Interpretation Advice Please? - Thank you 😊

  • Any help will be much appreciated,

    The page of cups showed up in the position of “what someone never said but wanted to”

    I’ve looked on a few sites to try and help me, and so far what I have found, is the page of cups often shows up as a situation or a person, usually younger, in your life.

    I’m struggling how to use the information I’ve found to understand it in the position it is in.

    If anyone has some ideas/advice on what this could mean, that would be really helpful.

    Thank you

  • @TL147 hello, if page of cups card come in reading, it simply means that guaranteed good news is coming your way in a month. Or if your are single someone will propose you soon.


  • @TarotNeha cups are about feelings so perhaps they never said how they felt about you? I assume the question was about an ex? Not all relationships work out but you can still be fond of someone and regret not sating how you feel.

  • What position is it in?