What can I do to encourage my soulmate to enter my life. How does 3 play a role when he comes? Captain please help me with this?

  • What can I do to encourage my soulmate to enter my life. I was told he would be coming soon. Too look for signs like the number 3. Also I've been told he was Leo and then a different psychic said Taurus or Capricorn. Can Captain please tell me what are some things I can look for as to when he's entering my life and what are the signs? What can I look for in reference to number 3. My bd is 12-12-80.

  • I cannot speak to what other psychics tell you. I can explain that you attract the sort of person whose vibes are similar to yours. If you want to attract a loving, devoted soulmate, then you must first be this yourself. Can you honestly say you love and respect yourself well - do you pamper yourself often, buy yourself presents, take good care of your body, your mind, your heart, make the best choices for yourself out of intuition and not fear, etc? If you don't treat yourself well, then no one else will.

  • @TheCaptain, I agree with you. I've been getting to know myself well. I've been treating myself well, my body well and my heart. I've been buying some things for myself. When I can afford too. I've been doing a lot of reflecting and I've had a spiritual breakthrough. ✨ I'm doing much better. Ive been learning to love on my own.. I'm actually quite content with my life as it is right now.. Can you please tell me what the number 3 means in terms of spulmate connection and what other signs I need to look for?

  • @TulipLilly I do not know what meaning that particular psychic put on the number 3. But In numerology, 3 is a symbol of confidence and self-reliance, reminding us to hold ourselves in high esteem at all times. It's a message from above that we need to be more sure of ourselves and stay positive. Anyone around us that tries to bring us down should be ignored; we are in control of our own lives, and we shouldn't let anyone change that. 3 is also associated with wealth, knowledge, peace, wisdom and harmony. Those who connect with this number are said to have high levels of creativity, don't hold themselves back from self-expression, and exude the utmost confidence. The message of the 3 is for people who carry great creative potential but often struggle with focus. They may also struggle with naivety and weak egotism. But 3 is also associated with optimism and an abundance of energy.

    You do not need to look for signs - just trust that your soulmate will appear in your life when you are both ready. Meanwhile, focus on making yourself the best and happiest you can be. Find your independence. Become the sort of person who radiates love and self-esteem, someone whom others are attracted to.

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