Does the gender of a psychic affect the reading?

  • Does the gender of a psychic affect the reading. I have noticed that with male readers the reading tends to be the direct opposite to that of a female reader. So my question is whether the reader is male or female affect the reading they give?

  • Hi, I think it's good to get input from different people. I think you get more ideas, insight etc. I've talked with psychics on the phone and although probably won't again, I enjoyed what the men had to say.

  • Definantly, women seem to hit on the emotional aspect of things more, naturally. And men have a more stick to the facts approach thats been my experience. Getting different opinions can either help you formulate your own answer or confuse you even more. Go with what you feel fits you best.

  • I don't know for me in general I feel more of a connection with a female reader. The male readers I have encountered more often than not made me feel as if they weren't even paying attention. I am not sure we were face to face and there were long pauses I just was very turned off

  • I think they suppose to be able to separate what's pertaining to your case and what's not. I don't think they should allow personal emotions interfere with the reading either, which is why it could take years of training to be a good one.

    I have met a male medium and he wasn't that good, he certainly didn't know what a psychic supposed to know. When I went to a female medium, she picked up what he didn't pick up and it wasn't emotional thing at all. I was thinking about an item I had at home. but yeah the male snapped out for some reason lol I didn't even say anything I was waiting for him to finish, so that's why he didn't pick up what the other picked up, he was too emotional probably had a bad day before I came in.

  • I also had a reading with both men and women who cannot separate their personal opinions from what I am asking. Initially when things happened with my ex she seemed to have a lot of bitterness towards men.

  • yep it goes for both gender since we all have emotions.

    but I was kind of expecting as a male he could be more detached or something. I suppose not.

    by the way I hope you see a solution to your problem. I saw your thread a few times how is it going?

  • its going okay I still miss him all of the time but I am trying so one day at a time

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