to you right away, to refresh your memory, I posted on page 18 and I was wondering will I be meeting a love soon... like my soul mate? I also want to know if I will be moving next year, will I be getting the job that I am taking courses for next year too.

    Im not sure what information you need about me. I have not talked to a psychic before. I was born in California, and now live in washington state. my birthday is Oct 6 1955 and I am divorced. I work and take college courses. I am lonely and want to know when things will look better for me in the love area, and the move job area.

    Thank you so very much.. anything you can tell me is a blessing..


  • I know I have asked questions b4 but things have dramatically.

    I'll give the whole situation again and ask some questions cause I'm seriously worried about this that I'm crying off and on lately.

    Ok I've known my friend Chris since I was 15 and I'm in love with him.

    He's divorced with 2 children and now has been deployed to Iraq

    I've heard through friends that he has had a bad break up.

    My questions are:

    1.Will I ever be with Chris as a couple or even intimately?

    2.Is he single at the moment?

    3.Why has he cut contact with me and his friends?

    4.Will I see him b4 he goes to Iraq?

    5.Will he be ok in Iraq?

    6.Does he have any feelings 4 me what so ever?

    His birth date 25/01/1974

    Mine 15/05/1974 9.50am

    Both Aussies.

    This is really worrying me


    Blessed be

  • Highpriestess3,

    Thank you for your reading. I haven’t been online all weekend. Some of what you say makes sense. My fiancé and I had a very good relationship until about 3 years ago when his mother passed away and since then everything about him seems to have changed. When she passed, he started a series of drinking binges, cheating and I think, even drugs. All of this came to a head, when I found out about the other woman and for some time, our life almost seemed to return to normal . As for an illness, I have often thought that he suffers from Depression or maybe even bipolar disorder but he will not seek any treatment. For about the last 6 monthsI have felt that our situation is much worse than before as he is very secretive, has serious drinking binges and isn’t very emotionally supportive of me. I have demanded for the last month to know the truth about what is going on with him but he won’t disclose and I feel like our relationship needs to end but he used our children to draw me back into this depressing situation and as you said, I am not as strong as Gemini's are typically pictured to be. In May, I had a shock with an unexpected pregnancy. Our third child is due January 28. I feel like if I was a stronger person, I would leave him. I am resentful of him because I cannot have the nice life that he promised me in the beginning and I work so hard to provide for him and our children. I feel like he will never leave and that if a change is to happen it will be because of me. I feel like he just wants someone to take care of him. Funny thing about the blackmail, he received a phone call over the weekend and got very upset. I overheard him say, “Come over and tell her. She is her with me now.” He was very angry, yelling and when I asked him about it, he said it was “none of my business and nothing for me to worry about”. So maybe you are right about the “blackmail”. I just wish I had that fun loving, caring man back that I had for the first 3 1/2 years of our relationship.

    Thank you again and it does give me some relieve to know that you see a change in the next couple of years.


  • Dear Alyson,

    It sounds to me that he is controling you hon. He needs to find a therapist to help him. You have a responsibility to you first. Have you talked to your mom about this?

    Hugs sweetie and Light & Blessings

  • Hi Andherson,

    I would say that spring time, around May, would be a good time for you to decide where to move.

    Hope this helps. I am in my own world today trying to live the life of Tao beliefs.


  • Hi Taurus,

    I can not see any clearer for you then what I have already answered hon.

    Blessings and light to you

  • Hi Vrgo cookie,

    That sounds wonderful about your fellow. Follow your path and heart and all will work out in a beautiful way. Don't be afraid of your gifts. Embrace them with love and they will enrich your life.

    Light & Blessings

  • Good Morning Soapmaker, hope you had a wonderful weekend. Did you have an insight on my problem?waiting eagerly to hear from you.

  • Dear wicked moon,

    I do believe he is scred off as you say. The promotion will come but you need to wait for the universe to put it into place and I do not see a set time frame, could be late January or early Feb.


  • Good morning Sagscorp,

    I just reread the posts and I agree with High Priestess. Someone in his family or close friend is talking against you. Find that person and ask them why. Don't let them stand in the way of your happiness but do so with positive words and feelings.

    Hope this helps hon.

    I am wrapped up in my own life right now, trying to catch up and get my house back in shape.

    Hugs & Blessings

  • I do agree with you both of you as my fiance had mentioned about his friend who had made comments about me. But he's far away from me, so just praying if things sort out soon.

    Need your blessings too and do remember me in your prayers.

    Thanks so much.

  • Will do sweetheart!!! Light & Love to you

  • Dear Soapmaker...

    Happy Monday to you and everyone here...wherever you are...

    Thanks much for the insight to move in Spring...that feels just about peachy (smile)...Tao..has been stalking me for two I will follow our lead...Cheers again! Wear something green today...

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