• Last Friday as I left work walking towards my car there was a ugly black crow standing on one foot on the top of my car. The bird watched me approach and didn't fly away like it was waiting on me. I was afraid but decided to be brave and yelled at the bird to get away, which it did after hesitated I believed this was a bad sign but didn't know what it meant. I'm thinking now it was a messenger or harbringer of bad news. My weekend was horrific all kids of terrible things happened, i think this bird was warning me. There is another belief that when birds fly in a windows someone is going to die, I have witnessed that happening before too. Any thoughts?

  • Yes I believe in signs also. Black crows are just creepy in general. I wouldve felt alarmed too. I hopw things get better for you.

  • Thanks!

  • OMG!! Wish I had heeded the signs....First marriage-snow storm that day. Second marriage-bat in the church rectory. Wild but I (hope) I know better now!

  • LOL! I know and God showed me my husband was a nut before we got married! Didn't listen!

  • hahaha

  • I think "signs" are a little more subtle and most times if we aren't listening, we miss the message.

    I have crow's at my bird feeders, but that's because they're hungry like all the other birds who gather. I don't believe they mean me any harm.

  • Hi, The crow may have been hurt and was looking to you for compassion. If they are used to feeding in a certain area, they are more tame. Don't yell at him. If dogs ever chase you, don't yell at them either--could make it worse.

  • Same with bee's when you swing and swat at them, they get defensive, other then that they're just looking for a little nectar.

  • well yeah having crows at your bird feeder is one thing but having one on the top of your car staring at your face is another. i am not saying it was a bad omen either but definantly a sign of some kind I would think. Yeah probably shouldnt yell at animals though. even if they frighten you. ( :

  • There were at least 50 cars in the Parking Lot, that bird was waiting for me and I am not paranoid. I got the creeps.

  • If it was a dove or a blue bird, o.k. Not particular about any birds for that matter, but no that bastard had evil in his eye's.

  • I get it, I agree its totally creepy. Ever watch birds, Stephen King?

  • Saw that movie "The Birds" Alfred Hitchcock. I let my kid's watch it and every year when the birds come south for the Winter we all get the creeps. Crapping everywhere, them and the tourists. (smile) Just kidding. Dalia is a sweet heart.

  • yep some signs I can understand right away, some I don't however.

    the universe always gives us hints and some of them are signs or it could be done through other people's words.

  • Signs can be easily missed. I live in mountainous country and have gone off the road 3 times while commuting to work in the last 4 years. I think someone might be telling me it's time to retire.

  • Be careful! Here's another one, if your hand is itching it means you are going to get money from somewhere. 🙂

  • lol poetic that's superstitious

    I have itchy hands all the time in winter, which only means dry skin 🙂

    but yeah the universe has been generous to me all this 3 years I have no income

    I give thanks but I might have missed some signs prior to that

  • That is wonderful leo.

  • yeah I will be checking out this thread now and then. see if there are some signs people posted about. I might be able to relate to them.

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