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  • This is to anyone who can help me, My husband and I own a small business and his health is failing, he had a heart transplant almost 2 years ago in July. He doesn't have the same strength he use to have before his transplant. I spend most of my time traveling to babysit my grandkids. The business hasn't been doing so well as far as finances. I tried to convince him to sell but he doesn't want to let go. Could anyone tell me or give me some insights on what he needs to do or at least point us in the right direction. His birthday is August 25, 1962 and mine is Oct. 19, 1961. Thank you.

  • You must somehow convince your husband that he doesn't need to continue to prove himself to the world. He wants to accomplish great things and is hoping to be professionally recognized and acknowledged for his work. He is very concerned with his public image. His ego is tied up with his work. But the business will not give him a sense of self-worth - that can only come from inside him. He grapples with anxiety and insecurity as he gets older. The mistake he makes is comparing himself with other people because it will keep him feeling negative and low in self-esteem. Wearing, meditating on and surrounding himself with the colour yellow will boost his self-esteem and sense of personal power from the inside.

    Your husband is a deep thinker who doesn't always share what he thinks or feels. He has in him the talent to be a real scholar and teacher, so perhaps you can convince him to turn from business to study, research, science or chemistry, mathematics or engineering, or even to writing since he has a vivid imagination and tons of creativity. Some service he can perform for the public and receive praise and admiration for would suit him well. But he must learn to trust himself and his unique talents more.

  • @TheCaptain Thank you, he has often said recently that he might be better off selling the business and finding something else. I would love to move closer to my kids and grandkids but I can't seem to convince him of this. Do you see us moving or will stay where we are because he will not let go of the business? It really frustrates me because he really doesn't know what he wants to do or the right path to take. Please advise thank you.

  • My advice is lovingly stand your ground, if you feel your husband is in ill health and it's best to sell the business I don't see why you shouldn't put your foot down and let him know you're not backing down. Loving of course 😌 Hope that helps. !

  • @Libra2222 you are using the wrong argument. You are trying to convince your husband using your own motivation for moving - to be closer to family. You should be arguing about the advantage of him giving up the business and trying something new and different and more exciting (and something guaranteed to win him praise and attention.) And helping him to find out what that new direction is...

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