Captain please.

  • Hi Captain, can I get some advice regarding my work/ employment situation? I’ve been struggling to stay up float with bills ever since I got physically and mentally ill. And now I’m questioning if I want to continue in this field …

  • I pulled one of my spiritual guidance cards for you, Sweetoty. This is your guides' advice:

    "Your situation calls for more creativity and less seriousness, for you to lighten up. Life is fleeting - all situations, good and bad, are only temporary. So why worry or obsess over them? You must reconnect with your inner child and rediscover the original sense of awe, innocence and wonder you felt for the world when young. Have a good laugh at yourself for being so serious. Let yourself relax more and your creative side will flourish. Discover your own unique way to make this situation work for you. Don’t over-analyse or philosophize or stress over life or your situation. Just let go and enjoy yourself, rather than slogging away because you feel you have to. Enjoy life. FEEL it. Experience it. Loosen up and go in whatever direction the flow of your situation takes you. Don’t structure it or try to compel it towards a certain direction. Free yourself from what you feel you 'should' do or feel. Get creative and try to do something different with the situation or approach it from a new angle or direction. Draw, write, sing, dance it (or however else you express your creativity). Play with it, even be silly sometimes. If you aren’t experiencing joy and happiness in your situation, then something has gone seriously wrong and you are walking the wrong road. There must be no rush or expectation here - yes, it is important at the right time to have discipline and focus, but you must also enjoy yourself. So go out there and just have fun, whether at work or play. Take the pressure off yourself and you will see your life blossom. Trust that the Universe has your back and wants the best for you. The more time you can spare for purely enjoyable pursuits and play, the more relaxed and grounded you will likely feel when you return to work. Stress and worry can disconnect us from our Higher Selves, our intuition. Grounding is important for us all in order for us to remain connected to the earth, to stay practical and realistic, to make concrete plans and achieve them, to be able to stay present in our lives and not drift away into another world of imaginary troubles. Just because we are here doesn’t mean we want to be here. There is a lot of pain in this life we live, and being ungrounded is a way of not being present, of not having to deal with the world. But we DO have to learn to deal with life - that is why we came here to earth. Regular periods spent engaging in light-hearted activities can be the perfect antidote to the worldly stressors you must face each day. During play and playful pursuits, you can lose yourself in what is immediately before you, giving you an opportunity to let go of any tension you are retaining in our body or mind. Your ability to fix your focus in ‘the now’ will be heightened by your immersion in the present moment, and you will enjoy yourself even when there are challenging events unfolding in your life. Distressing thoughts can be released from your mind and replaced by pleasant musings. Long after the period of play is finished, you can recapture the positive feelings that you established within yourself. Being positive is the only way to achieve anything. Your festive mood will give you an agreeable outlet through which to divest yourself of tension. Don’t stop daydreaming though, as this is the secret to your creativity; of course, if you persistently notice that your mind wanders away from what you are supposed to be focusing on right now, simply say to yourself: "Be here now."

  • @TheCaptain
    Thank you so much, Captain. Exactly what I needed to hear for clarity. I’m unhappy with my current job, but like you said I should take a different approach, and I do have something in mind that it is still connected to my line of work but this other alternative allows me to be creative and that is what makes me happy, and so I will go full force with it now 😁

    Thanks again Captain for everything and being generous with your time 💖🙏

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