Ca n anyone tell me if my ex will get paid back or what he did to me andmy sons?

  • oloklirotike olla apo tous allous,ma kai ego na eksvrazo kate,pou inai mesa mou ,pou to skeftoume;O Teos inai ta panda;Pios inai O Teos?;Kai to kako kai to kalo inai mesa mas;Eksertate pio teloume;Inai para poli diskolo;Prokloisois poles,diskolies poles;To zitima inai na prospatoume na kanoume mia issoropia,taka ta boroume na apofevgame kapii,ma pistevo,pos ehi kai karma,pos na to po moira;Ti inai moira ti inai karma,pios to dimourgise,den kseri kanenan;O teos;I fisi mas vali me dilima;Pistevome me dinami tis planites;Oso kai an prospatouse kapios ,kanen den eftase da oliklirosi to ergo tou ia apandisi,as minoume kali kai na sinhoresoume ia na pername kaliteri zoi mas;

  • mirena

    lol hey can you type that in english

    not spam, I hope

  • yes mirena i did not understand a word of that,( reading the debate interesting), i beleive that every one is on their spiritual journey, and everyone is at a different level, some of us are on the same level, whatever path we choose we are all going home one way or another, and shall return to repeat the lessons that were not learned in our last life, or take on a different task, we are in earth school and it can be tough, life is full of ups and downs for we a here to learn, grow enjoy love and be loved,have children and so forth,whatever we chooose to do whilst we are here creates our learning, and our life we are responsible for ourselves and what happens to us whlst we are here.

  • Joy, I understand that you are in pain because of this situation, but you need to step back a bit. Karma will definitely have the last word... not only for your ex, but also for you so be very careful. Harboring resentment and keeping that pain close to you will only bring you more - and raising your children with that pain and resentment will attract that destructive Karma to them also. It is not easy, but you must concentrate on your future and block the past from your consciousness. Raise your children with love and forgiveness and work towards a shining future. Allow the healing to begin and nurture emotional growth - then and only then will you find your true happiness. Good Luck.

  • Well said Balancing. I agree.

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