• Dear SagScorpio....sorry about the delay...I've been trying to get a handle on 'why' the Scorpio left and the only thing I can come up with is money. Is it possible that he went elsewhere for more profit? Or were his family co-ercing him,? I think money/possessions may be at the root of his change of mind, but I could be way off here.

    Your chart:

    You have a late Virgo Ascendant, so should read Libra in newspapers and magazines and have a Venus-Uranus conjunction, suggesting that you hate the conventional; this conjunction is also where your ex's Scorpio Sun sits incidentally, indicating that.he departed from your life like the shock of being hit by a lightning bolt....electrifying, but in an injurious way !

    Your father seems to be/was a strong influence in your life and your mother rather distant. Did you move around a lot as a child? You have Pluto, the planet of destruction and reconstruction transiting your 4th house Moon next year and so I think you are bound to move (whether you want to or not ) and you may not have heard the last from your Scorpio, as his ruler is Pluto.. Whatever happens, your life will change in a big way.

    Does this shed any light on your situation? Are you at college at the moment? Saturn, planet of learning (not always the easy way) is working its way through your 1st house. You are a chrysalis waiting to turn into butterfly. Peace and love.

  • Dear Goldenhill..

    the best way to start from scratch is to get some Rider- Waite tarot cards and a book and just get to know the cards. Some people use crystals however and there's astrology which is more's geometry,... but there are lots of classes about.

    I'm afraid I can't predict the future like some,..I'm into 'weather forecasts' rather, but here goes..You have a very late Capricorn Ascendant, so read Aquarius horoscopes in newspapers before Scorpio. What is interesting about your chart is that you appear to have no roots and are completey'self-made'.Are you glamorous and mysterious? The planets suggest that you are and can be, or go anywhere you choose! Saturn, the teacher is right overhead your North Node at the moment . Are you changing direction/ Or having to learn a new set of values? Perhaps money is less important to you now than it was ? If you don't get that job youll get the next...start packing...big changes are coming your way..some by choice, others through force of circumstances. Peace and love.

  • Dear Motherof 32.. I'vehad a look at your charts and I'm wth Soapmaker on this... he's having the best of all worlds and , not ready yet to leave his girlfriend. You are a lot more emotionally needy/kinder than either of them; with a 12th house Sun and 1st House Moon in Cancer, you have virtually devoted your life to him, be he worthy ort not. He seems to be rather sure of himself; lazy perhaps also and ...hard as nails..... perhaps with a nasty temper! His girfriend is much tougher than yourself, with a detachment that he finds a challenge. Putting it another way, I think you are too good for him and should bestow your kindness on someone more worthy.I don't think this is what you want to hear, but that's my intrpretation Good luck Mother whatever you decide. Peace and love..

  • Thank you so very much both sopmaker and highpriestess3 for your time and energy and the information shared will send you both a absent reiki healing 🙂

  • hi, this is my first time doing this, so I feel kinda weird. Can you give me some insight on how I can live up to my potential purpose? Im just learning but I feel a heightened connection, energy, presence, from the lord calling to me. I know or I think I know, what he is saying. Can you give me some advice on how to strengthen my connection/inner light, besides meditation and prayer or can you possibly confirm the messages I am receiving? Thank you. Cyn

  • Highpriestess3,

    Thank you so much. I really have devoted everything to him even though im not with him everynight and really never have been. I have only seen him 2 times in the past year. I just love him sooo much, hes the only person i have given my whole heart to and i dont think i could ever love someone the way i do him. I mean we have always been very close and i just dont know what this girl has done to him. I have talked to him about her alot, It seems to me that they fight alot and maybe that is what he is used to. I know when i was with the father of my kids that we fought everyday and it was like i was just used to it and i stayed. But after i got away i was like i will never ever go back to him or any kind of relationship like that. We have always gotton along. This girl he is with is very controlling with the children and um actually we were seeing each other for about a year i mean everyday except the weekends until she hired a private investigator to follow us around. I dont think this girl has his heart, i think she is very vindictive and he is a good father and he is not going to leave his children. Soapmaker said that she believes we are soulmates. Do you feel as if we are? I dont know what to do anymore. I just know that i truly love this man, and he may have a temper with her but he has never had a temper with me until he thought she was going to leave with his children. Everytime we see each other everything is great!! I have been to a psychic in my hometown and she told me that this girl was using voo doo on him. Do you see any of this? Thank you so much for everything and you are exactly right i have devoted myself to him entirely. My heart tells me tooo. 😞

  • Dear Highpriestess3, thanks for the reply. He has an old mother and he had told me that he's independent to chose his decision. Infact he had even come down to my place and spoke to my parents about marriage and promised that he will be back by December. But dunno why once he reached his home, he started avoiding me and gave me a comment that I was married before and am hiding things. Its utter nonsense, I was just engaged when I was 25 which was broken and I told him about it. Well, I am working independently and faced lots of struggle in my life since I was 22. My Dad went through financial crisis and I had supported him for years, and when things gradually turned better then I prepared myself for marraige. My Mom loves me and am lucky to have a wonderful family, but I dunno why at every point of life I have to go through this pain.

    I really love this guy and think life without him as he was one who proposed me and now he's just now contacting me. However, if I contact him he does reply back and he even said he never said he will not marry me but still this suspense as I find not the same man as he was before. He was born in 1st Nov 1971.

    Please read again and let me know if he will come back to me. Thanks so much for investing your precious time. May God Bless you always.

  • Dear Mother32

    Well...I'm not as good at the future as the Soapmaker,(or LeoScorpion) is, but like her I believe that you are soulmates, it is just that I think that being apart is much more damaging for you than it is him. You are about to experience your Saturn return, which always means more responsibilites and feelings of being icast adrift in an hostile universe . The next year or so will be 'seed' time, rather than harvest - I think he will always return to you, but I also think that someone else may sweep you off your feet when you least expect it, ....if you let them!. The trouble is that in your mind you have made him into a saint, whereas he is merely a very mortal sinner...albeit an attractive one. Be with him sure, but with your eyes wide open and be realistic about your future together. Peace and love.

  • Dear Talisa

    Thanks for the Reiki...very kind of you. Good luck for the future. Peace and love.

  • Thank you talisa...That is so sweet!

    High priestess, we work well together my friend!!!

    Brightest blessings and hugs to all.

    If I have not done a reading for anyone yet, I am so sorry. Been swamped with over flowing life this week!!!! Please post again.

  • Highpriestess3,

    Thank you so much. I truly appriciate your honesty. Thanks for shining some light on my situation. You have made me look at things very differently. Thank you.

  • Dear SagScorpio....I am so sorry that you have felt so low,, but in your heart you know that if his family have turned aganst you and yours, then the odds of him coming back to you are not good.. I think that a man who acts dishonourably like that, is not worth having anyway. Surely if you and your family look around, you will find a much more honourable suitor? If he behaves like this now, what chance is there of any future happiness together? Suspiion and his false accusations would follow you wherever you went... it would be disastrous for you.You and your family deserve better and until you put him aside emotionally , you will continue to be unhappy. You deserve loyalty and have been a good daughter and will be a good wife, but find someone who deserves you. Peace and love.Let me know what you decide please.

  • Dear Soapmaker...hi. and thanks.....hope you're feeling better after your migraine. Yes we do work well together...I read pieces of paper , but you read the universe intuitively, which I cannot do, Peace, love and hugs.

  • Dear're very welcome. Let me know when things take a turn for the better. Peace and love.

  • Dear Soap maker or High Priestess3,

    I hope you are well and taking enough care of rejuvenate and replenish.

    I am reposting because you suggested...I would like to know the prospects for a relationship with a fellow virgo friend whom I recently met...he is currently going through the termination of his marriage and I am reticent (so is he) to start anything towards a relationship unless he completes that phase o fhis life. what I would like to know is what you see for this prospect. I feel very drawn to him but in an effortless way...we have easy rapport and one sentence seems to convey more than frienship...I actually saw his face while in hypnotherapy clearing past life blockages...but it was a brief glimpse and then it changed to someone else...My birthdate is 30-8-70 and his is 15-09-70. Any advice for how to relate to him at this stage, or what the prospects are, or what role he played in past lives...would be so helpful...

    Thank you...Angels among us!


  • Hi Andherson,

    I feel that he is a friend from a past life. That you both recognized your sould from then. I feel he will become a good friend..nothing more I can see but that. But you know our paths can change by our inner hearts decisions. Thank you for your kind words and Namaste my friend

    High Priestess. Yes we do hon. I love the validation you give me. You are very good at astrology hon. You read my chart extremely well. I understood the house that makes me selfless and that is a requirement to higher spirituality. For the first time, what you said about that house in my chart makes sense to me. It also allowed me to see my life's journey and know I found the path to what I am here for in this lifetime!

    Blessings and hugs my friend.

  • Dear Suncappygirl...there is no obvious connection to you and an Aquarian, but I need his data to do an accurate reading You have a Virgo ascendant and should read Virgo before Gemini in magazines. Have you had a child over the last couple of years.? Perhaps you were too busy working. You are a wordsmith...good with words and communication of all kinds, but rather overcritical. The Aquarian will like your mental agility, but your mother is the one to listen to. ...she knows what you need and what will make you happy, so do listen to her. A late Cancerian, or.Leo might make a good partner...they would provide you wth a challenge...I suspect your Aquarian sees you as a wise-woman more than as a love-prospect, but let me know what you do about this. Peace and love.

  • Dear Andherso...could you supply times and places you were born please? Thanks

  • Thank you very much...I feel a very pure connection to him...empathy for the strain he's going through and am very careful not to insert any other effort but to be his friend at this am happy to know that we can be good you see him actually getting a divorce as he is in the process of separating from his current wife?

    I am also seeking to relocate to a new country...are you able to give me any advice on when would be the best time to do so. I have an oportunity discussing with a firm in North America...but am not willing to make another mistake moving especially as I have a young son to raise...and am thinking of homeschooling him in January. Is this the right move for him at this time?


  • Dear glad to have helped..stay in touch..having been to the USA quite a bit lately, I have found the earth much more' alive' there...people more spiritual there . England is so crowded that it is hard to find that kind of vitality in the earth, that kind of connectedness to the universe. Thanksgiving sums up that geeling probably....but we don't have that here. Peace and love..

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