The captain, please.

  • Hi Captain, if possible, I would love some clarity & guidance from you, please.

    I have recently broke it off with my boyfriend of 3 years after a long year of lies and betrayal on his part. Last year I found out about his reconnection with an ex, and now they have a business together, everything was going on behind my back. I eventually begin to grow suspicions and decides to research and that’s how I found out about him and his ex.
    I was in pain, depression, it hit me hard, didn’t know what to believe, if they were telling me the truth after I confronted them. but now my peace and health is priority and I broke it off with him. Can I please get some clearly & guidance from you ?

    I thank you ahead of time,

  • @sweetoty

    My DOB 1/26/1981
    His 6/17/87
    The ex’s name is Sandra Seise

  • @sweetoty your ex is untrustworthy because he has a need for attention that cannot be satisfied by one person alone. He is selfish and can be physically undemonstrative and emotionally aloof. He needs his ego stroked often. It was never going to work out romantically between you as he is very immature emotionally. You were not well suited. Jealousy and discomfort were always going to be issues here. You are better off apart.

  • @TheCaptain
    Thank you Captain

  • @sweetoty I'm sorry to hear about your love life. Even though you chose to end it, which requires strength qnd courage it is still sad initially. I hope you quickly find a partner who is much better for you and you find the happiness you deserve. Take care

  • @Tarotintrigue
    I appreciate your words. I came on here right now to somehow find some comfort, your words help, thank you.
    I have good days, better days and sometimes it’s just painful, like today. But I don’t think it’s normal to still feel this level of pain for this long. I’m now questioning the root of my depression.

    But how easy is it to know that he was fighting someone else’s battles attending court with her for a custody case and around the same time enforcing me to not talk about my court custody case with him.

    How easy is it to know that he would Entertain the topic of marriage with me only if there’s a prelim involved yet he sent her 50,000 for an investment on her property with no business contract or anything to secure his investment, involvement, and profit share.

    He played me a fool for 3 years and it hurts.

  • You're being too hard on yourself. There is no time limit for grief. Any relationship ending is difficult, but you have the anger of being lied to to deal with too. I'd think it would take longer as you have more hurt if that makes sense, so please don't put pressure on yourself to get over it.

    You've been through a lot, you'll get over it in time.

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