Hello captain, need insight in a connection please!

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  • @Eva this can be chaotic and difficult for a long-term romantic relationship. You are both alike but this can lead to doubled problems, For example, if the two of you do not fulfill your domestic responsibilities - both of you have a tendency to walk away before the job is finished, not because you are shirkers but because you have simply lost interest. On the other hand, you both tend to live on a high philosophical plane, and to engage in activities that can be of great benefit to those around you. Service in its purest form, and in abundance, is something you have to offer your families or your social or work group. But the relationship’s focus may be blurred, particularly in defining and articulating its real wants. The two of you may be constantly giving up on what you really want to do as individuals in order to serve each other’s needs, and the relationship can lack direction. A love affair here would not be very common, but if it did occur, it would be highly complex emotionally. Needs and wants may become confused to the point where the two of you don’t really recognize the difference any more. Thus it is not recommended that you two attempt marriage, for your mutable qualities are so pronounced that you would have difficulty sustaining a constant level of feeling for very long, and be quickly lured away by new prospects.

    Friendship between you may suffer from being alternately over-optimistic and cynical, at one moment lost in the clouds, the next having a firm grip on things. When not balancing each other in this respect, the two of you would be susceptible both to getting carried away by a new trend and to sinking into a seemingly bottomless well of depression.

  • @TheCaptain thankyou captain for giving me insight 💗✨

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