Can someone please do a tarot reading or a physic impression for me involving this situation at work or me?

  • My new boss has been giving me a hard time lately. She is nitpicking things that I do. When I'm taking my breaks or lunches she is not giving me my proper space. I don't know if she thinks I'm taking longer breaks or what. Also I got written up at work. Which never happens ti me cause I'm a hard worker and I do a good job. Its making me feel uncomfortable at work now. Also do you see me being friends with the dude at work that I had a crush on, but he has a girlfriend?

  • For what were you written up at work? Were the charges proven?

  • @TheCaptain hey sorry I didn't see your question. Some people at work have been leaving behinds cart of reshop in various departments through out my store. I haven't done that. But they are cracking down. Which i get that. We had a meeting and we were all told that if shopping carts are left in the department and it's proven to be someone then they will get written up. She didn't mention the bench in my department. I emailed out my cart and put away the reshop. I forgot to grab 6 things on the bench. I was told the bench is considered a shopping cart. I was like what? I didn't hear that at the meeting. Nut that's what I got written yp for. She also tried to write me up two weeks ago for a cart left in ihp. But I emptied out my cart the night before when I closed. So it wasn't me. But she implied it was me. I told her that I emptied mine out and I wasn't in my department for 2 days after the last day that I had closed. So it couldn't be me. I told her if she didn't believe me to check the cameras. I've never left stuff behind for other people. If I find. A cart I let someone know and they tell me what they want me to do with it. I feel like she is out to get me.

  • @TulipLilly I feel your new boss is out to get you - she has a friend who wants your job. Don't let her get to you. If your work remains good (she is trying to rattle you into making mistakes) then she cannot find an excuse to get rid of you. I feel she may also be trying this stunt on other employees too. Ask around.

  • @TheCaptain does her friend all ready work at the store? Or no? Thanks Captain. I will ask around for sure at work. I talked to a friend that works there and hse thinks I should report her to my store manager for harassment. Also is it safe for me to be friends with the dude that I had a crush on. I'm moving on and not waiting for him either. I don't want to close myself off to real love with another person that could be better for me down the road.

  • @TulipLilly regarding the guy you mentioned, I think you are heading for disappointment there if you seek a romantic relationship. He feels firmly attached to his girlfriend. I don't feel the boss' friend works there as yet.

  • @TheCaptain thanks Captain. Even though I still feel the connection. He's no longer talking to me at work what used to be daily exchanges has trickled to hardly anything. I'm working on the other side of where we work too. So I'm kot around him as much. But I think he's doing it intentionally. I'm trying to move on from him. Do you think I should try and cut the cord of attachment that I feel from him? Will that help me move on?

  • @TulipLilly
    From a HR point of view it is best practice that you keep a diary of your new boss behaviour. This can be used if you end up being disciplined.
    Start by writing up what you remember has happened. It is you boss responsibility to train you if she think you are not doing a good job. With regards to breaks she need to clearly inform you that you are taking to many breaks or taking to long etc. Keep a not of when you leave your desk for lunch and when you return, You can ask a colleague what the time is using their watch. and again if there are they when you return,
    Your new boss can have a thing about time Keeping. Good luck.

  • @TheCaptain I tried to break the cord of connection. It's not as strong now but it's still there. Does it take time to break the cord? He is definitely avoiding me at work. Before I used to see him all the time. Now I don't see him at all. I think he has changed his work routine on purpose so as not to bump into me.

  • @TulipLilly you still have hope, which is keeping you connected on your end.

  • @TheCaptain oh I see. I guess that is the optimist in me. 😆 I just did another reading for myself. The cards suggested that I will be meeting a man who is a Pisces. I pulled the page of cups card for the loved one. Is that a good card? And then I pulled king of cups as a long term potential.

  • @TulipLilly it suggests you will not stay with the Pisces man for long but will find a better, older partner.

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