Tricky situation

  • Please no hate! Just need somewhere safe to get things off my chest.
    So my brothers best friend is a Cancer and I am a Sagittarius. From what i have red online they are not a good match at all, but it’s funny as as we’ve always had this spark between us and everyone notices it too and I feel we get on well. The thing is he has a girlfriend and she is a Virgo. They clearly get on well because they are currently on holiday together. My cousin see pictures of them both on the holiday and said he doesn’t look all that happy because I confided in her about what happened.
    But the thing is unfortunately something happened recently which I didn’t want to happen like that at all, I always thought if he ever became single then I’d love to like see if he’d like to go on a date or something as Iv always been respectful. Well we both kissed recently and he told me he fancied me and wants to date me one day but he has some growing up to do ( he is a young lad ). Iv red up that cancers and virgos make a soul mate match. But my thing is if they are a soul mate match why did he cheat on her? Iv seen him since this my brother invited him over he actually left her house to come round mine for dinner with my family which I thought he’d maybe want to avoid being around me after what happened but clearly he didn’t and he even bought my mum a gift. We don’t ever text or meet in private anything like that because of obvious reasons he has a girlfriend and I have to also think about my brother too he would be upset, perhaps if he was single then maybe he wouldn’t be. We decided to keep the kiss between us and obviously I’m not a home wrecker and wouldn’t sleep with the guy. The kiss just happened as we was at a party and things just got a bit a tad heated.

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