Why does this girl talk me?

  • hello Captain the girl I have been talking to off and on for a few now Ive talked about her before I wondering why she even talks to me I hope it ant cause she feels sorry for me also I heard a not so nice rumor about her recently Im not going into details on what it was I asked her about it she said it wasnt true and I believe her my question is why does she talk/text me is it cause she feels sorry for me or does she really think Im cool ? I feel connected to her cause we both went though hard times In life does she really enjoy talking to me? she says she loves her fiancĂ© but I feel there is reason why they ant tied the knot I dont like her fiance I believe he is a jerk and I think she would better off without him I remember the warning you told me dont lose myself in her drama hers her birthday December 2 1996 and could you also give an insight on her fiance July 29 1996

  • This can be a fiery relationship but this couple loves the passion of it. This girl has a hair-trigger temper and, when combined with this guy's dynamic energies, there can be fireworks. But this is generally a good relationship for love, with honour and honesty between them.

  • why does she talk to me I hope it isnt because she feels sorry for me or does she legitimately like me as friend ? I also fear the day her fiance finds out about me I have had dreams about him trying to attack me also should i take a break from talking to her for a while ?

  • @scotty667 she sees you as an acquaintance more than a friend. Your dream is only your fears, not anything that might happen.

  • that makes sense cause she doesn't really know me one more question is she mad at cause i told her the rumor I heard and hes here fiance found out about me yet ?

  • @scotty667 no and no.

  • thanks again this and off topic question do you believe in dream premonitions ?

  • @scotty667 they are fairly rare, mostly they are our fears that come out while we sleep.

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