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  • @LibraJustice Happy to do you a reading. I will post the reading for you on Monday πŸ’š

  • @Ellarose thank you so much

  • @Ellarose Thank you for the reading Ellarose (what a lovely username:)). I had a quite long-term (years), long-distance connection with a man who i trusted. It ended in January this year quite abruptly and unexpectedly for me hence the feeling of disappointment. Everything indicates he was not honest towards me. i had been kind of warned but i wouldn't listen so i got what i wished for. You have to pay for your mistakes. i still do not understand 'why' and maybe it would be easier to let go if i knew. Your reading (the future revealed in the cards) looks quite optimistic, which i needed.:) Once again thank you.:)

  • @Ellarose can I please have a reading. I have a big crush on this guy at work. I thought he was avoiding me. But it turns out he's having problems with his girlfriend. Do you see him giving me a chance? Or at least us being friends? I did a reading for myself and it said a man would come into my life. Either a Pisces or a Taurus but I'm not sure. My bd is 12-12. Thanks. He knows I'm switching shifts. I did just get his number to keep in touch as friends. I feel like I gained ia new friend in life. (Even if he doesn't like me like that right now)

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  • @Ellarose will the reading be posted on here ? Thanks

  • @Nisha789 I will post your reading on here. I'm running behind and will post your reading tomorrow, sorry for the delay πŸ’š

  • @TulipLilly Happy to do you a reading. I will post the reading for you on Wednesday πŸ’š

  • @Ellarose thank you

  • @moonalisa The reason your past person ended things abruptly was due to dishonesty, this could have been dishonesty about communicating with other women, or the level of his commitment to you and what he really wanted in regard to a committed relationship. He has not given you an explanation because he wasn't open and honest about his intentions and also by leaving you without an explanation it allows him to return to your life should he want to knowing that you will most likely resume communication with him because you want answers. I know how difficult this is for you as I could feel the disappointment in your reading and is weighs heavy on you. Please try to let this person go to allow space for a new person and relationship that you deserve to enter into your life πŸ’š

  • @Dallyalot I used The Mythic Tarot deck and The Lovers Tarot deck for guidance in your love situation.

    For the overall energy of the reading - Six of Wands, Knight of Cups- this suggests there is early success in your love life with a potential suiter who has entered your life. You are optimistic and feel there is potential for this to develop into a relationship- if this person is not in your life yet this person will enter your life in your immediate future.

    Page of Cups, clarified by The Hanged Man, 2 of Pentacles, 4 of Pentacles- these cards reveal you are or will soon be communicating with someone you are romantically interested in, however, with the Hanged Man there seems to be some kind of delay in this connection, with the 2 0f Pentacles this suggests the delay is due to indecision on your part or theirs. You could be weighing up other romantic options or they could be weighing up another option and this is causing a delay in the connection developing at a quicker pace. The 4 of Pentacles suggests you or your love interest are holding on tightly to your sense of security and this could be causing the connection to stagnate as there is fear of becoming vulnerable, this could be you or the other person. Take your time in this connection and use discernment to decide if this connection is for your higher good. Will it meet your emotional and spiritual needs? You may need to sacrifice this connection to make way for someone who can offer you the type of relationship you are hoping for.

    King of Swords, clarified by King of Pentacles, Ace of Cups, 9 of Cups - The person you are romantically connecting with or will connect with in the future could be an air sign or have air in their birth chart, they may come across as aloof and may not express their feelings easily, this could make you feel unsure about how they feel about you and the connection you have with them. With the King of Pentacles appearing I feel there could be another person possibly earth sign who will come onto your life or this could be the same person you are connecting with. You are wishing for this connection to develop into a long-term commitment and with the Ace of Cups and the 9 of Cups this is a romantic offer that you have been wishing for. There is potential for this to develop into a deeper commitment but it is only a potential, use your wisdom as you explore this connection further.

    The Star, clarified by 5 of Swords, King of Cups, 10 of Cups - These cards reveal you feel hopeful that this connection will be fulfilling and be the relationship that brings you lasting happiness, however, with the 5 of Swords it suggests there are limitations in this connection that you must be realistic about. Take your time to reflect over what you want from this connection and whether it will meet your emotional and spiritual needs. With the King of Cups appearing I feel if this connection does not develop into the relationship you are hoping for there will be another romantic interest who will enter your life who will offer you the love and commitment you deserve and have been wishing for.

    Your reading reveals that there is a romantic suiter who has entered your life or will in your immediate future. This person may appear aloof and you may feel unsure about their intentions because of this. You feel optimistic about this connection, however, there is some type of delay possibly due to indecision about this person or other options in love. There is the potential for this love connection to grow into something more which is what you are wishing for but you need to be honest with yourself regarding whether this connection will meet your romantic needs. Take your time getting to know this person and know that if you decide not to develop your connection with them further there will be other options for a loving, lasting relationship in your future.

    Sorry for the delay posting your reading Dallyalot. I hope it resonated with you and has provided you with the guidance you were hoping for. Blessings to you πŸ’š

  • @Ellarose ok thanks I really appreciate it:)

  • @Ellarose ty. Will respond to cards soon to give you feedback. I can relate when you mention deciding whether the relationship is right. A lot of it I thought was in my head but the cards seem to be verifying what I've been feeling isn't all just in my mind

  • @Dallyalot I pulled your cards and laid them out. It reminds me alot of a reading I did myself on same subject. There is going to be some "communication" in the future that will put things in perspective--king of swords in future position w 5 of swords. These are the cards that stood out to me. I think we'll always remain friends. I agree there appears to be two love interests page of cups and knight of cups. The star is still telling me that a lot of this is still in my head. I'm gonna put this out of my head for awhile and will give you an update say in a month or so.

  • @Ellarose Hi Ella will the reading be posted today ? Sorry feeling really low I don’t speak to my husband we’ve totally cut each other off he said he would come back but he hasn’t he is fighting me for the house but I don’t think the court will give it him

  • @Dallyalot Thank you for the feedback - glad you were able to relate to some of the reading and hoped it gave you some clarity. Look forward to a further update from you in a months time πŸ’š

  • @Nisha789 sorry I haven't posted your reading yet, I'm running behind. Will do my best to post it later tonight πŸ’š

  • @Nisha789 I used The Mythic Tarot deck and The Lovers Tarot deck for guidance in your situation with your husband. I also drew 2 additional cards from The Angels and Ancestors Oracle deck to offer you further guidance.

    For the overall energy of the reading - Knight of Cups and Judgment. These cards suggest to me that your situation with your husband has reached a point where a final decision has been made regarding saving your marriage or not, this decision could have come from you or your husband. This is a final decision and you will both begin a new chapter in your lives separately. I realise this must be difficult to hear and I will do my best to provide you with guidance in this reading with sensitivity and compassion.

    Page of Cups, clarified with 9 of Cups, 4 of Cups, Ace of Wands, 7 of Pentacles- these cards reveal that while there was communication between you and your husband and you were hopeful, wishing for the issues in your marriage to be resolved, with the 4 of Cups it shows disappointment and repressed emotions due to your husband not taking action on the opportunity to resolve things between you both. The 7 of Pentacles reveals contemplation, yours or your husbands, whether to continue working on your marriage or to begin new lives separately. As there is no longer any communication between you and your husband the 7 of Pentacles suggests the decision has already been made and you and your husband will move forward in your lives separated.

    The Chariot, clarified with Queen of Wands, 3 of Wands, Ace of Swords- The Chariot is a card of success and moving in a new direction. With the 3 of Wands I feel these cards could suggest your husband is moving forward in a new direction without you and possibly a third party is an influence in some way. This influence is the Queen of Wands (are you aware of a female who is an influence in your husbands life?) Please do not think this means your husband is romantically linked to this 3rd party influence it could be a friend or family member. The Ace of Swords reveals that if you do not know about this 3rd party influence, in time the truth will be revealed to you and you will then have full clarity regarding the situation with your husband.

    The Lovers clarified with 4 of Pentacles, Ace of Cups, 2of Cups, 2 of Swords- these cards reveal a choice needed to be made - between your marriage and some other factor, there is the possibility that this is a choice between two people, but it could be a choice between two other opposing factors like work or saving the marriage, or being single or staying married. Either way you or your husband have weighed up a decision between two different options. The decision has caused a stalemate situation to develop in your marriage and this is the reason for communication ending between you and your husband.

    I drew 2 additional cards from The Angels and Ancestors Oracle deck.

    Protection Guardian - Angels are drawing close to you at this time to protect you and help you move beyond this situation and the emotional pain you are feeling. Know that angelic protection is around you to help you move forward in a more fearless way. Call on your guides for help in changing your frequency so you can feel safe and protected at this time.

    Great Teacher - The challenges you are facing now will provide you with a greater awareness of what you need to grow spiritually , you will surmount your challenges and they will become lessons that provide you with a stronger understanding of yourself and what you need to feel fully connect to your spiritual needs.

    Nisha I have tried to do your reading with sensitivity and compassion as I know your situation with your husband is causing you much heartache - this is something I felt while asking spirit for guidance when I did your reading. The reading revealed that your marriage has reached a point where a final decision needs to be made regarding resolving your issues and saving your marriage or separating. Your husband may have another option or there is a 3rd party influence and this is the reason for his behaviour towards you. I feel he is telling you he will come back to prevent you from gaining full clarity on the situation between you both, however, the truth will be revealed to you in the near future and you will have full clarity regarding your situation with your husband, this will help you to move forward in a direction that meets your emotional and spiritual needs.

    My apologies for the delay with your reading, I hoped it has provided you with the guidance you were hoping for. Love and blessings Nisha. πŸ’š

  • @Eva My apologies for not posting your reading yet, I'm running behind on the readings, I will post yours for you on Sunday πŸ’š

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