Mixed signals from an Aquarius man

  • I’ve been trying to get to know this Aquarius man due to my curious nature being a gemini that I am. I know the compatibility between the two signs are great. He first started off saying how he wants to see where things go and I’m on the same page since I still have a career to establish and that is my main focus. We’ve been flirty and still are flirty. We hung out once and we hit it off and talked for about 6 hours together and it felt like time flew. We were suppose to meet up again last week but he ended up getting sick so of course he had to cancel and I don’t mind it and I had other things to do so it kept me occupied. I was hoping to meet up with him again this week but the sickness hasn’t gone away which I get and I respect that and I don’t push him at all and give him space. On Friday he started giving shorter answers but we still talked majority of the day and he said how he’s in his cave and is kind of antisocial and I told him I would leave him alone and stop bothering him, but he said I’m not bothering him he’s been busy helping his mother out around the house. Since then which it has been 3 days since he said he wasn’t in the mood to really talk, we haven’t been talking as frequently and I’m okay with that because I know he needs his space and I do too and I like him come to me when he wants to talk to me. He would swipe up on my stories and still be flirty from time to time but I was wondering why is that? When will I know he is out of his antisocial phase? We are planning to go on a trip the first week of June for my birthday and I want to avoid starting anything with him so what should I do? From his actions the past 3 days that I’ve described is he still interested? He said we could meet up hopefully next week when he feels better which I see is a good sign and he is still flirty and consistent with texts when he’s in a social mood. I’ve done some research and saw that they can be unemotional at times. I just don’t want to get stuff mixed up since I am an over thinker at times and think I caused the problem. What advice can you provide me to deal with this type of situation. We’ve had deep talks but since he mentioned his antisocial phase we haven’t dived into deep things which I get. I just need some help analyzing this situation and a new point of view on it. Anything will help !

  • @Gemini0602
    I’m an Aquarian, but female.
    Don’t overthink it. Just be natural and if you’re not comfortable with asking directly, then wait and watch before you jump. Aquarian males can be flirty and friendly, but it doesn’t necessarily mean anything. We are not unemotional, but we can be indifferent.

    One thing to note, unlike some other signs, Aquarians have no problem being friends with the opposite sex. Sometimes that causes confusion when the other person misunderstands friend for romantic interest.

  • @OJ thank you! I’ve read that Aquarius men need space and same with me, but I’m trying to get to know him more without bothering him or annoying him either since him and I are going on a trip together in about 3 weeks. Sometimes he leaves me on open and gets back to me later but today he answered this morning with a big paragraph and then the conversation ended there. I didn’t bother double texting because I know if he wanted to talk he would. How do I know if he is still interested? He has said before he has a girl friend that he’s close to and I don’t mind that as long as it’s not a love interest which he said it wasn’t and I believe him. He did mention today how with his friendship with other people he said they don’t need to talk all the time but when they do it’s like they never stopped and I did some research that said that Aquarius men treat their lovers or who they’re into just like their friends so do I take that as a good sign? I’m also not sure if he’s out his antisocial phase and don’t want to annoy him either so kind of just waiting to see what happens. He also mentioned last week that I’m the person he likes talking to out of everyone but the past few days since he’s said he’s in his cave he’s been shorter in response so not quite sure what to take out of this

  • @Gemini0602
    I don’t know about treating a love interests as a friend. I was with an Aquarian man for about 3 years and I knew without a doubt that he was interested in me romantically from the start. What does your gut tell you about your Aquarian?
    I understand the antisocial mood because I also have them. Usually, I’m a bit short with people when I’m in that mood.

  • @OJ I’m not 100% sure what my gut tells me about this Aquarian man. A part of me tells me he is very genuine and tells me how it is and it is the truth, but I guess the insecure part of me because I’ve had terrible relationships in the past that he’s too good in a sense because he is very attractive and a lot of girls want him. him and I get along pretty good so far. I’m not sure if he is talking to other girls at the moment since we are trying to see where things go, but he was and is probably still very interested and I could tell up until this phase he is in right now so not sure how long I should wait it out for. My gut tells me it could work out but it also depends on how it plays out in reality, but I also tend to overthink and imagine how things can be so I also don’t want to get my hopes up and get hurt

  • @Gemini0602
    Let me add the however.
    However, if It is a genuine love interest and I am in that mood, I would make an effort to be available, especially if it is a new love interest. Remember, we are always on our best behaviour at the start of a relationship because we don’t want to risk losing out. I think your gut is also telling you this, otherwise you wouldn’t be trying to figure out if he is ?

    You’re right to take things slow. Stay focused in the here and now and see what happens. When the time comes and it still doesn’t feel right, then you’ll know what to do.

  • @OJ that is true we did talk for a little today and I asked how he’s feeling and he told me he went to the doctors and got some meds then the convo just ended there for now. He still looks at the stuff I post and he looks at them pretty quickly but I’m not looking too deep into it. I’m trying to figure out if he still wants to pursue things or not I’m guessing he still does in a way or he would’ve told me he wouldn’t go on the trip anymore and he wouldn’t be calling me cutie etc. I also read that Aquarius men don’t really like that text which is understandable and at first before we met he would text me all day but after we met it started to taper down alittle and I’m not sure if that’s normal?

  • @Gemini0602
    I didn’t realize it was an Aquarian thing, but I also don’t like long texts or having long conversations on the phone. Quick is ok, just to relay an immediate message. Conversations, face to face.

  • @OJ I totally understand. I’m a talker since I’m also an air sign and I do use my phone a lot, but don’t talk to people unless it is very necessary. This is why Aquarius and gemini get along because we can talk about anything and everything when with other signs we would talk their ear off. I’m not sure how to go about asking when he would like to hang out again. He said he should feel better by next week and would like to reschedule, but I don’t want to annoy him and ask so I’m not sure what I should do