Could someone please help me with a reading??

  • I've liked my friend Chris since I was 15.We hadn't seen each other in 20 yrs then I saw him back in February/March and we started to chat with each other explicitly then all of a sudden he stopped talking to me.

    My questions are will I talk to or see Chris ever again??

    Is he single??

    Will Chris and I ever be together??

    What are his feelings for me??

    His birth date 25/1/1974

    Mine 15/5/1974 9.50 am Liverpool Australia

  • I have a distinct feeling you will see him again, but it will be a chance meeting. He will show up when you have almost forgotten him. I also have a feeling he isn't single, but he doesn't love who he's with as much as he thinks. I bet he'll realize he misses you, but I'd be surprised if he is your true love. (Let me know if I'm totally wrong, but I don't think I am).

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  • Pilot007, I'm so sorry about not getting back with you sooner. I don't currently have email, but I'm working on it!! Thanks for your patience; I WILL do a reading for you. I would tell you here, but since you request not, I'll wait. Hold on!

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  • Since you do not have email you may post it here.

    I look forward to your response tonight.

  • Pilot007, here is my reading for you.

    I have a bad feeling about this compromise. He will likely want you to do something for him that compromises your values and sense of right and wrong. It may be physical or may involve your influence over someone. You may benefit if you accept (as in a stellar recommendation at your own job) but I feel he will come off better if you do accept, and I would advise against it. A young blonde at his workplace envies your position and influence, so be on your guard. Whatever you do, don't seek revenge. What goes around comes around. I feel the situation is imminent, and will happen within the next month.

    In your past relationship with your ex, you admired his inner razzle-dazzle. He brought light to your sometimes serious self. You probably found him too unpredictable and changeable for your liking, and a tad unstable, so you went your separate ways. I think he still has feelings for you, but wishes he did not.

    If you handle the situation with grace and dignity, your reputation will remain intact and you will have the happiest outcome. Someone influential on the sidelines may even notice your tact and diplomacy. Again, tread carefully. Good luck, and best wishes!

  • Wow JuneMoon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You have left me speechless....

    I can't believe that you can know all of this through the internet! Kind of scary!

    Yes, he did bring light into my lonely serious self.

    Yes, he can be unstable sometimes; which drove me up and down the wall!!

    Yes, he does not like to admit that he has feelings for me.

    You are GOOD I have to say. Too bad you will not continue to do readings, I would be happy to pay you through PAYPAL.

    Please e-mail me if you decide to do further readings.

    Thank You again.

  • I am still doing readings! Why did you think I'm not? I just can't go on the Internet every day, unfortunately, and do readings only when I feel well. Let me know if you need any other readings, though. No money, please!

  • OH GOOD!!!

    Glad to hear that you are still doing readings JuneMoon.

    WOW!! I never knew I had so much influence at his company. Yes, me getting physical with someone would definitely challenge my morals and values. However, if I am backed up against the wall I will come out swinging!! LOL!!!

    Here are my new questions:

    Myself: 04-21-73


    Is my ex facing a legal matter at this time? What are the details of this dispute?

    You stated that I have influence over someone, and he might want me to get physical with this individual. Are you talking about the young blonde employee; or, another employee that he might want me to have influence or get physical with?

    Also it seems that he is being sneaky about something?

    Please help me JuneMoon when you have the time.

    Thanks in Advance,

  • junemoon26...have you been on here a long time? I would love to find out why i cry over someone i barely know..yet feel like I have known for a long time...his birthday is:31/5/1981 mine is 23/8/ say if it is not smooth it is not to be..but something keeps bringing me back to him.,and him to me.

  • Pilot007:

    Yes, I think your ex is facing a legal matter at this time. That would make sense. His actions have bothered a lot of people, and several have wised up, including the influential person (and no, I don't think this person wants you to get physical with him right away, but he might have romantic interest in you, or just admire your personality). I have a feeling karma will determine this one. If your ex has been meaning well but his actions have been misinterpreted , he will come out on top. However, and this is more likely, if he has been abusing his position of power, he will fall from grace, possibly losing his job. If he does fall, the young blonde will go down with him.

    I would advise not getting directly involved in the matter. Your ex is up to something, and if you get involved, you could be blamed even if you didn't do anything (he would be anxious to blame you, also). Better to watch from the sidelines and only become involved if you know you are needed. Good luck!

  • Hi merm! I would love to do a reading for you, but I'm afraid I'll have to wait until tomorrow. Hang on, okay?

  • Hi, Junemoon26, I was wondering if you could help me too, I recently added this post and have yet to receive a reply....and right now I feel pretty desperate for closure. You seem very intuitive and to the point. I will copy and paste it here. :

    Approximately 8 months ago my fiance and split do to to fact we argue too much. We both let our past relationships effect the current one to much and ended up hurting each other tremendously. Up until this past August, we had still been seeing each other on and off, as he couldn't figure out what he wanted, he rarely ever goes back to a relationship after it has ended. He couldn't figure out if he was in love with me or not, analyzing every single detail, every negative detail I might add, and couldn't see us being together for the long haul again. I was willing to make tremendous changes for him (I am to blame for a lot of our problems), as I am scarred very deeply from my past, and let those wounds resurface with him, when I shouldn't have. I am a capricorn and he is a virgo.

    I felt such an overwhelming connection with this man when we first met, all throughout our relationship, during the good and bad. I cannot shake the feeling that we are still meant to be together, although reality says we're you see, two months ago he started seeing someone else. A young taurus. This breaks my heart to pieces, even though it was my choice to cut off all contact because his indecision was tearing me apart. I have not truly spoken with this man for well over two months, and I still can't seem to move on. Something deep inside is telling me that they won't be together long...and him and I belong together. I have to shake this.

    Can anyone give me any insight on this? On their relationship...and what is in store for me? I can't seem to get motivated and nothing seems to be matter how hard I try. I need to completely give up on this "meant to be together" feeling, but I don't know how, as I feel this so deep inside. Any advice or reading would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


  • I will do readings for both of you as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience!

  • No, Thank you in advance! 😃

  • thankyou very much would mean alot to me.

  • Blondie, here's what I've gathered from what you've told me. I'll have more insight if you could share yours and your ex's birth dates.

    It's a common trait of Virgos to be overly analytical and unable to see the big picture. And unfortunately, both Virgos and Capricorns tend to be somewhat pessimistic.

    You are right: him and the Taurus will not stay together long. She finds his maturity attractive now, but he'll soon become boring to her and she'll break it off. He may come running back to you. I'm sorry to say this, but listen closely: he is only perfect to you because he's not around. If he returns, I have a feeling it will only be to leave again. He is not pining for you as you are for him; his dating the Taurus proves it. You deserve much better than this man.

    I had a very similar experience to yours. I was seeing a Pisces guy two years ago and thought he was my soul mate, he was so kind, sweet and caring. Then, without warning, he disappeared. I wasted more time than I'd like to admit pining for him (almost six months) before moving on. Then, once I had, I saw him. He had changed a lot. He came running to me like we'd never been apart. I was so disgusted I ran without looking back.

    That's not to say your situation is exactly like mine was, but please carefully consider whether you truly want to be with him if he does come back to you. Trust your intuition, and good luck!

  • Merm, here is my reading for you:

    You are attracted to his sunny disposition. His tendency to look on the bright side attracted you, and your delicate and feminine demeanor appealed to him.

    You are looking for true love, and once you find it you'll probably want to make it permanent and get married However, the guy you miss is not as interested in commitment right now. He wants to explore his options, one of which is you.

    You have two choices: one, you can wait for him in hopes he'll come to the conclusion that he wants to be with you. Or, you can start looking for someone more dependable. Remember, right and wrong decisions are not written in stone. Follow your intuition and do what you feel is right. Best wishes!

  • Love how ppl are using my board to get readings from someone else when I asked 1.

    Talk about irony.

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