• I'm trying to decide should I play the lotto tonite, I asked the Universe haven't gotten a response.

  • hey I play lotto too

    so do billions of people around the world

    I haven't seen any feather hahaha so I guess you will get something and not I

  • Let hope we both do! They say don't wish or pray, believe it's already done, Affirmation or something, Pray that it is in alliance with what "God" wants for us at this time in our life! I am desperate girl!

  • lol yeah do what you believe

    why don't you play bingo it's less people bigger chance you win something

  • BORING! And i keep up with those pro's who can handle 10 cards at once. My head starts spining I like Immediate gratification. Ha

  • I meant can't keep up.

  • Hello. I wanted to share one of my many experiences with reading signs. I've always been a true believer in signs and am the first to rush and see what my animal totem book has to say about certain animals when they appear in my life (out of character of their usual behavior of course). I ignored every sign possible when I flew to Oklahoma to marry my (soon to be ex-husband). The universe did NOT want me to go....cancelled flights, delayed flights....tons of sleeping in airports...engine troubles.. all for a trip that should have taken only a day......in fact my friend who writes for a newspaper did an article on the whole fiasco. I enjoy reading everyone else's experiences. It's nice to know I'm not alone!

  • lol poetic yeah I know what you mean it's hard to keep up for me too.

    lilpisces yeah animals are sent to lend us their strength and qualities when we are struggling

    I just had new power animals sent to me by the universe

    I used to be stubborn and not admitting mistakes and always pick a fight

    those days in the years of my lie I always dreamt of snakes which according to my religion at the time was not a good thing

    but since I am closer to the new spiritual path I was told what snake represents which is wisdom and flexibility

    Duh, of course, that was exactly what I need to be at the time instead of self righteousness 🙂

    I have a link that may help and it's fun to read

    www dot animalspirits dot com

    whether you dream of it or see animals out of nowhere, check it out, it may be there to lend you its power

  • Thank you leoscorpion. I will definitely check that link out and also refer it to my friend who is more into the native american teachings and animals (we all have our favorite part of Spirit!). I had a dove land and rest at my feet at a time when I was so so lost (violent death in the family, divorce, moving home and starting with nothing). I remember praying for guidance as I watched my daughter walk to the bus stop when it appeared almost out of nowhere. I made eye contact with it and I felt calm...like all my troubles would melt away one by one..it was certainly an overwhelming feeling of knowing.....it's still processing a year later but most things have come out ok....and when I get to feeling low or impatient, a dove somehow shows up in a dream, or on a site I'm drawn to, or in one instance an ornament (it's a whole other story in itself) just to remind me that it's in His time not my time.

  • that is so cool lilpisces

    yep dove's strength among all is affection and patience

    true we all are part of the universe and so all beliefs have to be respected

    unless of course it promotes violence and does not support life

    native american teachings sounds interesting, does she/he have a website?

    I have one link but not native american

    she does work with animals, past lives etc

    www dot wingedwolf dot citymax dot com

    but her guides are in native american form

  • OK couldn't resist ....my grandmother passed away 4 almost 5 years ago I was with her when she passed at home. Her favorite thing was to sit in the backyard and watch the birds, cardinals and humming birds were here favorites. Since she has passed whenever things are going especially rough for me and I am thinking about her, I will see a cardinal and yes I know it's a very common bird but I go very long stretches without seeing a single one and I live with trees that are old and huge all around my house. But I have always felt this a way of her giving me comfort in hard times & if not it does anyway.

    Also to LS I know what you mean about people saying that snakes (dreaming of) means someone is trying to hide true intentions, or hidden enemies etc etc etc, I have snakes, I love snakes, always have. The Egyptian Cartouche which of course is a cobra actually stands for positive and spiritual wisdom I am responding to that b/c I actually have one on my ankle tattoo for that purpose (sort of to remind me lol) along with Anubis for protection and Bast for happiness I told you I dabble in those philosophies lol and Native American beliefs as we have discussed are big for me too I might check that website out too Lil Pisces

    Blessed be to you all thanks for being there

  • I see. so these are the earth philosophies you are learning

    Interesting. I'm going to see if I can get my hands on some books about them

    the one that I was told I relate to from Egyptian era is cat

    I love cats and certainly am delighted that I can relate to it

    gonna check out some books online now 🙂

  • The cat is Bast I have her too and Anubis was the one who was the protector of souls on their journey between worlds

  • Cool. I used to like reading Egyptian history whe I was young

    so now is the right time to return to that interest

    any book you can suggest me? or author?

  • Hi, I hear what your saying about signs. This was about an animal. Animals respond to food. When I go jogging or walking the neighbor dogs don't go crazy anymore because I bring food. Some of neighbors don't mind, some do. I don't care. I like to jog in peace. I had a confrontation with a pack of dogs that surrounded me and were pretty viscious. I was with my mother and son. We just kept walking and talking and they left. Don't let an animal know that your afraid (if you are.)

  • I was thinking about cats as protectors. The only cat that would be a real protector is a big cat. And only if you are the one feeding it. I think the Egyptians probably had those big cats on drugs. I don't know. That's just what I concluded after thinking about it. They probably had them walking around them. Maybe as a show of power.

  • See I always thought of Dreams of snakes as enemies.

  • Thats a beautiful story Rikku, it probably is her.

  • Thats a beautiful story Rikku, it probably is her.

  • Lil Pisces a dove represents peace, thats beautiful.

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