Pisces man with a cancer moon

  • Now were talking a weird one here!!! I've know this man for 5 years...you talking about moody!!!and have not been able to read him, can anyone tell me anything about this moon/sun combination.

    I'm in love with this man...but he's driving me crazy!!!!! Help...Oh I forgot to mention he's on the cursp of Pisces/Aries..MAn!!! what a mixture

  • sounds really intense to me. I bet hes warm and caring when hes not in a bad mood. Problem is he probably gets really emotional and takes it out on whos closest at the time. I bet hes real imaginative which can be good or bad depending on his mood. I take that you are a leo. Maybe too much water for you. you are more about taking action than dealing with boring emotion. lol. Also his insecurities weigh you down and make you feel suffocated. But he keeps it to himself for the most part because he doesnt want to reveal everything thats going on with him. Trust me you dont wanna know. When hes in a bad mood try to feel him out and see what he needs. Does he need your support, your smile, a hug, or does he just need to be left the frick alone? You can make this work if you are happy with him mostly. With any relationship ita all about tolerance levels. What can you live with and what can you live without?

  • lovingmylife you have no idea how intense this is,,did I mention that he does'nt call or come over for day's oh we live like 4 houses down from each other..and I can see him bring in woman but this time I think he has a real girl pow..well I guess the last time I saw him and this woman I went off!!!! I called him up and cursed him out! He was so mad at me that he stopped calling altogether and me like a fool called and apologized and said were not together so I should'nt acted like that...he's been pretty cold acting after that...when we do talk I call him and it's not very warm at all he talks but it's very short and to the point...and then he did started warming up again...and then he backed off....and then I did it again I went off...and threw cat litter and fieces under his window...I know I sad crazy but I'm so tired of his stuff and the way he makes me feel I guess it was my way of saying that's it no more...and now he's not talking to me not even a little bit !!! I knew this would happen that he would be gone...I still miss him so much he acts like I don't even exist....

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