Captain plz

  • His dob is June 27. Mine is Feb 3. Can you give me any insight

  • @Dallyalot this relationship has a natural tendency to be analytical and to flex its mind power. The danger is that analysis can take the form of negative criticism - of nagging, complaining and other energy-draining activities that can wear you both down. This is ironic because your friend himself can have fluctuating moods and be quick to take offence at any form of criticism, and this vacillating touchiness can affect his relationships negatively. He is more prone to worrying and complaining than you, but you may not be tough enough to deal with this behaviour and generally prefer a relationship with few if any hassles. If negative criticism reaches too high a level, you may figure the relationship is not worth the effort. Turning the mental orientation to positive purpose, then, is a worthy goal here. Yet romantic impulses in this relationship can be severely blunted by an overly mental orientation. However, the relationship’s mind power can also be put to work thinking up ever more delightful means of enjoyment. A host of new activities and improvements for old ones - more fulfilling vacations, more imaginative and pleasurable lovemaking, more delicious and well-planned menus for example - all of these and more can attest to an intelligently hedonistic attitude. Positive criticism, then, can bring enjoyment rather than dissatisfaction to you both, while not denying the relationship’s critical focus.

    A marriage or friendship here must be careful not to be destructive toward others. Quite capable of bringing people down with its insightful and penetrating barbs, your relationship may become notorious in its social and family circles for puncturing over-inflated egos. Although this behaviour is sometimes necessary, over-indulgence in it can intimidate other people and make them uptight. Cultivating diplomacy, kindness and consideration will allow others to accept your observations in a much more constructive spirit.

  • @TheCaptain hi Captain, I haven't seen the critical or criticism side. Emotionally he can be moody. He can withdraw for a couple days then be totally all-in conversation.
    He's told me that is his personality. He does like to cook and talks about traveling. Thank you for the reading. He is absorbed in his mind and the analytical. He is very close to his mom and I feel that relationship is holding him back. He has taken on the role of caretaker in the family to help out. He's taking significant steps to make a future. I hope all goes well

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