Am I toxic?

  • For several years now not one area of my life has gone well, from relationships to career.I really do try to stay positive but I think I'm losing the battle.Tarot readings I have had personally all give me positive responses but nothing ever comes to fruition.I would really would appreciate some astral guidance.

  • eveee- my fellow cancer! i cannot help but so closely relate to your sentiment! i worry alot about the same thing...i cannot provide astral guidance but i can lend an empathetic ear if that is of any consolation at all....

  • Thanks for your reply writetli, perhaps its yet another cancer lunar cycle we are experiencing!!I'm afraid I have passed the worrying stage now (you will too) and hear myself questioning who or what has set my particular path.More importantly is why; not why me but what purpose it serves.I remain the eternal, if not part time, optimist believing tomorrow will be the day when it all becomes clear,when it all turns around and positive things happen.Such sensitive souls are tear's us apart waiting but maybe that IS the plan ?

  • Hi eeve.

    What about looking at the way phrases are worded. As in "believing tomorrow will be the day.." But how to get to tomorrow...cos by the time tomorrow comes, it is to-day! So the Universe is giving you exactly what you believe..that "tomorrow will be the day....".

    In order to shift this...think about all the positive things that you are experiencing NOW. TODAY!

    An interesting exercise is to have a Gratitude Diary. At the end of each day write down 5 things that you are grateful for. And every day they need to be different. Quite a challenge! With time it becomes easier and with time you will find a shift in your daily experience of life. Some examples from my life: the warmth of the sun on my skin, the food on the plate before me, that my boss yelled at me because it gave me the opportunity to stand up for myself.

    I hope that you will find this suggestion useful.

  • Very, very, clever Daisey3...Good advise for eeve. Life is all about perception, if you perceive things are great, then they are, if we perceive things are not great, then they are not. It's all about attitide and gratitude. Eeve, whenever I start feeling like I'm stagnant and not moving forward I give myself a quick tarot reading and ask what I have to do to change my attitude, not the situation, but, my attitude towards the situation. You might have success and missed it because you were to busy noticing the negative side of the situation and completely ignored the success in it. I hope this helps, hang in there and do what Daisey3 suggested and write down 5 things you are grateful for at the end of everyday, I love that advise.

  • Hi, I don't think it is necessarily anything you have done wrong. Try to do what you want and enjoy. If it's time to change something, maybe you can. Don't play the victim to anyone. A wheel in motion can go places. (That's something I tell myself!)

  • Hello, everybody, I am new here, this is my first post. But MAN, do I have LOTS to say!!!

    I have THE solution to being toxic...we all are, with what we can eat, or the air, etc... Know how we should drink 2 liters of water each day (there are varying accounts on this, doesn't matter). Add APPLE CIDER VINEGAR to it, every day!!! The amount? To YOUR personal tastes. I have built up to about a shot-glass in each of my 2 liters of water per day... Try a couple of Tablespoons...

    ACV is NOT acid, it is Ph neutral, so do not think "eww, acid stomach"...I PROMISE you, an end to feeling toxic!!! In just a week perhaps, you will notice, excuse me, that when you go to the bathroon, the odor is stronger than usual...Then you will notice that your skin looks better, people will start telling you that you look good (face, in particular), in about 2 weeks...continue, you will notice that your mind is sharper...

    AND, you will lose weight, I lost 40 kilos (80lbs) last year from doing this. I am awaiting a hip replacement operation, so am not very active, so what caused my weight loss? ACV !!!

    I am honored and pleased to share this with you all, have MANY years of experience with this. also helped me stop drinking and smoking, BTW...

  • Hi Eveee,

    Do you believe in karma? It just might be what's putting a damper on the present. Try to look at each experience from the view point of love. Will you find a lesson? Or do you keep doing the same thing? Start today to do everything with love and good intentions. You'll see your life start to quickly change for the better. believe and have FAITH. Sound easy? Sound hard? It works. That's all the source wants, is for you to have a good life. I'll check back in a few days to see if things aren't improving for you. Its just not a cancer thing it's a human thing. We all endure it.

  • I can identify w/what you are going through and no you are NOT toxic. In the past 3 yrs. my life has changed to the point I have nothing in it that even resembles what it was 3yrs. ago.I have to say it has been the most difficult time of my life. At this stage of my life starting over has been physically.mentally and emotionaly exhausting.

    Do you ever feel like one of those wind up toys that when it is rolling along and when it hits a wall it can only spin it's wheels? I have and it can be frustrating,tiresome, and confusing.Looking back when it all began I can see

    how "toxic" my life had become for me, but I could not see it then. Just in the past 6 months I have learned that relationships and life in general are not what they appear.

    I have a strong faith and believe everything has a purpose. I have to constantly remind myself of this as sometimes I can become so overwhelmed.

    Take this time in your life to consider you are at a crossroads and think about going a different direction.

    Change is the only constant in life.

  • Hello,

    I am a new member and your discussion on being toxic grabbed my attention. The past three years have been the most devastating of my life. Sometimes it feels I can't remember how to be happy. It's been one bad situation to the next. Divorce, family issues, moved out of state, to the death of my mother.

    I do believe in prayer and Karma, but somewhere along the line, I lost control of my instincts and beliefs.

    So, no you are not toxic! None of us are, just tested and low on faith things will change.

    Hang in there,


  • I am new to this sight to and read a;ot of what you all are going through. Well for me it wasnt three years that my life has been bad it has been almost all my life. I am not complaing or anyhing it just really has been a truely rough road. And for me it is even hard for me to heal. Everytime I would like to do something or make plans its no im busy or no the halls rented or no I cant watch the kids. I am a single mother of three I have a ten year old eight yearbold and almost two year old girl boy girl. And let me tell you no one helps me out really not even there dads. Well food wise but not really anything else The step dad helps out who I have a kid with but he never spends time with them or me really. I been even having a rough time because they never see him antmore and the one it hits the most is my adhd add son who is so hyper so wild and loves to get under peoples skin by taking there things drawing on walls throwing pudding and milk all over the carpet I had just cleaned and washed. I am trying my best but people just keep on pushing me and pushing me. I am I feel like no one likes ,e I feel alone but with my kids. My sister and my dad well told me when i moved from alberta I could stay with him my dad first but then i seen my sister for the first time in four years so I wenyt out with them. QWell my dad didnt like that so he kicked me out. In the same night we went to the bar and after the bar closed some guys that where there started to beat on me. Wow. Anyways sorry but i could right a huge story. Then not even a month later or two my sisters boyfriend kicks me out after i just got food and paid rent. It was raining that day and i had my two kids with me to. So i left had no choice so i took the bus to missin to my dads he then the next day drove me to my friend angies house after six or fewer she kicked me out because i told her brother he was going to be on the streets so i was i guess i shouldnt of done that but i did but then i moved in with my friend who did daycare for me as i worked two jobs istarted at 7 am got off at three pm got back at three thirty seen my kids for fifteen minutes then went to my other job. until midnight.. there is so much more to tell. really crappy chilldhood left alone alot. I mean i am a loving giving sweet gentle person and because i am like that people sem to walk all over me tell lies and steal off me to like my own suster mom dad friends etc. I mean people talk bad about me and i stick to myself because people hurt me alot. gpt beat op 27 bruses my daighter was in my arms to all he got was fourty five days he stoked me to and tried to steal my daughter who is now ten nothing but 6 months for that he even was considered aened and dangerous to he got away with it as well. something happened tp me as a child he only one year and ir was happenong for three to four years. my fanily hates me not sure why but i feel loke i am yoxic and a push over. or just dumb i cant do anything becaise they make me look bad but i am really not hust to much crap/ but i love my kids and would do anything for them to no matter how bad it seems its never that bad. i just wish for happieness but cant seem to get there because of some people andno one believes me they think i am crazy am i . i really am not a bad person i just wish for a real friend thats all. .

  • As within so is without....

    If you feel toxic, then you are! get it?

    If you accept garbage in your life, than you are also garbage!

    What goes around, comes around... exhale good and good you shall attract!

    Have a nice life all and god bless!

  • ACV ALERT !!! I just learned something important, so must add this to my last post. My pre-op blood tests came back high in sugar, which is NOT normal, since I almost never eat sweet things ! My doc asked, "Do I drink alcohol ?" Well, a bit, but have NONE at home, etc. We talked about my using ACV, and we read the bottle, but found no alcohol listed. But if you think about it, all vinegars are distilled products, therefore alcohol, therefore, stay away, and recovering alcoholics, ditto...remember, the amount needed in 1 liter of water isn't that, I will correct myself, and suggest only 1 Tablespoon in each liter of water... 🙂

  • For several years now not one area of my life has gone well, from relationships to career.I really do try to stay positive but I think I'm losing the battle.Tarot readings I have had personally all give me positive responses but nothing ever comes to fruition.I would really would appreciate some astral guidance.

    Hi Eveee, when I read your blog, it sadden my heart 'cause I felt your very lonely place. I've been there, done it & got through many many times. First and far most important is 2 believe in yourself and back that up with your spiritual faith (whatever that is for U). For me, I refer to my GOD as Universe (the Universe 4 my belief is our Universe that we all are with out doubt proven to be a part of. Much of what all the previouse Scorpios have posted is so very much true and in matters like yours, when a Scorpio puts something out there (thru the Universe) for you, it most certainly would be to your extreme advantage and benefit to grab and use it. This Scorpio believes that following what I have just shared & what all the Scorps sent out to you WILL bring the positve change that sounds like you are so deeply searching 4. The good news I see here is that if you choose to grab on to all the Scorpios suggestion, advise & wisdom, and you following thru, before you know your situation(s) & life will be where you long for and the better than good news is that doing what is suggest is simply not that difficult and you'll come out of a winner. Lastly, I am now 45, and this past year and more recently, I notice that for sooo many of us that get stuck in these ruts in life our from our own doing! In otherwords, if we recognize that we don't like what's going, where we're at in our life and we keep doing the same old ways of dealing with it to only have continuously repeat, one needs stop, look at it one last time and realize the is really not the problem, thus, the problem is because we are not tapping into other resouces, engery, wisdom that may very well be the answer to the solution & resolution we were failing be open receive. So, once more, LISTEN TO ALL THE SCORPIOS ADVISE AND WISDOM. WE ARE NOT FAKE, WE ARE HONEST AND TRUE BY DEFINITION OF TRUST! And to all who are experiencing various hardships with our world, our country, our economy, what is most important to survive it as well as anything in life, is a positive ATTITUDE! By having and keeping focused on our positive ATTITUDE that is only when we can storm through with a positive OUTLOOK and accomplish being winners versus loosers! Lastly, you sound real down about some heavy stuff, try when talking to yourself and talking out loud to others, speaks with words that are affirming you positively!

    Hope this and all the other caring wisdom shared to you has blessed you with enough energy to break through and break out of the darkness you are living in.... May the Universe bless and guide U! Good luck and take good care! Sweetstinger

  • hi my fellow cancers i feel the same way life has not treated me kind since the day i learned how to walk and talk and these post really hit home i read them and feel like bursting into tears and i feel the more i try to make my life better the worst it gets and now its getting to the point where im just about to give up hope for a brighter day i ask god why am i here if all i get is one disapointment after another i feel like there is no hope for me i feel like a failer im 28 and have not had a job since i graduated high school well i did have a job in 2001 but i was fired from it because some old bag told her a bunch of lies and like a dummy she gave in to them since then i have not had job since then i went to a commnuity college for one year when i was 24 years old i droped out because my advisor placed me in the wrong course which could have held me back a year if i stayed there as for relationships i have never really been in one well one in high school but it was bad the boy was a huge jerk all he cared about was sex him and i broke up and was never asked out by anyone again i have not dated anyone since high school i kind of gave up on finding love because i feel invisable to men they ignore me and go for the unclassy tramps who are dumb as rocks i try to save up some money so that i can move out of the state and town where i live so that i can start a better life some where else but every time i try there is always a hold up nor now have i ever had any encuragement or suport from anyone when ever i wanted to try something new everyone that i know in my town treats my sisters like they are princesses and treat me like some servant that they can just walk all over and spit on me my mom thinks she understands how i feel but she has no idea i have some days where i wish i did not wake up at all i plan to attend another college in another state in fall of 2009 but by the way my life been going im not sure if my plans are going to go well i have a lot of disapointments too many to talk about i just hope that things would get better for me and other fellow cancers well good buy now

  • i ment bye

  • Hi Diamand, I've had a lot of disappointment also, but I try not to think about it. I think "my" thoughts and do things the way I want to and if someone doesn't like it, oh well. Have to be happy w/yourself. I hope going to college and finishing will open some doors for you. I went to this retreat and the priest wrote down all these things that were considered sins. I never thought pessimism or depression was a sin. But, if I view it that way, it makes me feel the opposite. I don't really think we were meant to be or feel negative. So, if I look at it as being something contrary to my happiness, or God, it's somehow a lot easier to change. The only thing we can truly change is ourselves.

  • Eveee,

    My sympathy goes out to you. Having my Mars in Cancer, I too have struggled greatly in recent years. My nephew, born in Cancer, died during this time. Do you have a lot of Cancer in your chart? Meaning, other signs also in Cancer. Such as your Moon, Mars, Neptune, Saturn, Pluto. These are all major planets and, if in Cancer, have been being more or less hammered by the constellations for some time now. The good news is, it should be -- slowly -- getting a bit better. Consult an astrologer, if possible, for a better understanding of when your best times will be and how to take advantage of them (and how to prepare for the bad times).

    Positive thinking and affirmations are all fine and good but sometimes we really do struggle against 'the forces that be'. At these times, the 'best' we can do is stick it out and learn whatever we can from the experience.

    I wish you all the best. 😃

  • Eveee, Diamand, and Tasteytart:

    My heart goes out to all of you. One thing I forgot to mention in my earlier post is that you may be able to improve things by moving. I just emailed this site to see if they could include Relocation Reports. These would tell you what the influences would be in another location. When you move, (usually 100 miles or more) often different astrological aspects come into play. Some can be better, some can be worse. One area may be MUCH better for you than another. For example, if a birth chart has Pluto in a negative aspect to the Ascendant, this will cause others to be suspicious, critical and often 'against' this person for reasons they may not even understand. Though, if my understanding is correct (I am a bit of a novice), this person could never completely rid themselves of this influence (because it is a Natal -- birth-- aspect) by moving to a location where Pluto is in a positive relation to the Ascendant, it would greatly counter the negative Natal influence and the result would be being far more liked and accepted.

    It couldn't hurt to see if you can find an astrologer who does relocation charts and see if there might be a better place to live.


    That is exactly it!

    God Bless!

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