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  • @LibraJustice I used The Mythic Tarot deck and The Lovers Tarot deck for guidance about your relationship with your fiancé.

    For the overall energy of the reading - Judgement, clarified by The Star. These cards reveal there is a major decision that needs to be made regarding your relationship, this decision will be a defining moment for you both and the future of your relationship together. This could be considering calling off your engagement or instead setting a date for the wedding. The decision will be lasting and will impact will on your relationship moving forward. The Star suggests there is hope in this connection for a happy marriage in the future, however, some form of healing needs to take place for the connection to grow and develop into the union of marriage you hope for.

    9 of cups, clarified by The Ace of Cups, The Sun- these cards reveal you have a strong emotionally fulfilling relationship that has many positive aspects to it that benefit you both. There is optimism about your future together and you both can provide the other with the love and support needed to thrive and grow as a couple.

    The Hangman clarified by 6 of pentacles, The Wheel of Fortune- these cards suggests there is a need to reflect as there is something holding you back from feeling that this relationship will lead to a successful marriage. The 6 of Pentacles suggests the reason for this is based on the need for a balanced give and take in the relationship, maybe your fiancé has other priorities in his life such as work and this means he struggles to prioritise the relationship as much as you would like. Your fiancé could feel a desire to be successful in his career before he can fully commit to marriage and this causes an imbalance in your relationship, therefore, leaving you unsure about your future together. The Hangman advises you to try see things from a your fiancés perspective to create a better understanding of your different needs in the relationship. The Wheel of Fortune reveals this is a destined relationship and while it has its ups and downs there is great potential for a happy fulfilling marriage in the future.

    Two of Wands, clarified by The Lovers, 3 of Cups- these cards reveal you may feel indecisive about the future of this relationship and if it will result in the marriage you desire. With The Lovers and the 3 of cups I feel you or your fiancé feel pulled between the commitment of the relationship and need to feel independent this can cause insecurities in one of you and cause indecision about whether this relationship has what is needed for a lasting marriage.

    Your reading reveals that you or your fiancé need to make a definite decision about the future of your relationship, this decision will be lasting and define how the relationship progresses in the future. There is the potential for this relationship to become a lasting happy fulfilling marriage but there is the need for each of you to try see things from each others perspective to ensure each of your relationship needs are met. This will remove any indecision there is about the relationship being one that has the potential to become a happy fulfilling marriage.

    I hope this reading resonated with you LibraJustice and has provided you with the guidance you were hoping for. Blessings to you 💚

  • @Ellarose can you do another relationship reading for me

  • @Ellarose dear Ellarose! If you'd help me what you see with my ex-gf... She said She is in love with me but She broke up, because She has not feel harmony and also turned out probably She has mental problems with nonsense lies (for example pics from internet She said it was her nails 😅) Is there a kind of future for us? Thank you

  • @Ellarose yes it does. Thank you Ellarose:)

  • Hello

    May i sit and ask a reading for a potential partner? I would like to know if there will be a crush at the meeting with Alex , i am going to meet him on Sunday

  • Hello! I would like to have a reading about love. I am single for a very long time period. Sometimes feel depressed about this. Really want to meet a man with who I can have a chance to make strong and healthy relationships and start family. Marika, 31/01/1988. Thank you!

  • This post is deleted!

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