Is the Saturn Mahadasha a Blessing or a Curse?

  • The Vimshottari Dasha in a child's Kundali is determined by the position of the Moon at the
    moment of birth. The process of calculating a Vimshottari Dasha is straightforward, and the
    method is far more scientific. Vimshottari's literal meaning is "hundred and twenty," which
    represents the total year allowed to all of the planets, which corresponds to a human life
    span of one hundred and twenty years. All planets are neutral during their Dasha or
    Antardasha, according to astrologers, whether favourable or negative.
    Vimshottari Dasha, Saturn's 19-year cycle The Saturn vimshottari Dasha interpretation is
    crucial since this is the moment when the individual realizes his limitations and accepts his
    mortality. This phase educates you about life's fragility and motivates you to practice
    spirituality, responsibility, honesty, and sincerity.
    If Saturn is well-placed, powerful by sign, and in the Trikona (Triangle), Kendra, or 11th
    house, tremendous prosperity is possible, because Saturn provides money via hard labour
    from companies related to Saturn's article (agricultural, education, government jobs,
    servants, old ladies, from the West). Hospitals, the elderly, inheritance, wills, and financial
    matters will all be discussed.
    If Saturn is weak, significant health issues or the loss of loved ones are possible outcomes.
    Saturn Mahadasha will present a significant challenge to those who are materialistic. If
    affected, a person will become immoral, addicted to drinking, indolent, a gangster, or
    deceptive. There might be humiliation, disappointments, late marriages, robbery, financial
    loss, anguish for the wife and children, jail, misery, mental problems, and property loss.
    Saturn's gemstone, blue sapphire, is worn after consulting an astrologer.
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    Some useful information about Vimshottari Dasha:
    The birth chart, which is determined by planetary placements and related configurations
    such as locations, conjunctions, and aspects, contains a promise. Commitment is just the
    first step; the rest will depend on the transits of the planets and the Dasha. Certain
    characteristics, such as Lordship, placements, aspects, and the power of planets, help the
    promise to come true. An entire planet's Dasha period is divided into portions, which are
    regulated by other planets.
    The Mahadasha is the major period, which is divided into sub-periods that are active at the
    same time. Some significant event in the native's life is always impacted by the transit of
    planets. To tell you the truth, because Saturn and Jupiter are the most influential planets in
    one's horoscope, their transits have a greater impact. They command the Lord of a home
    to activate it. While Saturn approves, Jupiter blesses the occasion, the transit of the Sun
    suggests the month and the transit of the Moon hints at the day of the event. As a result,
    analyzing the natal chart necessitates knowledge of Saturn and Jupiter's Dashas, Antar
    Dasha, and transits.
    The antardasha of each planet in the vimshottari dasha might have a variety of outcomes.
    Sun Antardasha
    Positive: Favors from the boss, greater riches, and the purchase of automobiles, cows, and comforts,
    aswell as overallhappiness.
    Negative: Heart illness, mental pain, loss of a home, separation from loved ones, and overall
    negativity are all. In Saturn's Vimshottari Dasha, the antardasha of each planet might have a variety of
    Moon Antardasha
    Positive: Prosperity, comfort for family members, and general happiness.
    Negative: Loss of income, estrangement from parents, kid sickness, and overall negativity.
    Mars Antardasha
    Positive: Gaining wealth, reaping the advantages of lands and cattle, constructing a new
    home, reaping the benefits of siblings, and overall happiness.
    Negative: Theft, serpents, accidents, and weapons, difficulties for father and brother,
    livestock loss, early death, and overall negativity.
    Mercury Antardasha
    Positive: Notoriety, education, prosperity, mental and physical comforts, pilgrimage travel,
    and overall happiness.
    Negative: Illness, mental suffering, and overall negativity.
    Jupiter Antardasha
    Positive: Achievement, riches, a desire to serve God, religion, and the study of the
    scriptures, the company of knowledgeable people, comforts for wife and son, and overall
    Negative: Loss of income and loved ones, international travel, professional challenges,
    disease, mental agony, jail.
    Venus Antardasha
    Positive: Desires fulfilled, riches gained, comforts gained, excellent health, auspicious
    occasion, overall positivity
    Negative aspects include the loss of a house, wife, and friends, disease, mental suffering,
    and overall negativity.
    Saturn Antardasha
    Positive: Rise in prestige, advantages for the wife, the purchase of automobiles, and a
    general sense of well-being.
    Negative: Fear of poisons and weapons, blood diseases, mental agony, premature
    mortality, and overall pessimism

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