• DOB 6/20/87
    His 4/12/79
    Insight please?

  • This relationship can hold a seductive kind of charm for its participants while at the same time making one or both of you recklessly rebellious against its claiming and cloying attitudes. Its seductive power, in fact, might prove to be too much of a good thing. Your partner may begin with very protective feelings toward you, and once his sympathy is aroused, it is only a small step for him to fall head over heels in love. Seductive to the extreme, you may be unconsciously leading him on without realizing it. Actually, though, you are more likely to become devoted than him, as he may become uncomfortable with the extent of your emotions and, if so, might feel forced to rebel. Otherwise, however, as a love affair, this relationship can work out well. Should marriage loom, on the other hand, you are much too private as a person to be happy with the kind of entourage with which your partner can surround himself, especially at home. Territorial conflicts may also arise, since both of you, and particularly you Geminikitten, must be able to call your home your own. If the marriage is to have a chance, both of you will have to learn to share, adjust and accommodate.

  • The seduction part is quite interesting as this relationship began based on sheer attraction before any feelings were developed. Without marriage or even cohabitating, as I do like my privacy at times, do you see this relationship lasting long term?

  • @geminikitten compromises would have to be made for this to go long term.

  • Can you tell me what you see for us in the near future? If there will be compromises or not? He is currently hot and cold.

  • @geminikitten yeah he won't be compromising but will expect it of you.

  • So you see a future if I compromise? Anything else you see for us?

  • There is no future unless you both compromise. An unequal partnership where only one person is doing all the giving never works out.

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