• Didn't play lotto, played play 4 instead got two out of four numbers, oh well.

  • Last night I dreamed about a huge feast again this is a recurring dream for me, different locations always a feast or banquet, all kinds of yummy stuff and oh cocktails! Wonder what it means?

  • poetic, oh well there is always next week right? I think its weekly thing, the lotto I mean

    I never play it for a long time now, upset because I never win hahaha

    not sure about huge feast. was told that it wasn't good sign but I never had bad things happening after I dreamed of something like that. maybe minor stuffs, like failed exam but if I don't prepare myself right of course I will fail.

  • Every time I've seen a bird trapped or injured or having trouble in some way one of my cats either dissapears or gets hurt soon after. So now if I see a bird in distress I make sure to keep an eye on my cats, make sure they come in that night, etc...

    I encounter many types of signs on a regular basis. All I have to do is ask for a sign and I get one soon after. It's really cool.

  • Read the post from the lady about The same #'s over and over again, I like her story about Dragonflys, pretty cool.

  • I don't have a phobia for spiders but whenever a spider makes it presence known to me something bad happens. I live close to water and there's a lot of spiders although I have never gotten bit. I actually like them because they trap a lot of insects. There's one that's yellow and black and weaves a really big web. When you approach it, it starts jumping up and down on the web like a trampoline to scare you off. I got stung recently by wasps--first time in my life. When they start swarming is when you have to watch out. If you watch them, they have about 4 or 5 guards that just watch the nest. That's what I got stung by.

  • I used to have a bad experience after I dreamt of snakes too

    that's why I was afraid of them

    but knowing the strength of snakes which is flexibility and wisdom, I remember at the time I was really stubborn and not admitting mistakes. it was a period in my life I rebelled against everything and everyone. if only I knew what the snakes quality are, I would've learned it.

    not sure though if all animals you see are sent to lend their qualities, they could be a sign of something. I don't know all signs, only what I have had before.

  • poetic dreaming of a banquet with lots of food and drinks and happy people represents a wonderful time of your life. A celebration of life so to speak. THis should be a happy time for you congratulations. Enjoy. ( ;

  • dreaming about crows - "To see a crow in your dream, represents death and the darker aspects of your character. The dream could also be pointing out your annoying habits. Alternatively, the crow may be conveying a message from your unconscious".

    i do know that the indians believe that seeing crows while travelling is a bad sign. seeing hawks, however, is a good sign.

    and i totally believe in signs and signals but you have to be "in tune" and you have to be listening.

  • I hope so, things have not been good lately.

  • I just want to give you something to think about that I believe is true. I have been told in a couple of retreats that I go to that the closer you get to God the more trouble (in general) you'll encounter. A lot of people wrestle with the idea of the devil. I guess evil might be a more appropriate word to use. In my own personal journey, I find that it's true. I have to identify potential roadblocks or people and avoid them. Although I would like to say that the more good you do or involved in the easier it gets but that's just not the case a lot of the time. If you continue on your path of the truth, that is your reward. I have faith that God will lighten the load. I tell him of my troubles, I call out to Him.

  • I tried posting this but didn't work. Maybe will show up twice. Anyway, Poetic, wanted to tell you that sometimes the closer you get to God the more trouble you encounter. A lot of people have trouble with the devil so maybe evil is a more appropriate word to use. Sometimes our only answer is that we are on the path of truth. I have faith that God will lighten my load. I call out to Him and when I don't that doesn't help. This is helpful for me.

  • Thanks Dalia I believe that whole heartedly! Whenever I'm having a deeper relationship with God, Things start happenings. He (Satan) is not worried about us when he thinks he has us. You feel as though you are under attack. One time I gave advice to this young person who was being threatned by a evil entity and the next day, I almost got into two car accidents, very scary, I took it as a threat. I know though that if God is for us, who can be against us? Thanks Dalia!

  • I fully believe in signs and that we should all use acute awareness to recognize these signs. I have encountered several just in the past half year or so that leads me to believe that a certain happening in my life is about to transpire. Maybe not immediately, but in the near future.

  • Last night I think I had a lucid Dream, I dreamed I got a phone call in my caller I.D. and I said to myself you need to write this number down, realizing that I should wake up and write down the number, but I was was too lazy to get up, even though I think I remembered it upon awakening, don' t know what to do with the numbers though, very weird.

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