• Dear SagScorpio...I am so sorry you are so down and I really feel for you, but can I ask the Soapmaker to do this for you as she is psychic and I am not.

    Dear Soapmaker...can you help here please?

    Peace and love.

  • Dear story is amazing and I must say that I felt really inspired when I made that connection, but thought you might think me mad for making it. I've never done any past life regression but because my own grandson's Moon sits on my Ascendant, in Sagittarius, I put 2 and 2 together and made 4. I also agree that past and present lives are inter- connected in a way that suggest the sins o the father etc.... My Scottish miner grandfather was born in 1871 had a Sun/Pluto conjunction in Taurus and died in 1932 ....who did I innocentlly marry 40 years later but a Sun/Pluto conjunction Leo chap.....these things are karmic and I am so pleased to have shared your history with you, it is so interesting,...and I am so glad you got your revenge. Peace and love.

  • Dear Suncpappygirl..what a donkeyhead I am, I inputted you as a Gemini..1st of June, instead of 1st January. Back to you tomorrow.

  • Highpriestess3, can you plz give me insight, am at crossroads, had to leave my previous job due to extreme working conditions, felt a strong need to honor self and boundaries, hav 2 nd interview coming up next week, hope for hire and favorable work conditions

    any insight will be greatly appreciated

  • YES I am Highpriestess!! I am here waiting for my reading.

    Let me know if you need additional information please.

    Thank You.

  • Hi,

    Please help! I feel I am at a crossroad in my life and don't know which way to go if any. I am in love with someone whom I feel doesn't feel the same way. What should I do?


    Sun: Aquarius

    Unknown birth time

    Venus: Aries

    Mercury: Pisces

    Mars: Virgo

    Thank you!

  • Dear sag scorpio,

    I will do that for you tomorrow hon. I am kinda out of sorts today.

    Blessings to you

  • Dear HighPriestess3,

    Thank you for enabling the connections...All that anger of the contract made to avenge father's death...had me at a place of blockage and self-sabotage for a while...till i asked the therapist to work with me to clear the blockages which I might have been unconscious of...voila! We managed to close the open doors and completely sever the ties I had made in those past lives...and rid myself of the anger which although a powerful emotion...was a cold white light...stifling my life and true power...true the end of the session...what was a white cylindrical light above me...became a bright warm candle in front of me...and thank God I stepped into that light having put the anger to rest...

    Inspired by your confirmation today, I actually told my ex about the roles we played in each lives from that past life...and we discussed how that manifested in our 8 year relationship...and thankfully our Scorpio Son born in kingston 7th November 2002....has been the catalyst to create forgiveness and also sever those ties once and for alll....

    So tonight I told him (my ex) that I forgive him...just before he goes for his Master Degree tomorrow...somehow I feel he might have needed that release also to claim a dream he's had for 53 much new life to give birth rich soil to nurture the seed of truth....

    I pray you are rejuvenating...and resting...lots of clearing fluids......have you been having enough?

    Peace Profound!

  • Highpriestess 3...I just noticed your putting 2 and 2 together and getting four...

    Everywhere I turn with my Virgoan "son" guess which numbers keep coming up? 2 and 2 or 22 or 11. The colour yellow also has arisen in my meditations since the past life session...and the same night after I had a dream that I was putting my sone (7 year old) to bed and my Virgoan was just standing at the bedroom door looking on...and then came inside...knelt by the bedside with me...and we both put him to life is riddled with these magical dots...and it's such fun watching them fit together on their own...

  • Hi Highpriestess3, that's so sweet of you to ask Soapmaker to do the reading for me. Soapmaker, am eagerly waiting for your precious reply. Thanks to both of you, and may God bless you both as you guys are healing people and can feel their pains.

    Thanks again.

  • Dear Andherson...I think you should be giving advice on here too, as your insight is amazing and you feel other's pain as Soapmaker and LeoScorpion do. Yes I too believe the universe is held together with the force-fields of what Carl Jung called 'synchronicity'...meaningful coincidences that unfold within chronological time spans ...the warp and weft of the universe. How do you know I am off sick at the moment ? Being on sick leave has given me the time to do what I like doing best! Astrology.. What subject is your Virgo's Masters' in f he doesn't mind? Hugs to you.

  • Dear Goldenhill...................I replied to your post on page 19. I assume you were being bullied at work. Big changes are coming as I said. peace , love and good luck! Let me know what happens..

  • Dear Luvslife...sorry u had to wait so long. You have had some sort of 'situation' going on for at least a year, as Saturn has been battering your Virgo moon for quite a time. You have felt sick, betrayed and everything else, because you don't know what is/was going on, because your Moon 'hidden' in the 12th House as it is, has been in the house of secrets. . Now however, Saturn has moved onto your Libran Ascendant (you are arty, love nice things and are not as emotionally strong as your Gemini Sun suggests) you demand that the hidden remains so no want everything out in the open. Maybe it is not an affair and he is a secret drinker, gambler etc... only he can tell you what he has been doing. For you big changes will come in a couple of years when you decide what will happen. , not him. He being a Libran also is being battered by he ill? I feel that he is almost being 'blackmailed' into doing what he is doing.. I feel that this can be worked out, but only if he is honest with you. Does this make sense? Peace and love.

  • Dear HighPriestess 3...

    Good morning (well, where I am)'s a beauty outdoors...I should trek to the salt of the ocean today...Thanks for the suggesting about giving advice...I am only now trusting intuition and opening to empath or psychic abilities...before I would sense things but not say anything...or question what I, I practise NO-MIND as much as I will trust Spirit to lead deeper into helping others...I have actually been preparing to make a career change from law into transpersonal psychology...and am working on finding the right programme.

    The person sitting his Master's Degree today is not my Virgo is my ex-husband...he's a Rosicrucian and today sits for a 3rd Degree in FreeMasonry I believe...He is a Holistic Healer and Musician also...he's who I forgave last night...and he is Pisces.

    My Virgo friend does law...also. I keep having impressions that he and I will work together...had a dream that we were working on a major project...but am just letting it come to be...

    I just sensed that both yourself and SoapMaker are feeling strain...manifesting in physical discomfort...please remember your clearing fluids...

    Peace Profound...

  • Good morning ladies! Not fully awake yet.. 2nd cup of coffee!!LOL!

    Priestess I send you love and light my friend. Have you thought about starting a website with your astrology? You are very good at it. It may be your path.

    Andherson, you are gifted as well. Lovely to meet you. yes I have been under strain, but the light at the end of the tunnel is approaching and I can just see the headlights!

    Blessings and peace to all.

    It is a joy to my heart to help others, but it does get a little overwhelming.

  • Dearest Soapmaker...

    Thanks for waking up to another beautiful day...We must remain in balance and that's a full time job. I suspect our efforts should be to inspire others to seek answers from within...and to come to God self...where many of the answers we seek just are...

    I am working at unearthing this "gift" to which you both thank you for your inspiration...


  • I wholeheartedly agree with you! I read and read to open my heart. Many times I can feel what it is that needs to be done that day. As far as seeing what that will bring..I can't so I ask for clearity. I can see others much more clearly.

    Yes balance is what needs to be strived for.

    peace and blessings

  • That happens with me also...see much clearer for others than for self...and that's why we have community...Giving thanks for the work you do for others...Blessed

  • Good morning, Highpriestess and Soapmaker,

    back on page 18 I made a post on when i might have a love come into my life. I think my question was over looked, I can understand this could happen. If you need more details about me then please let me know what you would like.

    thank you very much and Blessings to you two.


  • Hi Kimberly,

    I will be back on later. Yes please send me a little more info.


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