Help interpreting a love spread Rider/Waite

  • Hello!

    I've only got a little bit of experience with tarot so I require a bit of help with interpretations. I am currently interested in pursuing someone who I feel may too be showing some interest. The way I had laid the spread out was

    Card 1: How I feel - King of Cups
    Card 2: How they feel - VIII of Swords
    Card 3: Advice on how to proceed - Knight of Swords
    Card 4: The likely outcome - Knight of Wands

    I placed the cards side by side. I noticed that the King of Cups and the Knight of Swords were both facing toward the VIII of swords which seemed to represent the person in questions confused feelings.

    I feel this may stem from my emotions toward them seeming unclear (hence King of Cups) and the advice may be to pursue but the outcome (Knight of Wands) seems to signify a passionate unstable affair.

    Am I reading this correctly? Is there anything I could be missing?

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