Requesting help and guidance- The captain please respond if u see this

  • Hi.. i got a reading from captain once a few years back and i suppose it turned out true.
    Dear captain requesting your guidance (and other learned members too) on my love situation.
    I met this wonderful man out of nowhere and developed an unexpectedly beautiful connection with hm almost instantly. We even ended up discussing marriage.
    The guy has always been very hot cold in and out due to his fears and commitment issues. Honestly he doesn't seem bad it's just he has fears. Or maybe i just cantsee the bad in him.
    I honestly have never experienced such a connection in my life before. It feels like a twin flame connection, if i may put such labels.
    On the 13th this month he decided to break up wit me and leave me for no damn reason. He walked out on me..ghosted me..hasn't even been texting me.
    This has left me in so much pain. From telling me he wanted to marry Me, now because of his irrational fears he's shutting me out lik this and whenever i ask for an explanation he just says i don't love you anymore.

    I'm utterly confused and very much in pain
    Please help me understand what exactly is this connection?? Will we be back together? And do we have long term potential as in can we get married?? Will we get married in the long term??
    Please help

    Below are our birth details

    2nd Oct 1997
    (Born on 12:31 Am of 1 oct. Hence dob is 2nd Oct)
    Born in new delhi india

    9 February 1994
    (born on 1:43 am of 8 Feb hence dob is 9 Feb)
    Born in tasgaon maharashtra india

    Please help me with this captain. I'm really hurting


  • Answered in your other thread.

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