Change my name based on Chaldean numerology?

  • Hello, first of all I introduce myself, I'm new to this forum.
    I recently discovered Chaldean numerology and it helped me understand why certain things have happened to me, I had seen numerological reports before but they were of a different type, more "simple" (with all due respect to that type of report), but these are deeper, I do not want to talk much about my life here, but I have had many problems (summarizing a lot), and I do not want to have this life at least now, I have read that changing your name changes your destiny and I have even seriously considered changing my name " partially", from a website of this type of numerology they offer a change of name and surname but it seems very strange to me to change the name I have had all my life to a very different one, although if that implies changing my destiny and that this ends ... honestly I don't want to be like that and I don't think it's fair to have this fate because of having this name above all, so I wanted to know if someone in this forum has changed their name to change a bad/nefarious fate (putting us in the worst scene narios) and if you recommend me to do it, right now is not a good time and what I have discovered affects me, I looked for it and although it is hard, I have to accept it but as I say I prefer not to live this way.

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