Mental problems????

  • Hello everybody!

    I have a reading request for a relative of mine.

    she used to be so smart and out going, now she showed up in her parents home, acting weird.

    she gives everybody a different story of why she came back.

    she started saying that someone wants to kill her, now she says the TV told her that they're going to burn her alive! she doesnt even get out of her room.

    some people are saying its witchcraft, but I did a reading myself and I got like a married man she went out with, and she said yes, she used to go out with a married man.

    Can someone with more experience than my self help me please????!!


  • It sounds like she needs to go to a professional. This is really out of your hands. She may need medication. Please seek help for her. This is to much for you to handle

  • I agree with worthy1248, this is probably something where you may need to seek or help her seek out some professional help. It sounds like one of two things, she has been prone to a mental illness and stress or a bad situation has made this mental illness break through. This can happen with schizophrenia and a few other psychological disorders where they lie dormant, but life's stresses coax it to come out and then one event can equal the final push. The other thing is she could be using drugs, lying and paranoia and irradict behavior uncharacteristic of a person are all key signs to drug abuse. Either way, try to find out what happened while she was away, it may be hard since she keeps changing her story about it but when she is ready she will tell you the truth. And try to convince her or get others to help you get her some help.

    Universal Harmony

  • Find NAMI in your area they are also online. She may be having some kind of break. Try not to emote too much around her she may run off. Keep her in a safe place until you can get her tosome help.

    Remember she is still the same sweet spirit. My brother is mentally ill and very sensitive to the energies around him. Try to stay positive. Best of luck


  • Thank you everybody for your help.

    She went to the doctor, and he said she had depression and gave her pills, wich she said she wont take.

    She is not with me, she's in another country.

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